In early 2022, America has a President whom I used to think was kind of cute for ending every speech with something like: "God save our troops". That was during the war in Afghanistan which did not seem likely to escalate anywhere. The objective or everyody incuding the President was to get out of it. But now we have Mr. Zeleneky's selfish war in Ukraine which is much more dangerous because he is fighting the unshriven ghost of the former Soviet Union: Vladimir Putin's Russia, which still has a lot of grandfathered thermonuclear bombs. And now our President is doing his patriotism schtick going off script and saying that Mr. Putin needs to be replaced as ruler of that country which we messed up but did not clean up in the 1990s (we did not have a Marshall Plan for the Soviet Union so now we have Putin).

Small people who don't know anything better to do with themselves can always keep themselves entranced doing patriotism: wave the flag and then go die for it. A conveniently an old men like Mr. Biden can keep remembering dead hearos and doing thing to create more of them. So now his patriotism is no longer amusing. It's a threat to civilization in general and to me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) in particular. He's proud because he loses control of his emotions for virtuous morals and Mr. Putin is a bad person. God is always with us whoever us is and Mr. Biden is also good at praying.

Men whose highest effective level of education is an NFL spectatorship get off in locker room single gender public nudity (but what's the point since they don't bugger each other, or suck each other off -- or at least I don't think they do but I can't be sure because I've never been there), and squabbling other similar meatheads in wars, and the women who are no better than them egg them on to do it with the promise of sex for sacrifice. Go team!

Your patriotism is dangerous because it can hurt me. If the NFL couch potato grads would keep it to themselves on a desert island it wouldn't matter. But they want to share their wealth, including levving corvée service involuntary servitude to everybody unfortunate enough to have a Y chromosome and be neithe ri a diaper nor an old age home: military conscription. Patriotism kills. If I had been a young an in the English North Amreican colonies south of the St. Lawrence river in 1776 I wouldnt have cared to be a hunk of meat for either the Crown or the Rebels. But I'd have been willing to a desk job for either side to pay the bills. Taxation without representation? Was King George denying me the right to read Timon of Athens? And I never yet have read Paradise Lost, so why not during a war? Or eveh try to learn the calculus?

Per Walter Ong, SJ, we know males are expendable and that women are the single point of failure in any nation. One woman can on average produce only one future fighter per year but one male can inseminate a hundred or more females to get their production process going. But why are the boys all gung ho about it instead of crying over spilt semen? Obviously because there is no higher value in their thick heads than fighting for the flag. They were childreared to be ashamed of being sissies and now they have a chance to prove they make the cut. Again, Go team!

N.b.: I do not wish to be misunderstood. I also oppose Russiaism, Ukraineism, Englandism, Indiaisn, Chinaism, Cherokeeism, Iboism, Christianityism, Muslimism, Judiasm, Feminism and all other patriotisms and tribalisms and all other isms, too. All patriotism is bad because it is partisanly divisive, not synthesizing to get above all parochialisms to fully universalizing culture where all persons are equal (no bosses or employees, etc.) and the happiness of each takes precedence over all or better, becomes the group agenda. No more celebrating dead heroes the celebrants sent to die! ~ My life is too valuable to me to waste on some God or nation state or tribe or whatever instance of any other idea (in Husserlian terminology: the noematic correlate of a noetic act). Yours, my reader?

American "exceptionalism"

Petty, small-mind Americans like our current wave-the-flag President Joe Biden are always boasting (whining?) about America's "exceptionalism". Like America was their Deity's gift to everybody else. Because those on this side of the Atlantic Ocean who would profit from it rebelled against the British Crown in 1776? Is the Zelensky an avatar of Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death!"? Please, folks! Let them both have with each wants: a grave to be buried in!

On India (WION) 24-hour news, the commentator says that India does not like being preached at by America, which she says America is always doing to everybody -- instead of getting its own house in order. If I remember right, she also quoted Henry Kissinger that America is dangerous for its enemies, but disastrous for its friends. Not everybody likes America.

Nor I do understand why most Americans like it, since they are wage-slaves not peers in an anarcho-syndicalist civil society in which all men (women, others) would be relatively equals endowed by their Deist Creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (not property) -- not some wasting their lives doing meaningless low paying jobs to make ends meet, while the Bozos (Jeff, et al.) have fun being zillionaires who must be more intelligent and industrious than God to have made all their money so fast whereas it took God 6 whole days to just make the world. As John D. Rockefeller said: God would have made his home, Kykuit, if He had had enough money. ~ One reason most Americans "like" America is they know they have it better than some other Americans, and that if they misbehave their life will get worse here: instead of being middle class they can become homeless if they don't be patriotic enough.


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    Bradford McCormick | New York
    Liberal democracy? Abraham Lincoln thought the difference between slavery and wage labor was that the latter was a temporary not permanent condition. I always thought of myself as a wage-slave, which I did not relish. All men are created equal? Really? Does that mean that employees pink slip their bosses? One hundred + one years ago in Ukraine there was a revolution, albeit a small one, for real democracy: worker ownership of the means of production and self-government: The Kronstadt sailors' rebellion. It was crushed by the Bolsheviks. Why isn't Mr. Zelensky fighting for industrial democracy in Ukraine, instead of Biden capitalism instead of Putin capitalism? History is the story of the suffering of the little people (such as me, and maybe you, too, my reader, unless you are one of the people who call the shots for the rest of us?). Besides being an oligarchy today (the oligarchs being persons like Messrs. Bezos and Musk, who did not earn their wealth by either the sweat of their brow or the brilliance of their intellects), even politically America is a mass voterocracy, where we who have aged out from marking little circles on SAT Exams mark them on ballots. The only democracy is in the Congress: the democracy of the representatives. I'd like to be a real American: A peer of Ben [Franklin] and Tom [Jefferson]; meet them at the tavern for a pint of Sam Adams Brewer and Patriot before going home to edit my copy of the draft of the Bill of Rights. I'd call that liberty.

Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!

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