I have a dream....

I have a dream that one morning Yahveh will awaken from His dogmatic slumber and grow up and issue a New Law to His People:

"I no longer feel a need to collect the chopped off ends of male infants' penises. That was barbaric of me and deprived you of much joy in living. I see better now. Please stop it at once. Leave it to the benighted gentiles where fathers want their sons to look like them. In future worship Me better by focusing on questioning everything I say to you and letting Me know if you find any problems with it, so that I can improve My Creation. Let me add that I sincerely regret how I messed with the heads of the master structural engineers at the Tower of Babel. I have been very lonely without their good company and I'm feeling the price I have paid for depriving myself of their good advice in running The Cosmos."

Keep calm, People of The Book, and carry on!

And I also have matured since the Crucifixion. I am terribly disgusted with Myself for having been a bad Father and subjecting My Son to all the abuse I made Him go through, even if He knew He would eventually come up here to Heaven and sit on My right Hand. I don't know what was wrong with Me. But henceforth, there will only be peace and joy in all Creation. No more Abraham and Isaacs and no more Crucifixions. From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs. Thank you, Mr. Marx.

"Enjoyment is always bound up with gratitude; if this gratitude is deeply felt it includes the wish to return goodness received and is thus the basis of generosity. There is always a close relation between being able to accept and to give, and both are part of the relation to the good object [prototypically, the nurturing mother] and therefore counteract loneliness. Furthermore, the feeling of generosity underlies creativeness, and this applies to the infant's most primitive constructive activities as well as to the creativeness of the adult." (Melanie Klein, Envy and gratitude and other works, 1946-1963, 1975, p. 310)

Thank you, Ms. Klein. Enjoy Kingdon of God Version II, from this moment forth, and forever more, each and every one! Amen!

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