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Anent genital mutlilation

+2022.03.09 update: I am watching an Israeli news network on the television, and had a thought anent circumcision: Yahveh was a real creep to tell the jews to cut their penises for Him. He should have thought up something kind and gentle for them to do for Him. [Mostly] good sheep stuck with a bad Shepherd. The jews deserve[d] a better Deity![6]

And while I forget the details, let ue not forget that the Zionists welcomed Hitler because his persetution of "the jews" prevented what they feared most: the triumph of assimilationism and the end of their sacred ideology. Like all other True Believers, such as in 2023 Messrs Biden and Zelensky, they were obsessed with their ideological agenda and did not care about the suffering of mere individual persons.

To what extent does the shaman (rabbi, et al.) know it's all a big sham? Or is he (she, other) conveniently for himself unwittingly his own dupe? (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

"Maimonides, Hebrew scholar and physician in the Middle Ages, wrote that circumcision exercised a civilizing effect by weakening the penis, thus counteracting excessive lust." (Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, "Prisoners of ritual", p. 185)[1]

Yum! [2]

All trash to recycling!"The power of reproduction is for the good of the species, and the human legislator acts on behalf of the species in establishing monogamous unions of one man with one woman. Individual genital organs are to be used only for a power of the species. The organs are, as it were, on loan from the species and – more important – subject to an exercise of eminent domain by the city." (Mark D. Jordan, "The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology", University of Chicago Press, 1997, p. 126)

I have been studying this subject at least since the early 1980's, if not the 1970's – I can't remember that far back. I read about the Australian "Aborigines" primitives using stones to rip open the underside of pubesent males' penises ("subincision") as initiation ritual, initiation into what? I read about women in Africa and the middle east being desexualized (but they could still function as foetus factories, of course), by having their clitorises ripped out and their labia sewn almost completely shut to "perfect nature" and give the males in their so-called societies fun ripping them open with their pricks, and being sewn back up again after "delivery" (not the rescue kind). I didn't think much about male genital mulilation over here until later. Why? Because I had been socially conditioned by the childrearers I was stuck with and had to put up with, to never see invisible elephants in the small room of my imaginatively impoverished social surround of origin. Let's call blood suckers blood suckers, even if they play the part of being self-righteous holier-than-thou rebbes[3] leading two-legged sheep to slaughter (rebbes? rabblerousers.). Cui bono?

All things are duck-rabbits. One man's God is another man's mythical creature. One man's rebbbe is another man's cult leader / con artist. Dogmatism is the denial of the reality of duck-rabbits.

For for the male, the foreskin is apparently mostly useful for enhancing self-pleasuring ("masturbation"). No foreskin, less pleasure in spilling you seed on the ground. In every tribalism, what is important is not the pleasure any individual person may have in living their fragile mortal life, but the production of the group's immortality; as John F. Kennedy famously said:

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

However: Individuated persons can seek joy for themselves in their own lives, while Darwinean evolution would still constellate all instances of the species as just reproducers of species life, like bees in a hive only with more "manpower" (higher I.Q's., etc.); the supercharging of the instance for the better enhancement of the group has not in all instances worked out the way it should have, just making better bees to make better hives – evolution has goofed.

It is socially useful if males can only get pleasure by depositing their sperm in foetus factories, to produce more of God's chosen people (be they Jews, Muslims, Yanks, Krauts or whatevers), to serve Him. Because every God is a product of Its believing group's PR, the more believers, the more surplus value for the group's leaders to have fun spending on their selfishly selfless service to their PR. Less pleasure in spilling your seed on the ground, all the more reason to get some pleasure out of depositing it in a foetus factory to help keep the group populated. Haredim reproduce like rabbits. Even more discouraging is that the "little people" often really care about one another, which means they try harder to help one anther, which yields as a side-effect more surplus value for the leaders to skim off, as a result of their [the powerless's] innocent concern for each other. The selflessness of the powerless enriches the selfless selfishness of the powerful. More rabbits for the rebbes. Q.E.F.

All play and no babies makes for very unhappy rebbes. Hop! Hop![4]

Circumcised penises are socially useful to route male hormonal energy that is not discharged into economic competition ("free enterprise") and competitive "sports", and combat, into foetus factories to produce more "food for powder" and also more foetus factories, and, as a side benefit, also to provide new raw material for molehills mohels to earn their keep by practicing their job skill.

