Ex Libris. Glossary*

"What a piece of work is man." (Sophocles, colloquially tranlated)

𝄆 ... 𝄇. Symbol from musical notation, meaning: repeat the enclosed text. The enclosed text is to be repeated an infinite number of times unless otherwise indicated. Use to indicate more of the 𝄆same old𝄇 too much of something that one instance of which is already two too many, e.g.: The Mommy Song.

💗. A sentimental heart. Indicates one or more persons are feeling emotional about something foolish. Example: Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, 2 October 2018, to obtain documents related to his planned marriage to his true love. He was murdered inside. What did he or his maudlin sentimentalizing fans expect? Praise for his dissidence from the Saudi government? He could have safely stayed here in The West where everybody was all ga-ga over him, and lived in sin with his true love on New York City's upper East Side or wherever he wanted. But, no, his sentimental heart wanted an early Valentine's Day card 💗 for his true love 💗 from the ruthless autocrats whom he, otherwise, spent his time trying to get ousted from power.

Abwelt. A person's social surround (see below) which is in significant ways defective in nurturing the person and fostering the full development of their human potential for creative accomplishment and joy in living. (Synonym: "Scheißestückwelt", below)

Actifist. Troublemaker. Some (e.g.: U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka: "AOC") get off on offending people they do not like. Values his (her, other's) ideological beliefs over the well-being of real, living human beings. Often lives at higher SES (Socio-Economic Status) than the people whose welfare he claims he is selflessly serving (alternatively: like Mahatma Gandhi, may get off on enjoying the luxury of "voluntary poverty"). Thrives on having "followers".

There presumably is some kind of inner life here. If yes, what kind? Can it be described? Can it be understood? ...
(An adolt)  

Adolt. A human being (bipedal anthropoid) over 21 years of age but generally older who is not a retard but does not THINK. Has an inflated self-image and strongly believes he (she, other) is superior to even the most gifted child because he has defectated more times, although, of course, he does not think of himself that way, but rather: "every person must respect his mother and his father" (Leviticus 19:3). In other words, a human being "going downhill" who does not just have an anus but is an asshole. Adolts believe such thihgs as "father knows best" and "you'll understand when you are older" and "spare the rod and spoil the child" and "it's for your own good" and "you've got to pay your dues" and on and on it goes. They generally have mastered such compicated skills as blowing their nose and driving on the correct side of the road. An adolt's equatorial circumference generally expands as the years go by without them having died yet (their bodies get dumpy), although if they hang on long enough some of them start to shrivel with the onset of their "golden raisin years".

Angela Davis loving bourgeois (ADLB). Middle or upper class person who believes in Angela Davis and her non-gastrointestinal "movement". Often lives at least partly off parents' money and/or academic sinecure, but keeps busy protesting against such things as: "dead white males" (see below), especially those, such as Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves when that was legal, like renting wage-slaves is legal today.

Antisexuaity. Some people are homosexuals. Some people are heterosexuals. I was childreared in an antisexual(sic) social surround (see below); I was deprived of sexuality and sex. I did have gender, however: I was mandated to use public men's toilet rooms where often there was non-optional public exposure of male genitalia, including mine if I entered the place to urinate.

Antitheism. The religious belief that if God exists, God is not good, that we mortals should be on our guard, and that God should either shape up or ship out. This belief is compatible with all theological systems, as well as atheism and agnosticism.

Arschloch des Abendlandes. Asshole of the Western World: (POTUS №45) Donald J. Trump. Note: On CNN, +2021.07.09, U.S. Senator John McCain's former Chief of Staff, Grant Woods, said McCain privately called Donald Trump an: "asshole" and an: "idiot", and that, while McCain did not care that Trump said he was not a hero because he got caught by the enemy, the effect Trump's disrespect might have on other aging former POWs troubled him.

Asshole / A**hole. Can refer to the outbound terminus of a human being's alimentary canal. Particular use in BMcC[18-11-46-503] discourse is to refer to people (see below) who emit toxic material from their oral orifices (mouths), in such forms as bossing other persons around, cancelling them, expressing self-righteousness, being know-it-alls, demanding unearned respect (e.g.: adolts from children), etcetera trans nauseam; their words are semiotic excrement.

Ass-ignment. Command issued from a teacher's mouth or via other communication vehicle, ordering students to do something to be graded by the teacher or other agent outside the students control, consequently vectoring the students' future life trajectories without the students being able to do anything about it. An ass—ignment is an ignment emitted from a teacher's ass (above right; See also: Asshole, immediately above). Counterexample: Essay I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) wrote for Prof. Maxine Greene's "Esthetics in Education" class instead of doing the course assignments.[1]

Catastrophe, The. [ This item removed to: here. ]

Catastrophize. Whenever I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) think something bad might happen, I immediately imagine the worst and worry that it will happen. Since bad things are often going on around me, I catastrophize(sic) a lot. [I thought I had invented this word but no, it was already there in the English language.]

