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The misfortunes of Thebes are believed to be the result of a curse laid upon Laius for the time he had violated the sacred laws of hospitality (Greek: xenia).

In his youth, Laius was taken in as a guest by Pelops, king of Elis, where he would become tutor to the king's youngest son, Chrysippus, in chariot racing. Laius seduces or abducts Chrysippus, and rapes him. According to some versions, Chrysippus then kills himself in shame. This terrible act casts doom upon Laius and all those who descend from him. However, many scholars believe that this tale of Laius' transgressions against Chrysippus were added later to the myth in order to explain the family's curse. (Wikipedia)

Nobody cued me in about this. We learned in school that Œdipus committed parricide and incest. What a naughty child! Per Sigmund Freud, we know that male infants want to kill their fathers, and here is one who actually did it! All fathers be forewarned: You gotta watch out for what the little potential malefactors are up to! If Œdipus's father's act of pedophiliac rape is the root cause of Œdipus's problems, everything fits together: My prep perp school masters were adults. I was a child. Adults can do no evil because they are Masters. Children are dirty little underling creatures. Of course the Masters would hide the crime of one of their own by dumping it on an underling creature. Further justification for my Masters giving my classmates demerits (not the other way around!), for children's merit is a negative number ab initio. It's not Adam, an adult, who cursed humankind with original sin, but Œdipus, a child! I have long since figured out I was a victim of soul murder (I read Leonard Shengold's and Alice Miller's books). Now I see it was even worse. I have come to suspect in adult life that prigs are crypto-perverts.

Birds of a feather flock together. Maybe Laius's crime is apocryphal, so says the Wikipedia quote.[1] However! That would not excuse the perps hiding from me a plausible accusation of crime by one of their own that apparently was never brought to trial and consequently of which innocence is not adjudicated. The matter of Œdipus turns out to maybe be only secondarily a communication failure. Primarily it may be a story of sins of the fathers, a cover-up, plausibly a cover-up of a real case of pedarasty rape. Laius may not only have deserved to be struck down for intended filicide and intended vehicular homicide, but also for accomplished child rape. What a role model this father was for his next generation, and my masters for me! (This creep is even "better" than Jamie Spears!) Why shouldn't Laius already have killed himself before he fathered Œdipus? Nontetheless, the story of Œdipus hinges on communication failure, just now I see one more communication failure is the Laius cover-up, like some rich families do not like to have their black sheep ancestors plastered all over the covers of the tabloids. (I, for one, however, would not mind being a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler, since I have never impaled anybody myself and could not have prevented him from having done what he did.)

Œdipus's[2] biological parents were informed of the prophesy that their child would kill his father and marry his mother. Their response was to murder their child. But they were too cowardly to do the deed themselves, so they hired a hit man. They should still have been incarcerated for a very long time for their intended crime.

But the hit man wimped out, too, and just left the baby on a hillside to starestave to death. I misremembered: Œdipus's father did proceed toward murdering his son, but wimped out and only abandoned the baby on a hillside to starve to death. The filicidal father should have been given a life sentence for premeditated attempted murder, and the mother a shorter sentence as an accomplice. Curiously this would also have fulfilled the first half of the prophesy, because Œdipus would indeed in a way have been the cause of his father's death, albeit by state justice (no baby, no murder, and the father would not have died in prison; we also know prophesies were often "cryptic" and could be fulfilled in unexpected ways).

A couple shepherds found and saved the baby, and gave him to a childless couple who adopted him and loved him. They [the adoptive parents] were, tragically, unfortunate victims of social conditioningAll trash to recycling! (we don't talk about such subjects), and consequently did not inform the boy that he was adopted. Had they done so, things would have turned out differently than the myth.

When the young man, Œdipus, learned of the prophesy, he, too, a victim of social conditioning, did not discuss the matter with his loving and beloved "parents", but fled to prevent himself from hurting them. Driving down a road, he was approached by an arrogant fool who tried to run him off the road. He struck back and killed the a--hole. Unknown to him, the man was his biological father. Thus half of the prophesy was fulfilled. Œdipus had done nothing wrong, but rather had rightfully protected himself against a vehicular homocider.

Œdipus proceded down the road and eventually ended up becoming King of a city and marrying its widowed queen. (She must have still been a pretty hot young lady?) In any case, Œdipus figures out that his wife is his mother, and, once again being a victim of social conditioning, puts his eyes out and flees into homelessness.