As far as women are concerned, it is probably either irrelevant whether men get circumcised or else: Maybe they prefer circumcised males because may men are Minotaurs who, unlike house cats, are incapable of or uninterested in cleaning themselves, either outside or in, and Who would want a scummy prick that never got washed up their birth canal? But then aren't such male monsters disgusting whether circumcised or not? Hannah Arendt apparently copulated with that "das Man", Martin Heidegger; I, as an effeminate but not "gay" male, cannot understand how she could have endured that unless she was fantasizing she as with somebody else.

As for the ladies themselves, let's stand Sigmund Prig on his head and see if any coins fall out of his uncouth bourgeois pockets. In all fairness, I have read that he did not have his sons circumcised. Good dog, Siggy! But he did try to stop his daughter Anna from masturbating because that was not a fitting thing for a female to do. I would ask: Since apparently the clitoris is the main source of sexual pleasure for women, why to they want to have vaginas? They need ovaries for the hormones. But who wants to be a foetus factory, and the road to pregnancy is lined with squiggling aggressive spermatozoa, yes? Without birth canals, xenophobic nation states and other tribalisms would be "up a crick without a paddle", wouldn't they? Because then the Mrs. Falstaff could not recruit any more food for the powder room, could she?

Women should demand that men wash themselves, not just don chemical deodorant armor to go off to do chivalric battle with the Dow Jones dragon. If, as I have argued elsewhere here in APtS, women's hymens are the seal on internationally recognized instruments of high finance in all patriarchical societies, then let's teach the girls how very carefully to pleasure themselves without risking a stock market crash.

Erotic pleasure and foetusization are different dimensions of the vector space of human living. One can correlate any value on either the pleasure or the foetusization axis with any value on the the other axis. Some women assign a very high value in the plus direction to foetusization, but perhaps zero or maybe even a minus value to erotic pleasure: They inseminate themselves with turkey basters. A circumcised man's penis can perform the same function as a turkey baster, yes? Q.E.F. (Hey, rebbe! Have you basted your turkey today?)

I hypothesize that my personal genital mutilation was worse than a jew or muslim: It's done to them by small-time Adolf Eichmanns, like Abraham in the Bible who just follow their Fuhrer's (aka: Yahweh or Allah) orders. I think mine was done by Christian or areligious physicians why did not FIRST DO NO HARM, or mindlessly ideated they were doing good to reproduce a barbaric social custom of making boys look like their fathers. Clue: I never did nor do I now nor ever will I want to look like my paternal biological progenitor who was in the 180+ pound at 6 feet 0 inches class, in other words, too thick in the body even had he not also – thanks to his unconsciouable childrearing – also been thick is the head. My maternal grandfather as best I can recall from lost childhood, looked like the old cliche of a "Neanderthal" (like Pablo Picasso, e.g. – no wonder that brute painted self portraits of Minotaurs).

Teach the boys how to have gentle love with themselves and when they are old enough, with the girls without "penetrating them" (anal intercoure is, I think, a bit epidemiologically and proctologically dubious, so be careful there). Let the girls have all the fun they can get, even if they are sentenced to day nunneries, i.e., single grnder prep schools. I have been told that women can bring themselves to orgasm just by squeezing their muscles "down there", so if the teach's lecture is a big bore don't let him gbore you, girls.

Life would be so much better for everybody if all the prigs just minded their own business and kept their hands to themselves, and, often, f*cked themselves!   

Area 51 or is it: 69? This is not a stolen picture an NSA secret spy facility: It is the top bottom secret St. Paul's Day Nunnery for Girls, Brooklandville Maryland, where it was verboten for me to go as a student at the Day Carcel for pubsecent virgin males up the hill except for don't-ask-don't-tell jocks screwing girls from other prep schools after school away from the school. I had no idea that females bled each month if they were premenopausal and had not had a hysterectomy, and when I did learn about it I thought it was pretty "neat" stuff. What must the young female animals' intrusive prig matron avatars of my male prig teaches have done to them down there? Maybe: Elementary Look-don't touch, intermediate: Hard-to-get, advanced: Alimony, and, these days: A #MeToo seminar. But never: Streetwalking or Sex toys, of course.