Childrearending. Childrearing (see immediately below) with rear end collisions, as in automibile crashes from behind: An enema tube was inserted into my anus and soapy water squeezed into my large intestine when I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) did not produce sufficient fecal matter on schedule to satisfy my biological progenitors.

Childrearing. Adults' socialization of the child. This term is evaluatively neutral, i.e.: it does not pre-judge that the adults' behavior vis-à-vis the child has any merit. It clinically documents those doings and not doings. The similarity to the word "rear-end", as in automobile collision, as opposed to "raising" something up, is intended. A child should be said to be "raised" only if his (her, other) childrearing lifts him up in his living.

Computer programmer. Person who does engineering work without necessarily and indeed only rarely being an engineer. Designs algorithms: logical machinery that is implemented as computer instructions not bricks and mortar. Knows how to make computers do things but rarely what is advisable for them to do or not do. Generally unquestioningly follows orders from a manager who in their turn unquestioningly follows orders from their manager.... See: here.

Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!

Couch potato. Buttock. Most people have two of them. and often sit on them (See right).

Cyberia. Wage-labor internment camps where computer programmers produce computer code in white collar assembly lines, often including Party Line cheer rallies: "Scrum" and "All hands meetings". Otherwise known as: "cyberspace", and largely hidden from the public. Inmates are: Zeks.

Dead white male. Person of Caucasian ancestry who contributed something of constructive value to civilization. Example: The persons who invented and perfected the communications media Woke (see below) people (see below) use to condemn them. Question: Isn't the adjective ""white" deployed as a racist slur by self-styled anti-racists (Wokies) to denigrate persons of Caucasian ancestry, as in past some persons of Caucasian ancestry used what is called "the 'N' word" to denigrate persons of negro ancestry?

Dialtone. An instanced of biological species "homo sapiens" that is not self-accountably self-aware of its (his, her, other's) existence byt is lived by its social conditioning. If you ask it: "Who are you?" it will respond with its label aka name. If you ask it such a question as "What are you?" it will either not understand the question or respond with the name of a category of intraworldly objects such as "I am a black person" or "I am a white person" or "I am a woman" or "I am a stockbroker" or something else like that. "O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not" (Jeremiah 5:21). You talk to them and you get a dialtone, because they are hollow inside. Nobody's home.

Dog Kennel. Codename for my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) last manager in IBM, who behaved toward me as if he worked for Heinrich Himmler and I was a member of an inferior race. He wore shirts with epaulets but they were not black. Dog Kennel, Ph.D.

DwarfAll trash to recycling!. A bourgeois that cannot tolerate the idea that any person could be "better" than they themself are, and assiduously endeavors to drag such persons down to their level instead of trying to raise themself up to the latter's level. Some have day jobs as psychoanalysts, some others as university professors. Examples of higher life forms targeted by dwarfs: Masud Khan and Marshall McLuhan.

Ethnic. A person who us unaware of the existence of a broader cultural/cultured world horizon beyond the limits of their native community, or if they do find out about it they are afraid of it, distrust it, keep away from it as something taboo. Hassidic boys in their Yeshivas are an example. Their teachers, however, are a third type who earn their living by perpetuating the ethnic community and are in varying degrees ethnic themelves or a kinid of cynical manipulators but who do not identify as part of the contemporary Western Ethno-cracy. Zionists are an example.

Ethno. Citizen of an advanced 21st century nation state such as The United States of America, who lives at least at middle middle-class SES (Socio Economic Status) and may even have a tenured university professorship, and who spends their day-job time dissing liberal Western civilization as being racist, while continuing to enjoy its benefits. Such a person may or may not wear the costume of pre-literate people (whom anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss referred to as: "savages") at the podium of their public lectures and in their office in the ivory tower. ~ Not to be confused with "ethnics" (immediately above).

Euphemize. Put lipstick on a pig. To refer to something negative that people (see below) are "sensitive" about in a way that does not force them to fess up to what's bad about it. Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Amy Comy Barrett, calls the burden of a mentally retarded child, aka: moron: a "special blessing" – for an intellectually sensitive parent who cannot tolerate stupidity and ignorance to celebrate being stuck with, not to have aborted it before it was born. "Global warming" is another example: likely it is overheating which potentially can turn earth's atmosphere Venusian / uninhabitable.

Fashionista. Woman, often middle aging, who may be an artist or artist wannabe, whose SES is provided by the wage labor of her husband as a corporate executive commuting say from Westport Connecticut to Grand Central and back an hour each way every day on Metro North, who has nothing useful to do with her time so makes acrylic paintings of poolside tables with cocktails with marasachino cherries in them on them and plays club tennis and expects him to serve her real cocktails in her honor when he gets home from his commute each nite. A self-absorbed femme fatale wannabe perhaps with a W.C. Fields nose and other features, who cast a spell on hubby to seduce the guy and his annual income away from his homemaker first wife and children because her own first husband had been a useless fop and she had had to make the commute to feed him and their kids. Dresses in the current fashion, again, at hubby's expense, or rather: privilege. Etcetera and so forth. Worshipped by everybody in her family and "social circle" as a GoddessAll trash to recycling! who deigned to descend to earth for them to enjoy worshipping. Husband has to cater to her whims to keep her from getting depressed about what she is.

