On citation

Citation. Take it straight from the horse's mouth.

Let's make citations precise, while we limit them to the sources of direct and indirect quotations. Every screen has another linked to it for Annotations [TBD]. On those, let's freely extend documentation, argue fine points, and develop thoughts further.

Through it all, lets express ourselves liberally, in a manner worthy of free persons, attending to matters for their own sake. Citing and annotating liberally encourages and enables others to develop their thinking for themselves.[1]

I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) endeavor to be scrupulously fair in citing other persons' and institutions' material, even when this might be to the detriment of my reasons for citing it. Everybody should prioritize truth over partisanship, i.e.: contectualize their personal agendas within the overarching disinterested factual situation.[2]

Here, let's engage work as the work of peers.
Shakespeare lived an ordinary life, just like you.

This is a metaphysics-free zone.

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  1. And also to protect their mental and physical health. When somebody gets close to you and breathes in your face, that's a form of plagiarism, They are quoting information (DNA they have collected from who know where) without properly citing its sources, thus giving thte false impression they themsevles created any diseases they are passing along to you. They really should be decent about it and footnote their offense by listing all the pathogens and their sources in the communcation ("communicable diseaes") they are sharing with you. Similarly, in the noetic realm, propaganda they are passing along without citing its sources.
  2. Examples: If in the Unraine situation (2022-23), Mr. Zelensky and his cronies want to repress their ethniclly Russian fellow citizens and antagonize Russia, they should acknowledge this is unfair but that they do not care about fairness but only about imposing their will on them, not lie that Russia's "special military operation" was unprovoked aggression. If you want to destroy somebody's reputaion by spreading lies about them, just say up front that you are spreading lies about them to destroy their reputation. Etc. Intellectul integrity is largely although not entirely orthogonal to other "values" such as respect for human or animal life or welfare.

No more propaganda! Not from parents! Not from school teachers! Not from churches! Not from governments! Not from partisans for any "cause"! No propaganda from anybody!
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