American insanity

The television happened to be on. I had not turned it on but it was playing some cable channel, some "documentary" — I don't know what one calls such a program, but it's not a documentary like John Kennedy's assassination or the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima or lead in the Flint Michigan water supply.

It was apparently the real life story of a cult family that lived off the grid. All I heard was a woman, apparently one of 8 sisters and 8 brothers, who was explaining that their father said he was Satan (or somehting like that), and she kept saying this over and over. It wa all [very...] bizarre.

Apparently they lived on the far side of a hill that stood between them and the rest of the world and the father had warned them that everything on the other side of the hill was sinful or something like that. I don't remember exactly but it was weird: distressing to me, like a cheap circus freak show exhibit. Since it's on the television, I must presume normal Americans watch it. But it's only an exaggerrated example of what they often watch on HBO or whatever. Entertainment?

On Youtube, sometimes I have to put up with advertisements for a video game. I understand that's the price I hav eto pay for getting the informative video about America's foreign policy, e.g.: the Ukraine war. The war is horrible and at least we do not yet have war-time censorship to prevvent us hearing about bad things which conflict with the government propaganda. (Yes, the propaganda could be rue nd the conflictual maerial false, which does not seem likely to me but it can't be ruled out, can it?) The Ukraine war is or must be, since it's on the other side of the planet, must be horrible, bu tthe video game is horrible too: Innuerable little human-like creatures keep getting killed. I once looked for and found some "sci fi" images an they were "nightmarish". Young male video gamers immerse themselves in this "hellish" "stuff".

I confess to having played hte video game "Peggle". But ther you shoot at dots, not living creatures. So, yes, even I am susceptible to wanting to shoot down things in a game of skill. Like once I went out with a couple coworkers one evening after work and actually shot a gun: aiming to hit a beer can at maybe 50 feet. And all this violence "pornography" seems like an addictive narcotic: seeing it makes one want more of it. TURN IT OFF, AMERICA! STOP WATCHING THIS SICK STUFF! STOP THE REAL WARS!

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