Figleafer. Person with the sex perversion of pasting and painting figleags over genitals on psintings and sculptures (but not over their own mouths). Their summum bonum is to prevent persons, especially young person from having erotic pleasure. They are prigs and prudes and get away with it because people do not shun them. They know that the best defense is a good offense, and will accuse anybody who dares to contravene their messianic obsession with accusations such as: "How dare you!" "Who do you think you are" "Wash your mouth out with soap!" "Get away from me you disgusting creature!" "You are sick! You pervert!" "Shame on you!" → all of which, of course apply first of all to themselves but they do not fess up to that. ("Excuse me, Sir, or Madam or Other, may I respectfully inquire if you have ever defecated? Do you have sex organs on you body? And also, please, why have you not already killed yourself?")

[fill in the blank]. Ascii character string standing for every George Carlin word I can think of, to apply to noxious people who hurt me, and who should be subjected to retroactive birth control (Tom Gee cooked up that image). But I need to be careful to not give THEM (see below) who are [fill in the blank]s any more occasion to harm me than they have already harmed me, so I write "[fill in the blank]" instead what I want to say about them. They would not like it because they do not like to think of themselves or, even worse, have others think of them as what they are, so they would hurt me even more than they already have hurt me.... This Ascii character string substitutes for something bad being removed without remainder (except in an ethnographic archive) from the noetic, social and physical worlds → People that-not-who should preemptively have been blocked and dispatched into the null set before they ever even began to enter into existence. Example: Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy aka: TV Commando ZNext

Foetus factory. Human being capable of producing (1) "food for powder" (see below) and (2) more foetus factories [recursive function]. Common name: "mother".

Food for powder. Male citizens of a nation state who qualify to be conscripted into an army to die for their country's current political regime's agenda du jour. (Reference is to Shakespeare's Falstaff's recruitment of soldiers where the less money they cost, the better.)

For-profit athletics. Better name for what people call "professional athletics" and also "inter-collegiate sports". Any athletic competition where either the participants or the organizers or both make money, often very large sums of money. For instance some colleges stay in operation only due to the revenues derived from their inter-collegiate sports teams, even though the players themselves may not get much profit out of it.

Gigger. A person who tries to earn their living at catch-as-catch-can labor in the "gig" economy. Such persons are discriminated against by being deprived of their right to benefits such as health insurance and pensions.

God damn you. I am not here referring to the omnipotent Abrahamic Deity Who seemed unable to cope with mere mortals "taking His Name in vain" (being offended says at least as much about the offended one as about the offender: specifically, that the former so petty that they put on an "I am offended" act. By this phrase I invoke an imagined Better Supreme Being to bring justice to people, places, things and others that cause me suffering. So "God damn God" means that some Better Force in the world should attend to the bad things the Abrahamic Deiy does and put Him in His place. See also: "[fill in the blank]", above

Groupism. Political ideology of reducing individual human beings to raw material to fuel implementation of agenda which has as its goal distributive application of the items in the agenda to transform secondary properties of the raw material while still retaining its ontological status qua raw material, without individuated value. Key secondary quality of the raw material: self-sacrifice. Raw material items are selected from the totality of human beings set inclusion criteria, such as: member of the black race or female gender. These are ideas, which are parasitic on minds of individual persons, who when all their energy has been consumed, need to be replaced with new instances, lest the group itself along with its agenda cease to exist. The bio-social processes of reproduction[3] and ideological indoctrination replenish the fuel supply.

Haircut. Transitive verb. To alienate a person from part or all of the naturally growing hair on their scalp. (To be distinguished from "scalping" where the person's skin covering their skull bone is also cut off with a knife, often as a a battle trophy.) When done gently, respectfully and voluntarily to a person just to prune "split ends", need not traumatize the person to alienate the person from part of their self, thus causing psychiatric "splitting" and chronic and often irreversible dysmorphia. Often haircutting is an act of ritual violence, for instance when a male is conscripted into the Army. The willful brutality of this act in many circumstances is shown by the vengeful assaultive battle cry of the perpetrators "Keep America beautiful! Get a haircut!" (implied: "Or else!") Note that in earlier times barbers also did surgical operations. Fathers reassure themselves of their manhood both by "manning up" to voluntarily subject themseles to being haircutted without whining or flinching, and also also by subjecting their sons to it, to see the "chips off the old block" "man up" and stolidly "take it like a man". Haircutting thus helps make the young male insensitive to other forms of alienation such as being subjected to teaches' assignments in school (alienated mind) and bosses' orders in work (alienatied labor).

Haircut. Noun. "FINANCE & ECONOMICS specialized: A reduction in an amount of money, such as the price of a share or bond: 'The crisis means that lenders will have to take a haircut (= accept that they have lost money because the value of the investment has gone down)'" By extension: The reduction of a person's value by haircutting them (per immediately above).

