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"Seedcorn scattered to the wind,
knowledge for whoever finds." (Norbert Elias)

We learn from others. Picture from:

My Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. dissertation: "Communication: The Social Matrix of Supervision of Psychotherapy" (1994; UMI #9511056). Personal experience, Gregory Bateson "Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry", Jurgen Habermas's "discourse ethics"....[1]

Robert O. McClintock dissertation sponsor.

To earn a "living" ("pragmatic agenda" ), I wage-slaved 40+ years as a computer programmer[2], much of it life wasted. Passum sub iugum. I was childreared by benighted anti-sexuals, in the Dark Age of "in loco parentis"[3].All trash to recycling!

Clifford Stoll anent computer research and social praxis:

"Data is not information,
information is not knowledge,
knowledge is not understanding, and
understanding is not wisdomNext2a.gif

"What is the truth, and here did it go?" (Bob Dylan) / "What good is it?" (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

Contents   Tolle, lege!

• Begin
• Remember! (Je me souviens)
• False people
• Psychic deadness God help America!
• What secrets tell
• FUN: Excitement and enthusiasm are bad
• Innocence
• Identity
• The one and the many
•  Where's Waldo?
• Democracy v. Representativocracy
• Monumentality
• Style
•  Suburbia! God help America!
• The Mommy song
• The two American Dreams God help America!
• Life Lite (La vita leggera)
• Fopland
• I like being alienated. Don't you?
• Our century: The century of barbed wire
•  "War Seen from the Grassroot Perspective" (Hermann Friedrich Honold, ex-combatant)
•  A very short story: We won the war!
• The Boo Hoo song
• Women and chuldren firsters
• Winning the war on drugs
• Vietnam Zelensky: TV Commando Z
• Hospitality ("Cities on the plain")
• Laïcité attacked: French school teacher decapitated
•  Circumcision
• The Cold War
• Warnings
• Each person is a Judge of the World
• Is your mental health professional helping or hurting you?
• The persecution of Masud Khan
• Anatomy of a false memory
• Who I am (Exodus 3:14)
• "It's no big deal, Brad" Imagine!
•  I am a failed philosopher
• Education:
• Learning to write, then, hopefully, to write well
•  Testing[5]: The 3rd technology/pedagogy of the word 
• Grading: Higher Lower Mathematics
•  St. Paul's Illiberal Day Carcel for Pubescent Male Virgins except-for-omerta-sanitary-services-for-jocks
• Why civilizaton never advanced beyond the late Stone Age
• Social adjustment
• Is there life before death?
• Why didn't I (BMcC) go to M.Arch. school (1982)?
• Some teachable moments
• Object presenting v. Social conditioning
• What Husserl called "the natural attitude" is not natural
• Work: A white collar wage-slave trying to have a life of the mind
• Freedom: From what? For what? God help America!
• Earning a living v. living
• If YOU don't mess it up, then nobody will have to clean it up!
• The killjoy solution
• A good manager, honorable salesman "extraordinaire" (my father)
• Virtual Reality can kill you
• Cellphone man (the man of the future, today)
• Computers should respect persons
•  The unknown story of an American icon ("Star and bars" )
•  "For the spirit alone lives; all else dies"
•  "Philosophy and the crisis of European humanity" (Edmund Husserl, 1935)
• Husserliana
• What is pragmatic agenda? Why is it bad?
• BARBERISM! God help America! Haarschnitt macht frei[16]
•  Circumcision
• The peremptory discourse of petty power: "Only if you want to!"
• It's Alice Miller time (Childrearing v. child)
• "Don't leave, mommy! Please don't abandon me to die!"
• My world: Die Scheißestückwelt (aka: Abwelt)
• The Dark Age ("in loco parentis")
• The banality of evil
• Smiling faces tell lies
•  Everything could be different (i.e.: better)
• Trouble and its makers💗: Troublemakers
• The Woke darkness [Is it OK to be white?]
• Woke science
• 1619 and all that (Carpetbaggers....)
• White people
• Fear of left McCarthyism: Ethical cleansing
• The Angela Davis Loving Bourgeoisie (ADLB)
• Just how do: "Black lives matter"?
• Americanism God help America!
• 21st Century American Neo-colonialism
•  Bye, bye, Biden! God help America! God help America! God help America!
• Ethnicity v. modernity
• Modernity v. "Modernity"
• Naive/primitive/folk art v. fashionista art
• Adventures with consumer products
• Something possible for a middle class American
• My war with Patek Philippe SA
• Rescripting some myths (Notice everything![6])
• "This store sells rotten chicken"
• Hotheads & Nicodemites
• "Do gooders"
• My patron saint (Göedicke of the Landwehr)
• Example applied prayer
• Architects and morality: "Bauen, wohnen, denken"
•  Robert Venturi: Culture criminal
•  Ornament, ethnicity and identity are crime (Adolf Loos updated)
•  H.F. Broch de Rothermann (BMcC's Vienna)
• Luxe, calme et volupté (Henri Matisse)
• Directing desire
• "For the mindful god abhors untimely growth" (Hölderlin)
• Living should have great meaning, but life no meaning
• Will you want with me for Godot?
• We stand on the shoulders of flawed giants
• Don't try to prove anything to me
• alt-Plato
• The master printer as an agent of change
•  Thoughts about house cats
• A house cat in a box
• Schrödinger's cat (Poor kitty!)
• "Killing the Cats" (Prof. Walter G. Andrews)
• The China virus[7] (Covid-19; SARS-CoV-2 virus)
• Apocryphal course for Fall Semester 2020 (+ Extra credit submission)
• Fun: Some good stuff[8] (Really)
•  La société des non écoutés
• True Faith Triptych (BMcC masterpiece web artwork)
• Connoisseurship
• Puns & Riddles: Plunge into the depths of Despair
• Just so stories (Also: My office)
• Lists of stuff
• Evil and its Forgiveness (G.W.F. Hegel)
• Conversation with The Grim Reaper*
• Invisible Elephants in the Room
• Depression is aim-inhibited rage
• Depression versus Depressing
• Politeness kills
• The two most useless words in the English language: "I'm sorry"💗
• Body odor (The big "BO")
• Individuality and Society (Cannibalism)
•  Σ (Summing up and going on...)
• Playing and reality
• Let's get serious and become wise fools!
•  Things I'd like to talk about, maybe with you?
•  There is no last word
• "Where words fail, music speaks"
• [Fill in the blank]
Rrose Selavy

