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Mr. Jamal Khashoggi was a fool. The above shows his apparently clueless true love💗 whining about him having got what he should have expected for his folly. He may even have had some repressed inkling that someething bad might happen since while he assrued her he would be out of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul lickety-split, I seem to have read he had her hold two cell phones for him.


What did Mr. Khashoggi expect when he went into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to get an early Valentine's Day card💗 for his true love💗? A medal? Mr Khashoggi seems to have had no more good sense than what he looked like: a big dumpling. People need to get real.

Repressive political regimes are bad; we know that. Anybody who can get their name in The Washington Post newspaper or get on their staff like him probably could have got out of the damned place, permanently, yes? The people to feel sorry for are those who don't have enough money and/or enough connections to get out and so they have no choice. The foolish famous are just cute, and deserve no sympathy, just: "I told you so."

Wouldn't Mr. Khashoggi be doing more good living in sin💗 with his girlfriend on New York's upper east side and continuing to write against the Saudi regime for The Washington Post newspaper than being dead? Oh, but I am wrong there: If he was living he would not be a martyr for bleeding hearts to demand regime change: a martyr, and bleeding hearts love martyrs, eihre being tortured of being dead. Rremember that Ayatollah Knomenei overthrew the Shah of Iran from safety in France, not from a cell in one of the Shah of Iran's prisons.

Finally: The irony of the above picture: "I can speak when so many cannot". From the grave? Mr. Khashoggi silenced himself by his folly. (I submitted a user comment about this to Israeli I24 News and it may have been censored. They publish some really "hot" political comments, but calling out the sentimentality of bleeding hearts is a "third rail". Two other darlings of the bleeding hearts are Alexei Navalny who baited Dr. Putin to make a martyr of him, and Brittney Greiner who did not show good sense.)

And more: a mass shooting at an openly "gay" club in a town known to harbor a lot of anti-homosexual people. People seem determined to flaunt it and then when they get hurt they are all insensed. Why don't they keep a low profile and not bait bears? They must be trying to shove it back down the throats of those who have misreated them or their kind. But "they" have guns (or knies or fists...). So try to avoid arousing them and accept that that is the way the world is, and then if these very bad people ferret you out despite your due diligence to not get in their faces, then they should be shot dead on the spot. Shouldn't the principle be: We won't taut you and you leave us in peace, out of sight and out of mind, and nobody expect anybody to change? No more sentimentality; no more Jamal Khashoggis.

US moves to shield Saudi prince in Khashoggi killing

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Brad McCormick  Nov 19, 2022
Continuing: I would welcome an opportunity to restate my position more cogently and clearly. Only after subbmitting it did I notiice the statement by Mr. Khashoggi in the picture: "I can speak when so many cannot."
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Brad McCormick  Nov 19, 2022
I think I posted a thoughtful response here which may have been censored, to the effect that Mr. Khashoggi was foolish to go into the Saudi Consulate for a frivolous matter when he was a known adversary of the brutal Saudi govenment and he could instead have lived in New York city and continued his struggle against the Saudi regime there in safety. Urging rationality not sentimentality in emotionaly charged poltiical matters seems to be "a third rail". The posting by Mun3all seems to me indecorous, whereas I felt my own, while I averred it was cotrovertial, was entirely civil. I am responding now to what I consider an instance of editorial unfairness.
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Mun3all  Nov 18, 2022
Talk about shite coming out of both sides of her mouth at the same time. We need to acknowledge Mohammed Bin Salman has cooled the temperature in the middle east by not funding every whacked out freak looking to kill Infidels. Anything else would be shooting ourselves in the foot
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Brad McCormick  Nov 20, 2022
Thank you. (As an aside, I was not responding or reacting to the denotative content of Mun3all's posting which I am not sure I even understand. I was asking only about "without fear or favor".) Again, thank you I24 News.

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This man even looks clueless💗. Of course, appearances can be deceiving or not.
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