"His (her, other)". Rhetorical device for coping with anti-genderism in contemporary American thin-skinned social even if not communicative life. Acknowledgement that when in the text I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) subsequently use such a word as "man", it refers indifferently and universally to all conceivable genders or lack of same, and is not an asymmetrical celebration/tyrannical imposition of patriarchical political dominance by the weaker gender ("males"). [See also: their, below]

Hypocrisy, the. The social class which includes prudes and prigs. They take offense when their "honor" is impugned. They treat anybody of lower SES (Social Economic Status) with disdain or even contempt, but ass-kiss [in only a metaphorical way, of course] people above them, espacially if they can get something out of them. They tend to be successful and successful narcissists. They get off on large numbers of people complimenting them, irrespective of whether the people's judgment is worth anything of not. Especially they enjoy basking in the glow of a zombified husband begging for the privilege of pouring them a cocktail after they [the husbands not the hypocrites] have come home from a long day wasting their life in an office and commuting thereto and back from. They themselves prefer to spend their days at the tennis club, not engaged in lagor, producrive or otherwise.They earn their keep by spreading their legs or even better: by not and still getting the hollowed out man to grovel.

Ideate / Ideating / Ideation. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) doubt most people (see below) actually THINK. I do not know what "goes on in their heads" but apparently it is some process which has to do with symbol processing. Only self-reflective discourse can be understood because it reflects on itself as its own object. But people do something with words that cannot be understood, for example: following orders (and/or issuing them), being offended, and other such behavioral forms; I call it: "ideating", but it could just as well be called: "X"; it results in behavior that primarily manifests itself in language not muscle movement. Example: A person saying: "I hate you" instead of spitting on you. Dogs are valued for being eager to obey commands.

Idiot. Can refer to persons with very low "I.Q."s. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) particularly use the word to refer to persons who may have very high "I.Q."s but very little common sense. Examples include: Galileo Galilei who got himself threatened with torture for baiting the Roman Catholic Church bear, and Jamal Khashoggi who got himself killed for trying to get an early Valentine's Day card for his true love💗.

Ignorance. Transitive verb: To cause a person to be ignorant. As in: "My school teachers ignoranced me." To destroy a person's discriminatory instincts to smell out and try to ward off lies and deceptions and potential sources of harm, and/or to install in the person's soul insalubrious social customs and ideations such as "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori", or: "Honor thy father and mother"/"Respect your elders"/.... But primarily to keep the person in the dark and only secondarily to leverage this and fill the darkness with darkened things. (Example: Ideally prevent a young person from being aware there is such a thing as erotic pleasure, but if the cat gets out of the bag, then to inform the child that if he (she, other) masturbates it cause them to become insane.) To repeat: My (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) childrearenders ignoranced me; I am walking wounded.

Insensitive. Code word used by political correctnessers, LGBQWERTYs. and maybe others to try to arouse guilt feelings in any person who dares to say anything they to not find flattering about themselves and/or their fellow travelers. Their hope is that the guilt feelings this aroused will cause the offender to erase any politically incorrect thoughts from his (her, other's) mind to become a politically correct (LGBQWERTY, etc.) person and beg for mercy for their depravity in having committed their previous crime against political correctness, "trans", or whoever it was they had harmed.

Internationality. Petty patriotic people have their nationality: American, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, etc. ad nauseam. More fully human persons identify with their active engagement in the whole world, rising above nations. They have internationalities: musicians, physicians, physicists, poets, even, potentially, restaurant waitors and carpenters. They identify with what they do, not the GPS + UTC coordinates of the birth canal they came out of. Persons who identify with what they can make, not what they are made from: here.

Less worse. A Comparative. Something is less worse than some other thing if it is bad but not as bad as the other thing. People (see below) use the word: "better", or often even: "good". Example: A day vacationing at a beach getting sunburned may be less worse than a day as an inmate in Vladimir Putin's Gulag.

LGBQWERTY. A person who identifies themself as being in instance of a particular social / psychological / biological sexual subset. Contrast with a human being who identifies themself as a unique individual person who enjoys certain flavors of erotic fantasy and/or activity.

Less worse. "A" is less worse than "B" if A causes less trouble than B. People often use the word: "better" in such cases. Thus, people might say that my last manager in IBM ("Dog Kennel") was better than Heinrich Himmler. I would way that Dog Kennel was less worse than the Nazi SS leader, perhaps because he was only a first-line manager in a publicly traded corporation that did not send its employees to gas chambers to be exterminated.

Meontic. [Note: Like "person", this is a good word.] Philosopher Eugen Fink, Edmund Husserl's philosophical heir's, word for the pre-ontological ground of human existence (Being-in-the-world).

Mother. Female human who gets sanctified for pretending she didn't do what she must have done to attain that elevated status, to wit: get fucked. Infants are "blessed events" but breast feeding in public is not polite and sexuality is shameful except for titillation in the mass media and children must tbe protected form knowing about their genitalia., but not about such unwholesome things as tackle football brutality. The whole mess is distantly analogous to light in physics: Is it a wave or a particle? It's both but how is htah possible? Madonna and whore (marriage is a permanent gig). And why is "motherfucker" a curse word when it's the only way a man can have two children by his lawfully wedded wife? "Please stop talking about that! You're activating our taboos! It's unthinkable! You're frightening me! Stop it!...."