As said, male circumcision is probably no big deal for women and they probably prefer a circumcised slob to one with accumulated unwashed smegma and who knows what other bad stuff festering under his foreskin, but then why does the woman want to have sex with a slob anyway? But for males, apparently rebbes think masturbation is selfish: it certainly can reduce opportunities to initiate the production process in a foetus factory. But isn't it grossly arrogant and selfish for people to deny others opportunity for pleasure that does not hurt any living creature just because they ideate it is, as the title of the Alice Miller book says: "For your own good"?

What gross arrogance for some dolt whose greatest achievement in living may be that he has defecated many times, to ideate that what he believes is good for himself would be good for a child who might turn out to be very much different from him, and his better! My goods are things my parents and teaches almost certainly had no clue about, and their goods are things that almost never provided me any value.[5] An old Sesame Street song says:

"My body's my body, no one's but mine. You've got your own body, let me run mine."

Reference material: here.

The big question

Many jewish Americans are financially well-to-do educated, assimilated members of secular civil society, not benighted haredim in a neo-Shtetl. They are generally as rational (or irrational) as any other liberal middle-class persons. They are not MAGAs or members of QAnon, etc. But when it comes to the savage, entirely irrational ritual of infantile male genital mutilation (aka: "circumcision") which the boy cannot reverse when he reaches "the age of reason", what goes through their heads? They don't go around cutting off their infant sons' ears or their fingers. What makes an important part of the child's sexual organ different? Also: Why don't they condemn patriarch Abraham in the Bible for "just obeying orders" to murder his son Isaac? What's wrong with them that they don't see these invisible elephants in the room?

I have read that Sigmund Freud did not circumcise his sons; but he was not a crusader against ritual circumcision in the larger community, was he? Did he think he'd better keep it to himself so that he would not be shunned by his peers? I'll protect my own and I don't care about anybody else? What was his problem?

Anent: Anti-semitism and so forth

Isn't the Israeli persecution and ghettoization of the Palestineans reminiscent of how the jews were mis-treated in Germany in the 1930's? Aren't the Palestineans Semites? (Note that I am not saying they are anything "good", just their ethnicity.) Therefore: Isn't Israel an anti-Semitic state? At the other end of the ethnographic spectrum, why do secularized Israelis tolerate the shenanigans of the ultra-Conservatives / Hassids, who don't want to be citizens of civil society but do want welfare payments from it, and who repress their women although maybe not as badly as the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Why cannot the Isrealis renounce Zionism which was cooked up to thwart what in the late 19th century was becoming the solution of "the jewish problem": assimilation. All religions which hold metaphysical beliefs such as an Ominpotent supra-personal Deity, are mythological, including and perhaps paradigmatically the three Abrahamic ones: Judiasm, Christianity and Islam. If you have not seen a burning bush or similar materialization of the God of Abraham and Judas Iscariot, how can you know anything about Yawveh and/or whether that Dude-in-chief exists or not? And if you have seen a burning bush or had a similar sensory experience, maybe you are psychotic?

The living cannot do anything about he past. If you don't like what some people did to other people in the past and the malefactors are already dead and not causing you trouble, learn the lesson of Lot's wife. As people say but don't really fully mean: Get on with living! Of course if you can use the persecution of your putative ancestors to get differential benefits for yourself like "reparations" in a present day society, why not try it, like black people in America today? But, in the end and in any rational judgment of you, what your ancestors did, for good of for ill, has no relation to who you are today. If I was a direct descentant of probably the most evil person who ever kived, King Vlad the Impaler, that would not reflect badly on me; if I was a direct descendant of Jesus Christ or Muhammad that would not reflect positively on me. What did I do to help or hurt people? How do I live? "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matt 5:16) I undertand "your father" here not as your own personal Jamie Spears' prick, but as the unknowable source of all semiosis.

Peace, prosperity and light may reign on earth when there are no more anythings – no more Jews, no more Christians, no more Musilms, no more any human things to squabble with one another about their petty prejudices – but each person becomes an irreplaceable unique individual: not a what that, but rather: I am who am (Exodus 3:14).

