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I previously had a very long page here condemning circumcision and related bad things. It is still available: here. But you, my reader, may not have interest to read so much. I want to say it more succinctly. I write about myself, but please apply it all to yourself, your parents, your children and everybody else in the world.

I was not chattel. My parents did not produce me like a carpenter can produce a tool shed. He designed and built it and he can use it as he sees fit or even burn it down. Male and female anthropoid bipeds do not produce children that way: they "re-produce" them. Often they don't take precaution against re-producing a child even if they did not intend to. But even if they did intend it, they did not produce the chlld like the carpenter produces a tool shed. The carpenter could not intend to build a tool shed and end up with a toothpick or a MacMansion. Parents in "producing", i.e.: re-producing, cannot control what they may thereby "produce", i.e.: re-produce. They might want a future captain of his high school footall team. But they get a child with Down snydrome or Theodore John Kaczynski or something else. Wanted a male got a female. Wanted one got two (or occasionally even more)....

I did not ask to be born. My parents and their social surround had no right to cut off the end of my penis. I want what they stole from me, but their crime is not undoable. In some "cultures", i.e.: ethnicities which are culture only in an ethnographic-taxonomic not an honorific sense (like the music of J.S. Bach), parents rip out little girls' clitorises: the whole thing, to not just lessen lust but make the child incapable of "coming". Apparently not many jews do that. And my circumcision was not done for religious reasons. It was done becaue my parents were secularized clueless "Americans" of Christian ancestery: they had been socially conditioned to believe boys get circumcised at birth, like the sun rises each morning in the East, and maybe so he will not "look different" in the locker room. (My parents appeared to be anti-sexuals; I wonder how I came to be "conceived", and as for conceiving, they seemed incapable of conceiving anything beyond "The American Dream".)

Circumcision of the penis or vulva is only part of the destruction. Parents should not circumcise their children's souls, either: If you are a jew or a christian or a nazi or a communist or anything else, do not deprive the child of freedom of choice by "raising" (brainwashing) him to believe what you believe. This includes other social customs such as barbering boys, but that is less serious because hair grows back unlike foreskin and innate faculty of judgment. The child has no defense against you crppling him. Expose his body to a rich array of sensual (sexual and other) pleasures (even if you do not like feeling pleasure yourself). Expose his soul to the varied beliefs people have had over the millenia (even if you believe some religion is true or some country or social custom is good).

I should have been nurtured to choose for myself. There are men who as adults choose to have themsevles castrated because they do not want to feel sexual arousal. It's their body so they have a right to do this. Similarly, if a child grows up to want to become a jew or a christian or a nazi ore a communist or anything else, that should be his choice. Fate had it that my parents did not totally rip out the clitoris of my soul. I want no religion and I consider the Abrahamic Diety, if He exists, and I see no reason that He just might although I doubt it, I consider Him to be a criminal and other repugnant things. I have similar feelings about patriotism and other social customs, especially, of course: haircuts . My parents, and, then, school teachers and others, had no business trying to make me believe anything, including to love or respect them. I strongly encourage them (and all other adults) to earn my respect and even love.

Circumcision is child abuse. Those who do it are guilty of felonious assault. Those who try to indoctrinate their chldren's minds are guilty of brainwashing, what a lot of Americans think occurs in Stalinist countries. Obviously, "loyalty oaths" must be examples of First Amendment rights. I needed to be respected, not "treated like a child" (and you know what? Persons can tend to become what they are treated as).

In 2023 in USA, most people think "slavery" is bad. Maybe the day will come when they look upon medically unnecesary circumcision the same way. Far less likely will they come to look upon pressing their children to believe the religion they believe, too. Is does not imply ought.

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Neither did my parents or anybody else have a right to name me. "I am that am" (Exodus (3:14, idiosyncratically interpreted; See: right and Below left) I reject all classifatory labels but am often intimidated to undergo them (my Selective Service registration number was: 18-11-46-503). If you have comments, my email address is: bradmcc@bmccedd.org

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works" (Matt 5:16)

L'esprit de l'escalier yet again

As I have more than once repeated on this website, my parents wrecked my reflxes by harming me when my spontaneous reaction to things they did to me was to dislike them not love them → so I dared not express my self. Somewhere a long time ago I read that somebody said that the foreskin feminized the penis, or something like that. Uh, huh....

The clitoris which is "hooded" has 10 times the nerve endings of the penis. Males are supposed to be "tough" not sensitive. Uh, huh....

Old blood and guts commanded the U.S. Information Deception Army in the buildup for D-Day.

So circumcision is a way to make the male more manly, i.e.: less "sensitive", i.e., to have less sexual pleasure because he is supposed to be calloussed to "take it like a man" (not helpless and defenseless like the Ophelias) and sensitive skin is not an advantage in killing the evil enemy whem you are sunk down in 3 feet of fetid sewage in a treanch you are sharing with two week old corpses and other rotting detritus and an unimaginable variety of metal shards are raining down on you in a "storm of steel" to protect the swooning ladies from having their bodies ripped open by the evil enemy sticking bayonets up their vaginas and anuses after brutally raping them and then eating their still nursing babies alive....

The foreskin helps a man coma as close as he can to having what women have (The worst putdown for a real boy: "Don't be a girl!"). Gotta fix that: cut it off: Expose the glans to abrasion all day so it will form calluses and be less "esensitive". Go for it! Now: Refrain: it "helps" a man to "last longer" which is supposed to be a benefit for the ladies? Well it's being done at the price of making it more difficult for him to get stimulated of feel pleasure: might there be less destructive ways than dumbing down his body? It take a moron longer to t= do his SATs than a genius, too. Duh!

And more as I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) continue to fall down the stairs of life, somebody else also said that circumcised men are more prone to get into "kinky" (I forget their word) sex. Obviously! They need more stimulation to get aroused: decorate the lady in "sexy lingerie" (which I find "creepy") since what god gave her is no longer enough. And finally, men are supposed to act not feel. The goal I guess is an ejaculation more powerful then "Little boy" or "Fat man" not connoisseurship of slow arousal.

2 + 2 = 4. In elementary school I never even understood addition and multiplication in math class, that's how ignorance they made me, not just about "sex" — Which leads to a further thought: Uncle Siggy [Freud] seemed to get all worked up about he effects of the "primal scene" on small children. But children were supposed to be "innocent". So how can a kid have his head f*cked up(puh there) abotu what his parents have hidden in shame from him? 2 + 2 + 4. NIMBY.

When I die....

Yes, I could have done better and less bad in my [less-than-]life than I did. But I did try against almost unrelievedly inauspicious condiions. When I die it will not just be removal from the set of consumers of consumer products of one homogenous instance (consumer of consumer products). I tried to rise higher than that in conditions that were rarely better and often worse than nothingNext

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