Nadir, Ralph. Ralph Nader gave the 1999 U.S. Presidential election to George W. Bush by siphoning off Florida Democratic votes. I told an ADLB (see above) that anybody who voted for the Nadir of American politics should be ashamed because of all the trouble Bush caused. The ADLB told me that I did not understand: The important thing was to establish a viable 3rd Party political party, not Bush the Prodigal Son who wanted to give his daddy Saddam Hussein's head on a plate versus Gore the environmetalist. The ADLB self-righteously told me to: "get another brilliant idea, Brad", and that he had to get on with his work.

No-brainer. Rhetorically felicitous label for a bad thing. Double meaning phrase: (1) Stupid. But also; (2) Completely obvious so there is on reason or occasion to give it any thought even if you are not stupid. Applies to social customs that people unthinkingly and unquestioningly obey like sheep follow a judas goat.

Non-gastrointestinal movement. Organized emphatic activity of many persons in the interest of promoting an objective of interest to themselves and also pressuring others to engage with it even if the latter have no personal relation to their "cause". Generally led by "activists" who may live at higher "SES" than participants, and including noisy mass street assemblages. Metaphorisal allusion is to biological process.

Normal. The condition of a human being that lives as an implicit / prereflective / unthinking (unquestioning) instantiation of the behavioral and ideational norms of their social surround (see below). Normality cannot be understood any more than the interiority of a cindereblock, because only self-awareness can be understood. Normal can, however, be at least approximately explained and possibly predicted by rules of semiotic transformation. What is normal maybe a span on a continuum, the end points of which are (1) living human being-in-the-world and (2) inert physical matter.

Opportunity. Occasion for an Or else!. Each new occasion which would arise in my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) life. Something I could approach with confidence: that if I made a mistake or a misstep, my situation would become even worse than it already was. Also, no big deal, because I was no big deal, except if something I might do or not do could lead to others' (who were always [self-]important, of course...) discomfort or displeasure. The very best outcome would be for me to make them even happier and self-assured than they already were. ~ I hypothesize that, for persons such as Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, this word may have different connotations?

Or else!. The threat they always had over me that if I did not do as they whimmed, they would harm me: Obey, Bradford: Or else!. They were: OrElsers. The everpresent them with power to harm me. Take away their power and they would have been like ravenous baby birds with their beaks gaping open making raucous noise to have their mother deposit regurgitated food down their insatiable gullets. The one and only thing they lusted to consume was: me (or maybe they just did not, or even could not care?). I did not ask for them. I did not want them. I had no choice but to "eat it": Or else!. [fill in the blank]

People. A derogatory word which refers to human beings when they aggregate into groups and in varying measure lose their identities and their souls. PeopleAll trash to recycling! are like grasshoppers that have mutated into a plague of locusts by aggregating together. People are not persons (see below), and persons are not people.[4] ~ Synonym for: the Them, πολλοι.

Perma-virgin. A post-pubescent human animal of female gender that takes offense if you inquire about her bodily functions, because she pretends she has none, and she doesn't want anybody else to let on that they have any, either. You must not mention your, or, a fortiori, her unmentionables to her! Her goal in life is to be in-your-face asexual and make everybody else be asexual too. But she gets all moony about "blessed events". She is a busy-body prying into everybody's, especially young persons' private business where she has no business going. She is a self-righteous goody, goody prudish prig. She is kitsch on two feet. "How dare you!"

Perp school. A pedagogical institution customarily called a: "prep school" or: "preparatory school", which abuses fragile, gifted kids such as I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) was by treating them as if they were human larvae that, like Timex wristwatches: actualize their full potential by taking a licking to keep on ticking.

Person[s]. One or a small number of human beings who have not given up their individuations and their souls to groupness, and would never consider debasing themself to call themself an instance of any set. (Ref: Robert Musil's "The man without qualities"). Persons are good; people (see above) are bad.

Platitude. The appreciation ("gratitude") I wish to show to all the people who have never helped me in life to have a life and not just be a consumer of consumer products piece of shit. I would very much have apprciated anyone reaching a hand down to give me a leg up, even their Abrahamic Deity, if he would have stuck His paw down through the bowl of Heaven. Thanks for nothin', y'all. You are what you eat.

Polack. Ethnic slur referring to persons of Polish ancestry. My (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) ancestry is 1/2 Polish. I do not want to be politically correct. Consequently, I am a self-defined: Polack(sic).

Politeness. Repressing my healthy natural needs and energies, if I must have them denying it, and being too ashamed to talk about them, and not speaking any truth that might make a normal or ADLB (see above) or Woke (see below) person doubt they are perfect. Such things are "taboo". Whenever a taboo is violated, polite people (above) become self-righteously indignant, and if that doesn't work, they may retaliate without limit to neutralize the threat to their metastable security. Polite people kowtow to and seek blessings from their superiors and do not care what impact they may have on their inferiors except expecting thankful obedience without having to ask. Example: Calling an incompetent parent or boss: "incompetent".