A parable

It should be obvious that infant circumcision is assault and battery and that those who do it are unindicted felons. Obviously ther are exceptions. Phimosis may be analogous to like when firemen saw off a leg of an unconscious person trapped under rubble to get them out of a burning building so they will not die. A person can live with only one leg.

Here's something else: Foreskin shields part of a person's body from unwanted intrusions. Exposure desensitizes. It's sort of like fingernails I want mine long to protect my fingertips from becoming insensitive with calluses. I don't want people I don't trust even looking at me, much less having any bodily contact with them ("Ouch, you scratched me with our fingernail!" "No! You put your hand where it didn't belong!"). I want to have sensitivity, not to develop an exoskeleton to be "tough" like a cock[-]roach. I want to feel the slightest nuances of things and flesh that can give me pleasure. Nothing else should get near me and gloves are good, too. I keep thinking of a really "cool" parade through a Hassidic neo-ghetto: All the rebbes naked from the waist down proudly showing off their fashionable Yahveh conformant turkey basters (which, while insensitive, are effective for inseminating females to produce more believers in your True Faith du jour).

Don't all you mohels want to hide your faces in shame? Or even better: commit seppuku? If you would find such a thought insensitive, you mean you not yet desensitized yourself?

How ignoranced I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) was!

I had no idea as a child that anything had been done to me. I did not know I had been cut. Then for decades I did not undersatnd how foreskin worked. I think I have finally figured it out. I was so messed up that thinking about it gives me an erection – well that's somthing isn't it? A very good way to deceive people is to not know you are lying. A very good way to keep a child un the dark is to be ignorant yourself. My parents did not belong to a penis mutilating religion. I suspect my parents were so clueless that they may not even have known I was being cut, or they may have been socially conditioned that it was just like me having to get haircutted or mowing the lawn: it just was what your did. Or who knows? My father may have wanted me to look like him? Did he care about the nuances of sexual pleasure? Are you kidding? He had been subjected to being an unskilled laborer as a teenager in a wretched lead paint factory.

I think something really disgusting is where I read the mohel sets up the surgery and lets daddy do the knife work. Are you proud of yourself, dad, for being a mini Abraham who just followed orders? Oh, my beloved wife! I go to chop of the end of our son's penis! Oh my beloved husand, you turn me on! Do it to me! Huh? What are you talking about woman? We made the baby; we have produced a son. God's will has been done. Whatcha talking about, woman? I want a get!

Circumcision Lite

Cut head (tonsure style haircut).

Isn't haircutting and beard shaving a kind of circumcision-Lite? Both cut off a natural part of the body. Both are social customs with no rational justification. And both are cases where men want their sons to "look like them". Both are passum sub iugums: proof that the male kowtowsd to his society's irrational social customs. Of course haircutting and beard shaving are far less worse, beause hair grows back after you cut it off.

Here's the absurdity to which haircutting goes: When a 13 story condominium complex in Surfside Floriada catastrophically collapsed 24 June 2021 killing over 150 souls, many persons and small businesses volunteered their services to help the large army of rescue workers. Among these were: barbers! CNN was collecting money for the income foregone by these businesses to volunteer to support the relief workers. Who the hell needed a haircut in the frenzied week of trying to find survivors in the massive rubble of a catastrophically collaped apartment building, even if under normal circumstances, like Sigmund Freud, going to the barber each day was the high point of their earthly existence? Or is that the point: that maybe without a haircut they would be too depressed and ashamed of themselves to be able to work or even to get out of bed each new day? Keep America beautiful: get circumcised, and then get a haircut, "stat"!

How despicable can a physician be?

Some years ago, I came across an article on the Internet by a physician, in which he said that parents should get their sons circumcised to avoid the elderly members of their family having their feelings troubled. Sacrificing a young person's potential for pleasure to keep from upsetting adults, even if the latter were perhaps in their second childhood (senile) and could simply be lied to since it's none of their business to be poking around in children's underpants. I wrote a response explaining the harm this doctor was recommending. (Fortunately he had already died but far too late.)

What / Who is circumcision good for?