This is Œdipus's supposed tragedy. But it was not a tragedy. It was a pathetic result of social conditioning. Œdipus should have had a t-shirt made with the prophesy printed on it (right) and worn it 24/7/365.25. What would have happened then? We cannot tell, although we do know that, "thanks" to social conditioning, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is operated on to remove his eye and make him normal like everybody else.

The net? I see two messages here: (1) All the people who believe the standard story of Œdipus have been blinded by their social conditioning, and (2) Nothing I have written here in any way affects the psychoanalytic "Œdipus complex" complex. My analysis and revision of the myth only urges that psychoanalysts should not associate their findings about real infantile development with a defective interpretation of a myth. They might just as well call their syndrome "the Y complex", and it would still stand or fall on its empirical/hermeneutical merits. What do you see here, my reader?

Oedipus redux?

I don't know the story, but it smells to me like Romeo and Juliet may be another candidate here.

Every life is a ship on the vast treacherous ocean of hypocrisy. Each vessel (individual soul) needs to have its telegraph [wo]manned 24/7, regularly broadcasting its position and status to all other ships at sea, whose telegraph operators, in their turn, need to be listening. When one fails to report, all others in the vicinity need to start searching for survivors. If you cannot leave port with ample fuel or you have a fire in one of your coal bunkers, don't set sail until problem fixed. If that results in bad PR and your company goes bankrupt and your J. Bruce Ismay CEO whines about lost profits, at least everybody is still on dry land, not on your way 2 km down.

Passengers' "Hi, guys, meet you at dock Thursday, Kisses, me!" messages are 2nd priority even it means you don't make so much over your base pay. May your signal-to-noise ratio be favorable, and may not another Carrington event befall us! Godspeed!

More Oedipus stuff

Reading Arnold Hauser's "Mannerism", he makes a point I never heard even from my prig teaches who were no fan of children, nor from Sigmund Freud who also blamed the victim with his "&OElkig;dipus complex" (I found my mother repulsive, Uncle Siggy; I did not want to have sex xwith that bitch or even get near her -- she's the one who threatened to abandon me at age 4 or 5, not anything I ever did to her, Dr. Freud!) Nobody ever said Œdipus got up from the incestuous bed (so whet, the kids seemed pretty genetically normal, didn't they?) -- nobodyy said Œdipus got up and cried out:

"Where did I go wrong to desire to murder my father and to lust to copulate with my mother? What was and still is wrong with me? that I was and possibly still am am a premeditated murderer and perverted sex criminal?"

No! He tried his best to avoid the prophesy: He fled from his partnes' home (Sorry, Œd, nobody ever told you they were not your biological parents. they loved you dearly, but not from blood relation.") Could he have been more vigilant and never had sex with any woman who did not present a birth certificate proving appropriate birth age to not possibly have been his mother, or to let himself be killed by a vehiculatr hiomicider who tried to drive him off the road on the off case that any chariot driver might have been his father? Even in the myth, Sigmund Freud was wrong, and God only knows what if anything went thru my prig teaches minds oif they had any. "Œdipus, Sir, it's too late for you, but we have cleared you of all criminal charge that may have been filed against you. We ppologize to you memory, Sir."

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  1. I may mis-remember, but I seem to recall from college that there is question whether the happy ending of the story of Job is a later addition.
  2. Œdipus means: swollen foot. When Œdipus's filicidal father left the baby to die on a hillside, the baby's ankles were bound and he consequently suffered swollen feet and ankles. While I am writing this, my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) ankles have been swollen for perhaps 3 weeks. Friday, 19 June 2020, I went to my doctor about this. She was puzzled and gave me several tests, including an EKG (heart problem?), ultrasound of the legs (Covid-19 blood clots?), a chest X-ray (that was for my asthma, I believe), some blood tests (for what?) and a urine test (kidney problem?). As of this writing we still don't have a diagnosis, but some Prednisone may be reducing the edema. I did not kill my father (he died of presumably occupationally induced liver cancer), and, despite having a very sick childhood, I did not have sex with my mother (I found her body repulsive), including, in her last years, when she was drinking herself to death and went around the apartment all day dressed in "baby dolls".

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