Pragmatic agenda. All the things human beings have to do to reproduce individual and (optionally:) species life. These tasks expend a person's time and energy on things that do not yield creative joy which latter are the only things which deserve to exist / have persons spend their time and energies on. Pragmatic agenda is God's curse on Adam and Eve, which curse advanced technology should annul.

Prig. Person who witch-hunts other persons' sexuality, especially children's sex lives, who is insulted when called a "Prig" and cancels persons who seem to be enjoying their lives who make minor breaches of etiquette such as the lawyer Jeffrey Toubin did on a Zoom call in Autumn 2020. Also includes "look don't touch" / "hard to get" young females, especially those who try to get high-visibility jobs in a place like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office for the purpose of getting him to act like a male animal and maybe look at them the wrong way so they can hang him in the kangaroo court of public opinion and preferably extract money from the man for having fallen for their treacherous con game.

Prude. Close synonym to "Prig" (see above), but sometimes have more the physical appearance and disposition of a prune.

Pupilmetric [testing]. Standardized tests produced to generate numbers correlating with a student's answering predefined questions in a fixed time interval. The more questions the student answers correctly in the time allotted, the higher the number that is computed. Educational Testing Service Princeton New Jersey (501)(c)(3) is probably the largest corporation producing these demeaning intrusions into young persons' lives: example here.

Putainia. Expansionist, imperialist dictatorship ruled by Vladimir Putin. (My understanding is that "putain" means whore in French. +2023.02.25. Since 24 Febrary 2022 I have changed my thoughts about Dr. Putin. His dictatorship is not imperialist or expansionist, but merely nationalist. The United States is shamefully trying to reduce his country to a neo-colony from which to extract mineral in exchange for being entertained by carpetbaggers: Britney Griner 6'9" 205 lb. female basketball [star]. What Mr. Biden's Ukraine war is doing to Russia is disgusting. So yes, Dr. Putin's government is not an anarcho-syndicalist utopia, but it's probably at worst no worse than the Zelensky regime nextdoor in Ukraine which The West is propping up with massive military welfare as a harpoon for Captain Ahab Biden to pursue his Moby Dick Putin.

Representativocracy. Form of government people call a "democracy" but which is really a democracy of the people's elected representatives, while the people themselves are just Where's Waldos: "voters". This form of govenment was made possible by the printing press which facilitated mass direct down-hierarchical distribution of commands from a central authority.

Sacrifice. Transitive verb. Stronger form of: "volunteer" (see below).


Scheißestückwelt. A person's social surround that is toxic for the person, and which has the sum total value of a piece of shit. Esp.: The social surround in which your author here (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) was childreared. Ludwig Wittgenstein said that most people aren't worth much. (Synonym: "Abwelt", above) ~ Such a social surround is not empty; it is congestipated with toxic semiotic material in need of evacuation (right).

Self-pleasuring. More appropriate term to refer to the innocuous (and needed when no appropriate partner available) activity prigs and prudes try to extirpate ("masturbation").

Smiling face. Human being that does things that harm other human beings but they have a smile on their face like they were being your friend: Smiling faces tell lies, etc. Examples: Xi Jinping, (FLOTUS №40) Nancy Reagan.

Social surround. The tribal environment in which a person finds themselves having to put up with due to the accident of fate of what birth canal they came out of when. No judgment is implied, i.e.: no social surround should be pre-judged to be any good until it proves itself salubrious for the given judging individual person. Pre-judiced bigoted words such as: "motherland" or "fatherland" do not pass this test.

Sophology. Academic discipline of studying philosophy books. commonly alled: "Philosophy" but it need not be a love of producing knowing but just of consuming things people have known. "Sophography" is literally studying the philosophy books qua books, for instance computing average sentence lengths, not trying to understand the ideas in them. qua ideas

Sympathy strike. When a political prisoner propagandistically denies him (her, other) self food and/or water and therefore enters upon a trajectory to suicide, in hopes that bleeding hearts will come to his rescue and implement societal reforms to support the Good Cause(s) he (she, other) likes instead of calling his bluff. Alexei Navalny in Putainia (above) is an instance.

Teach. Person paid to instruct persons, usually in academic institution classrooms, whose behavior discourages persons from learning. Often a prig / prude (see above). Expects respect because has defecated more times than most of his (her, other's) students, and has "paid his dues" and consequently wants to make sure they pay theirs: "respect your elders". May specialize in rote instruction, assigning students tasks that mean little or nothing to the student, and thinking highly of himself. Patron saint is Peter Ramus.

Teamager. Pubescent male student in a compatitive athletics team oriented school who has reached the age of playing on extramural body contact sport teams. Not an individuated person, but just a team member. Teamagers are a proper subset of the set of teenagers.

That. Depersonalizing pronoun. Used to refer to a human being that(sic) is not a fully self-conscious self-accountable individuated person, and that may be is a True Believer in a religion or other ideology, perhaps a haredi or a Wokie (see below) or an Islamist militant. Contrast with: "Who". Answers to the question: "What are you?", not: "Who are you?" "People that", contrast: "Person who".