This subsection has nothing to do with religion. Not every bad thing is God's fault. Because circumcision decreases the sensitivity of the penis, it should be good for insensitive men, including I would guess, men who want to prove they are studs by thrusting as hard and as fast as the can for as long as possible before they ejaculate. Also for men who do not want to take the effort to wash their penis or maybe anything else. And, But most beneficial for society which does not care about the individual: For men who cannot wash themselves because they are stuck in filthy trenches full of stagnant, polluted water, rotting animal carcasses and other detritis, fighting the enemy. Circumcision also may have some efficacy in preventing AIDS transmission. In other words: If you are contagious or need to try to survive in conditions that would colloquially would be called "bestial", except that real beasts, expecially cats, do not live that way. If you do not care about anything, or anything else than being of maximun utility for the group, get circumcised for your ethnic group, or just to forget about it.

"Ten-hut! Help keep America's fighting forces clean and battle ready even under difficult conditions! Get circumcised! Ask the barber for a little off the front after you get a little off the top! Tell the ladies you did it for your country! Many of them will like you better that way anyway, especially if you didn't wash yourself even in peacetime. Dismissed!" (Apocryphal)

So let's summarize. Circumcision is advisable for: (1) Men who do not ever care to wash themselves: Slobs. (2) Men who are superficial and can't tell the difference and don't care about anything: Football fans and cheap beer drinkers. And: (3) Men who either have no choice or lust to survive in insalubrious conditions: Conscripts stuck in fetid trenches fighting a war they want no part of, and soldiers of fortune who are happy no place else. In other words, circumcision is good for persons and conditions I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), for one, hope never to have anything to do with, or even better: hope never exist.

But circumcision was not good for me

Apparently my childrearenders thought insensitivity was a virtue. They cut me so my penis is less sensitive than God made it. I have always worn my fingernails long to avoid the ends of my fingers having to touch things I don't want. That's how "sensitive" I am. So if I don't want the ends of my fingers touching things I don't wnat them to touch what do you think about ripping off the end of my penis so it rubs against my underpants all day? (and the goddamned scar you left gets irritated and has a half cut out sebaceus gland that keeps making a cyst of yellow crap I have to squeeze out: Read here.)

You may be proud to be insensitive, but why did you try to make me be insensitive? Why couldn't you keep your insensitivity to yourselves? I assure you, I would never try to make you be sensitive, except to my sensitivity. I assure you, that once I learned about what was done to me, I am entirely sensitive to you: You are child abusers who do not care about my feelings or rather: when you had your way, you prevented me from having my feelings. Can you get this through your thick heads, not the ones in your crotches but the ones on top of your necks? Can I shame you enough to make you kill yourselves? It won't help me but it will keep you from causing any more damage., Damn you all!

Speculative reconstruction of how the end of my penis came to be cut off

My biological progenitors (aka: "parents) started life as lower class people who wanted to "better" themselves. 2-legged sheep in the 1940 U.S. Census. They were dupes of the propaganda of "the American dream" of "opportunity if you work hard". They had been brainwashed to be antisexuals who were eashamed of anything to do with their gonads, but to believe that an essential thing to rising up into the middle class was to have children. So they did what was snecessary to get a "blessed event"

My father was so clueless and "innocent" or at least so I seem to recall him saying: that in the Army Air Corps when they gave the bomber crewmen a ration of whisky after a mission to help them unwind, he gave his away → if the man couldn't even drink an officially authorized alcoholic beverage, what must he have thought about erection and ejaculation? He was a breadwinner: Wonder Bread.

My mother diligently searched in food stores for fake vanilla extract to avoid the alcohol in the real stuff. Again what must she have thought about menstruating and the untouchable little folds of flesh between her legs? She had a 5.5th grade education and something was either amiss or missing in her head (she had idiot savant artistic talent). So, as in Hermann Broch's "The Sleepwalkers" with the straight-laced Prussian army officer Joachim von Pasenow, despite everything, they finally had a baby: me. Big step on the road to prosperity and consumer fulfillment.

