About dates and time(s)

Clock I (BMcC) used to time therapy sessions when I was a student at Westchester Institute for Training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (formerly: Herbert Holt Instatute).

"Tempus fidget" (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

Robbie came up with a date format which I modified a bit:

[+-] hh:mm:ss.nnn...<optional modifiers>

+2023.04.16 modification because I found the blank space between day and hour sometimes is not clearly visible:

[+-]<optional modifiers>

It can be sorted by computer as a single field character string (at let if you do not cross the zero point). I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) always found the american date format:

m/dd/yy or: April 1, 1984

stupid/oafish and beneath my dignity, ever since I first saw the European format , probably in college:

31 December 1999

Ditto the AM/PM time format. What's wrong with "military time", espacially for a bellicose country like The United States of America? But maybe most Americans or too lazy to count hours above 12, or too uneducated to be able to? Most Amerians are anti-intellectual, so what would one expect from them? To use the metric system (When are the Brits going to Brexit weights and measures, as well a their governance?)? 2 + 2 = Huh?


Discover the exciting story of how Superman weaponized time at the USNO to fight for Truth and Justice, The American Way: here!

+2024.01.21 v056 Nunc stans
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