Their. Before disindividuating wokism celebrated snd pushed universal groupthink, there was a solution I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) used to the problem of gender in discourse; the word: "their" ["them", used with a particular contextualization contrasted with the: "the Them" (see below)]. Example from The New York Times, "What Does It Mean to 'Yassify' Anything?" (+2021.11.24): "The account is run by a 22-year-old college student in Omaha who makes art under the name Denver Adams and asked that The Times not reveal their legal name." Is the unnamed person male, female or other? This seemed to me very good until I started fearing that the anti-individuality wokies were going to take away my individuality to make me lose my life before I am dead or neurologically demented by dissolving me into a worker bee in their hive. In this way, my vocabuary lost a good word to the wokies. [See also: his (her, other), above]

No person or social formation (e.g.: government) should cross the line beyond which a person's body and/or soul is compromised. Show respect! Keep your distance! Request permission and pass inspection before approaching!

[the] Them. All the petty people who have hurt me in my living, especially my parents and perp school teaches (see above). The collective plural of Martin Heidegger's: "das Man", also Friedrich Nietzsche's: The Last Man who has sunk so low that he cannot even despise himself. the Them are/is "normal": In the land of the blind, the one eyed child is surgically operated on by them(sic) to remove his (her, other's) eye to make him healthy and whole and normal like everybody else. ~ Synonym for: people, πολλοι. "The" + "m" = "Them"[5] [Click here to see a picture of a the Them] ~ Also: transitive verb: "to them someone", to intrude themness upon a person, stiffling the person, not quite like placing a plastic bag over their head and tying it around their neck (but maybe most people like it?).

Trump-l'oeil, Donald John. (POTUS №45) Donald J. Trump, who hoodwinked Deutsche Bank for many years.

Turkey baster. Device useful for inseminating female human beings to cause them to produce foetuses. circumcised penises are examples.

TV Commando Z. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. Ukrainian comedian turned television actor whose role as President of Ukraine in TV show "Servant of the people" went to his head and he has been able to con many people, including preminently America's mentally limited and emotionally immature President Biden, into feeding him weapons to actualize his fantasy of being autocratic President of Ukraine in reality. He is the tail wagging the dog of the so-called "Free World". World's greatest PR man with his gimme-more-weapons sob story and freedom fighter green t-shirt which makes everybody adore his "patriotism". Looks some combination of dog trotting along behind anybody who will throw him a bone (ever more, more powerful, more advanced weapons), and uncouth ignoramus, and [fill in the blank]. Does not value human life except maybe his own and his cronies'. May cause World War III. White trash.

Vengeancocracy. (POTUS №45) Donald J. Trump's signature form of government whose highest goal is to destroy every person and every thing that displeases (POTUS №45) Donald J. Trump.

Volunteer. Transitive verb. A person with social power volunteers (sic) a less powerful person to do something that might harm or kill the person who does it, but the person with power wants it done and does not themself want to run the risk.

[Wage-]Slavery. Renting human beings. Contrast with owning human beings, which was outlawed in many countries in the 19th Century, including U.S.A. per the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A synonym for "wage-slave" is: "employee".

War Hole, Andy the. Self-proclaimed "artist" and 15 minute celebrity (1928-87) who said that anything a lot of people like has to be good or else they wouldn't like it Noted for selling color lithographic blow ups of Campbell's Tomato Soup cans to pop[ular] art collectors for high prices.

White trash. High SES Caucasians who have no "class" and no value but think they are "hot stuff". Examples: (POTUS №45) Donald J. TrumpAll trash to recycling!, Kim Kardashian WestAll trash to recycling!, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych ZelenskyyAll trash to recycling!, probably also: Dr. Edward TellerAll trash to recycling!.

Woke / Wokie. The state of being a political correctness zombie as opposed to a human being who is trying to be wide awake to their living, including to the Wokeness in their social surround (see above). A Woke person presumably believes that "Black lives matter" but that my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), and also your, my reader, individuated living does not matter except as an instance of "Black lives matter".

Yuckies. Yuppies that don't stay in their place (trendy Friends bars and the Hamptons). They're entitled but they don't have titles. They don't have the right stuff but they wear the right clothes.

Zek. Inmate of a Soviet Union Siberian forced labor internment camp. By extension, a wage-slave computer programmer in Cyberia, Esp.: myself (BMcC[18-11-46-503]).

Two of the most useless words in the English language

"I'm sorry." Mouthed by a person who has caused material damage by some combination of incompetence and irresponsibility (to undertake something you are not competent to do is already in and of and by itself a form of irresponsibility). The person feels that saying these two monosyllables lets them off the hook so they can go blithely about their day leaving the party they injured holding the bag. They may also "cry some crocodile tears."