• Meta-reflections on the present web pages[9]
• Resources: Glossary, Quora, Quotes, Workbook
• Indexes: Pages, Links, Images | Retractions
• Recent changes to this website: What's new here?
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Treat every statement anybody (myself & yourself included!) makes as a question, not as an assertion.

Prove all things; hold fast [only] that which is good → consign everything else to an archive for ethnographic reference.

Old Martinus Nijhoff publisher's mark. Things will come to right. For me, the polar opposite of Narrenschiff (Stultifera Navis), translate: Fools stifle you.

The essence of philosophy is dialog.[10][11][12] From Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: "Evil and its Forgiveness". Robbie's "Commons"? I hope for the to-date unfulfilled promise of The Enlightenment, per Edmund Husserl: "Philosophy and the Crisis of European Humanity" ("Vienna lecture", 1935), and The Bauhaus.

If learning is not pleasurable, something is wrong with the learning environment. Give me freedom from enterpri$e, not "free enterpri$e". My favorite author: Hermann Broch. I love house cats (esp.: "the gentle giants": Maine Coons). I am a: failed philosopher.[13][14]

May you find some value here, and, although what I write about is largely not happy, some enjoyment! Start here.

I do not like "change".[15] Always: Add value! (Invenit et fecit)

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  1. Previous education: I graduated from Yale College in 1968, Summa cum Laude → as I describe it: by avoidance. I avoided every course that I thought I might get a bad grade in or which had a long reading list. I also graduated: idiot, because, as a person without preexisting social connections, I did not take advantage of the opportunity to make some. But that is not quite accurate: I was not even aware that I should or could make connections, or perhaps even what connections are. I was always afraid of the "Or else!" of getting a bad grade, so I did little other than study. I now wish I had tried to get into Scroll and Key, which would have made me a secret society colleague of Fareed Zacharia. Fool, me!
  2. What is being a computer programmer worker or just doing computer programming apart from working like? I've never tried to build a ship model in a bottle but I think it is something that trying to do it would make me want me to smash the whole goddamned thing and that's what computer programming or writing MediaWiki pages, etc. often feels like to me. It's claustrophobic. And here is the bitterest joke of all on me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]): As a young person I got into doing it because I thought it would be pure reason and logic raised high above material things. Ha! Ha!
  3. "In loco parentis" translates to: parents are insane. See also: St. Paul's Illiberal Day Carcel for Pubescent Male Virgins except-for-omerta-sanitary-services-for-jocks.
  4. Let me give credit to techies where credit is due: In Septenber 2020, it has been over 20 years since HTML 4.01 became a standard in December 1999. I like HTML 4.01 because it gave me the power to produce elegant web pages, but also techno-naive grandmothers could use it to make webpages of their grandchildren to share with their old biddie friends. Current web browsers still render HTML 4.01/3.2 correctly. Most techies never honored SGML. But at least techno-lefties (of whatever political persuasion, including new-feudalism in AI/VR space) still have not yet exterminated HTML 4.01/3.2 in their march to obscurantist new-release topia. If I could afford it, I'd drink a toast of Green Chartreuse V.E.P. to that (and in that way they might learn that such a thing exists)!
  5. A higher education 3 R's: Research recovers the repressed.
  6. Salvatore Ferragamo (fashion house) advertising slogan.
  7. I use this name for the virus on purpose because an ActiFist excoriated me that it is a "racist slur" and that I was being "insensitive" to a world class PhD+MD virologist of Asian ethnicity. I tried to explain that it was understandable that persons who are not epidemiologically educated could call a virus that came from Wuhan China "the China virus" and mean no harm. When I asked about lyme disease the ActiFist enlightened me that persons from Lyme Connecticut are not objects of racist violence on account of their geography. I said that if a racist called Covid-19 the "X" virus they would still be a racist. The ActiFist was not swayed in his obvious support of freedom of speech in a free society. It's a China virus, and those are only words, not weapons – except, of course, if spoken by a racist, or to an ActiFist. I perceived the ActiFist as being insensitive, and perhaps even threatening me.