They had doctors who were either tribally jewish or had been brainwahed to believe that circumcision was good male hygiene. So when they said to my ignoranced gullible parents they should circumcise their blessed event, since they wanted always to do the right and duly appointed authorities always knew best, of course they went along with it as a "no brainer" (that being a double-meaning phrase). Or maybe the doctors just did it without telling them, just like they discarded placentas, as another "no brainer" (that double meaning phase), again) So the end of my penis came off and either went to pathology or into the garbage. And all concerned just kept on being branwashed by "The American Dream" which was about being ashamed of body odor, not about having maximally satisfying orgasms – horror of horrors don't talk about such things!

And history continued (Elsa Morante). Next stop: the barber shopNext

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  1. The question obviously arises why Mr. Maimonides didn't finish off the job by castrating both himself and the young boys who were his victims? The answer must be that in his low-tech society he begrudgedly had to put up with males copulating to produce more young men (and women) to carry on his pet religion. Did he also get off on masturbatory fantasies of (or, a fortiori: while...) circumcising boys and sucking the blood from their penis wounds? ~ This is despicable: Producing young persons to serve the group as an end in itself as opposed to them serving the group only for the benefit of the individuals (including themselves) who compose it. But, of course, serving the group as an end in itself always means fattening parasites like Mr. Maimonides whose selfish desires conveniently are always the group's needs qua group. And what is that good of the group these leeches so convenienty serve? Converting more kids into productive-for-the-group-and-thus-convenienty-also-forthemselves worker beesThe reproduction of the group is a recursive function!.
  2. If the people who circumcise male infants never had any more male infants their belief would no longer hurt anybody. They need to complete what they start and castrate themselves.
  3. At the world-famous Torah-Bora kosher restaurant in Monsey, New York USA, an esteemed rebbe sits down for lunch. The waiter respectfully offers to start his meal with an order of fried onion rings, on the house. The rebbe replies: "No, thank you. I would like a large plate of deep fried male infant foreskins with some O-negative dipping sauce on the side." "Of course, esteemed rebbe. But first let me tell you our special of the day is fresh foreskins fra diavolo. We just want to let you know this to make sure you will want both, esteemed rebbe...."
  4. If the people who circumcise male infants never had any more male infants their belief would no longer hurt anybody.
  5. Some examples: Going to the beach, vacationing in a cabin in the woods, sunbathing ("sun worshipping", women cutesily call it sometimes, so maybe they are being sexually massaged by the fusion furnace in the sky?), barbecuing, putting up a Christmas tree in the living room and Christmas Eve "excitement" waiting for Santa to come which kept me from falling asleep that endless night, birthday cakes, lawn croquet, me playing in a sandbox, electric O-gauge toy trains (that just went around in an 8 foot circle), occasionally a kids' party for a birthday (mine or other). And, in prep school, of course: cheer rallies and inter-school body-contact "sport" "games", commencement ceremonies (when will this get over with?). And I was often waiting, but not for any Godot, just for them to move their thick bodies. I was so bored at my grandmother's house that the main thing I did sometimes was try to gouge a hole into a cinderblock in the basement foundation wall, which displeased my grandfather and he kept patching it up.
  6. I can imagine an observant jew who loves his God saying to me something like: "Oh, come on! Just a little snippet of flesh the people of Israel do not need to be fruitful and multiply and to perpetuate God's chosen people is no big deal." To which I might reply something like: "If an Omnipotent Deity is so petty as to get off on the equivalent of onion ring appetizers for dinner, He needs to grow up, doesn't He?"
  7. +2923.07.30. The electric power went out on this warm humid summer night and I awoke just before 8PM. I went downstairs where it was cooler with a whole night to occupy myself somehow. So I tried to mastturbate with my circumcised penis. Almost 4 hours later I was still trying thanks to not having a foreskin. Finally I succeeded by lubricating my penis with soapy water. Somebody once told me that circumcised men had more — I forget the word — deviant sexual practices than circumcised man, and I think for the obvious reason: that ceing circumcised decreases sexual arousal. Thanks mom and dad (I never called either one of them by any term of endearment) and The American Dream, perhaps with no jews involved, for helping me keep Ameria superficial → sorry, typographical error there: beautiful. [fill in the blank]

No person or social formation (e.g.: government) should cross the line beyond which a person's body and/or soul is compromised. Show respect! Keep your distance! Request permission and pass inspection before approaching!

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