The person needs to assess what damage they have caused, explain how and why they screwed up (e.g.: admit they are incompetent and did not fess up to this up front because they were afraid of displeasing their parents or their boss, etc.), and tell everybody that they have learned their lesson and what lesson they have learned, and assure everybody they will not do anything like it ever again if they can help it, making a public confession to help others learn from their experience and learn about them and also their social surround.[6]

If no material harm done or even better: if they undo the damage they caused, that should be the end to it. If not, they can do penance ranging from voluntarily forfeiting a week's pay, to resigning their job and promising not to ask to come back, or if something really bad, killing themself (seppuku). Children, instead of being taught politely to say "I'm sorry" after the cat is out of the bag, should be taught to put in place a Plan-B before the cat gets a chance to try to get out of the bag (maybe double-bag the cat?).[7]

(Credit: Yonhap, via Agence France-Presse – Getty Images) "Bae Yong-ju, a provincial police chief, bowed in apology for a botched murder investigation that put an innocent man, Yoon Sung-yeo [who was sentenced to life for a crime he did not commit], behind bars for 20 years in South Korea. He made a mistake, took it to heart, and publicly bowed in shame.

"Thank you." I'm not generally impresed by "Thank you" either. Sometimes it is a sincere staement of deep appreciation for goodness received. Often it's glib politeness. If you want to thank me, Do something to propotionately materially improve my life (Note: It need not cost a lot of dollar$; it can be a life-transfiguring idea, or a reference to somebody who can help me, for instance). Thank you.

"It's no big deal, Brad". People don't like their illusion of being happy when really things are not so good to be spoiled. If I complain about something that may remind them that they have something to be unhappy about too but they want to be happy even if rationally they shouldn't be [happy]. Telling me to not upset their applecart risks them themselves upsetting it in the attempt to prevent me from upsetting it. So they assert there is nothing wrong even though there is [something wrong].

I certainly have no coercive power to force them to help me, and they may indeed have their own problems. But they could honestly say: "I already have too much to do. I just don't have any time to help you." Or: "What is botherinig you is not important to me [i.e.: to them]." I might not like that but it would be an honest response. The problem with the first is it may not be true, and the second makes them look bad and they want to look good even if they aren't [good].

If they honetly meant the words, they could rationally show me how what is upsetting me isn't the troubling thing I think it is. For instance, let's say I am bothered by a lump on my skin that I obsessively want to be gone; they might know more about the lump than I do and knowledgeably say: "You think you are going to be stuck with that annoying thing for the rest of your life but medical science says that if you leave it alone it will all by iteslf go away in less than a week → it really is not the big deal you think it is."

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  1. I would be pleased if reading this and recognizing himself in it would cause an incorrigible dolt teach to have a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Example of what a teacher could do that is decent: He (she, other) could gently suggest to students activities they might find appealing to do relevant to his course. This could include for masochistic students offering to give them a test and grade them on it to make them happy. If a student never showed up for the course or never contributed anything, shouldn't that count as a failing grade, unless the student had a good reason for doing it such as needing to get a degree to get a decent job in America's corporate capitalist economy?
  2. [ This item deleted. ]
  3. All trash to recycling!"The power of reproduction is for the good of the species, and the human legislator acts on behalf of the species in establishing monogamous unions of one man with one woman. Individual genital organs are to be used only for a power of the species. The organs are, as it were, on loan from the species and – more important – subject to an exercise of eminent domain by the city." (Mark D. Jordan, "The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology", University of Chicago Press, 1997, p. 126)
  4. "Incontestably, alas, most people are not, in action, worth very much; and yet, every human being is an unprecedented miracle. One tries to treat them as the miracles they are, while trying to protect oneself against the disasters they've become." (James Baldwin)
  5. Important note: "Being-in-the-world" (human existing) does not necessarily entail being in the Them's world, which latter is best constellated solely as an object for psycho-sociological examination, like smallpox or ebola bacilli. ~ To once again repeat Wilfred Bion's observation: All social customs are shared hallucinoses aka: social psychoses.
  6. "My parents would have been ashamed of themselves (and even killed themselves) and/or been ashamed of me had I not done it" is not a valid excuse. "My parents would have murdered me (and my wife and children) had I not done it" might be a valid excuse.
  7. There are two interesting cases of "I'm sorry". (1) A person does something that displeases or materially harms me and they say "I'm sorry", which really means: "I don't care about you [i.e.: me], and I don't want to do anything about what I did, so let me go scot-free and feel self-satisfied, by you [i.e.: me] showing me gratitude for my deigning to mouth some phonemes." (2) I say I am sorry that circumstances beyond my control led to me doing something that displeases somebody else. What they want instead is for me to take responsibility for what I am not responsible for (to "eat it") and not transitively trouble them. In case #1, the correct response is: "I will fix it. I will never do it again." In case #2, the correct response is: "Let's see if together we can fix the original problem which caused you [i.e.: me] trouble.

I (BMcC) was a nerdy kid who had ideologically incorrect thoughts (1962-64) in school. I was not a conformist. I opposed "the cult of school spirit", so, presumably I would have opposed the cult of "diversity" spirit, too.The nerdy kid, who, it should be obvious, is me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"The nerdy kid asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"

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