  8. Hermann Broch: "Raised high above the clamour of the non-existent."
  9. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) very much like the structure I cooked up for this table. MediaWiki's built-in table functionality had problems (to be expected from MediaWiki, of course). Click here to see model.
  10. Ethically, this means: If I do not care about what matters to you then I have no reason to expect you to care about what matters to me. If you do not care about what matters to me then you have no reason to expect me to care about what matters to you.. Unless all lives matter, those persons who are not part of the subset of lives that do matter are thereby put on notice that they do not matter. They have been warned to look out for themselves, for the persons who think they themselves do matter will, at best, not look out for them, and said persons further may deem it appropriate exploit them, qua objects, for their benefit.
  11. Heidegger: "What endures in thinking is the process of thinking." Thinking [dialog, whether talking with others, or just: "self-talk"] itself is the bedrock reality. Any attempt to get "under" it is just part/more of it → Cultivate it, reflect on it, nurture it, because it's all you've really got.
  12. Richard Sugarman and Roger Duncan, "The promise of phenomenology", p.ix. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) would argue that the essence of metaphysics is dialog, also.
  13. I think we can be more precise here: I am a failed life in a failed social surround which failed to childrear me in a constructive way and failed to connect me with any persons who could have been constructive for my living. They should have been like a redirect in a computer file directory.

    When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, I was in math class. I felt nothing about what was going on, and while everybody else in the school rushed to the chapel where a television set was presumably running, I stayed in the painted cinderblock walled classroom where the event had disrupted math class and I was mainly attentive of the room's painted cinderblock walls. "My country" had done nothing for me; it did not dawn on me to think of doing anything for "my country" because I had not learned that anybody or anything could do anything for me – I was vaguely aware of hurting, which is a bio-neurological reaction. But even being hurt was something I had not been given the proper categorial apparatus to thematically constitute. A kind of negation of the Kantian a priori structure of experience. I just vaguely wished "them" to go away. I did not have the awareness to THINK: "I wish these people would stop hurting me but I dare not say anything to them because they have power to hurt me and they will only hurt me more if I do anything that annoys them". I did not wish President Kennedy had beem assassinated nor would I have cared had he survived and fully recoveres: The assassination was a rare time when none of them: the ever-present Or else!ers, had not been around telling me what to do. Eppur si muove."
  14. Also note, in case it is not obvious, that my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) webpages contain a lot of what in movies and computer applications are called "Easter eggs".
  15. In my now 74 years of life, I have often found that "change" is a euphemism for: We persons in power are going to take away from you something you like but we don't care about [you] and give you trouble. I am heartily in favor of change that builds on what I value to add new value to it, and/or takes away something/someone that gives me trouble.
  16. Haircutting: a structure of social coercion to make me turn against my own body and be complicit subjugating it (and by extension, my—self...) to an occupying power: the people who have power againt me, the Them. Chemical underarm deodorants ditto. Pledges of allegiance to a: the Them. Passum sub iugum.

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I (BMcC) cast my fishing line, hoping to catch a fish. Wise men (and wise cats) fish here. Meow!
United Nations flag. The only good nation is a neutral nation.

Late Jan 2021. My (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) pages here have been created with the enormous advantage of not having to waste each day subjecting myself to a job that was causing me to lose my mind (memory and spirit) and wish to be dead, but with the disadvantage of physical impingements including edema in my ankles and what my primary care physician thinks may be emphysema, etc. Adding it all up, it has been in the black not the red on the balance sheet of my daily living these days. My desire to get out of bed and write here has outweighed the difficulty of doing so. Excelsior!

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