On citation

Citation. Take it straight from the horse's mouth.

Let's make citations precise, while we limit them to the sources of direct and indirect quotations. Every screen has another linked to it for Annotations [TBD]. On those, let's freely extend documentation, argue fine points, and develop thoughts further.

Through it all, lets express ourselves liberally, in a manner worthy of free persons, attending to matters for their own sake. Citing and annotating liberally encourages and enables others to develop their thinking for themselves.

Here, let's engage work as the work of peers.
Shakespeare lived a human life, as you are doing


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BMcC signature seal stamp. Modelled on 18th century messenger's letter box in collection of Suntory Museum, Tokyo. Japanese write poems and prayers on slips of paper which they tie into knots like this shape although with longer legs. Prayers are often tied to branches of trees which can look like they are covered with snow. "Symbol of a symbol, image of an image, emerging from the destiny that is sinking into darkness...." (H. Broch, "The Sleepwalkers", p.648) Always remember. Add value. (This image created not later than 21 May 2003)Invenit et fecit
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