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I seem to recall, from 1985, that Professor McClintock had a fascination with lists in books, because the printing press made the compilation of lists more feasible than in previous manuscript culture, where long lists (and such things as astronomical tables of ephemerides) were at best problematic for error-prone scribes to copy. I seem to remember he particularly cited one or more lists in Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel".

Herewith, some lists, from me (BMcC):

America's show stopper problems (2022)

Most destructive first. Political, financial and other material malefactors not included.

American Culture criminalsGod help America!

Most destructive first. Political, financial and other material malefactors not included.


"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works' (Matt 5:16)

The good....

Service mark of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency: "We never sleep."

The dubious....

The bad and the cynical and worse....

In a class by herself:

Famous people

"Don't look up to people, don't look down on people. Look at people: study them all, including oneself." (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

Lives I envy....

The good....

The irrelevant (Dep't of Boohoo!s)....

The dubious....

The bad and the worse....

Recent United States Presidents (Least worst first)

The bottom of the barrel

In a class by himself except maybe with Mafia Dons

Foods & beverages

"You are what you eat" (ref. lost; Alternatively: "Tell me what a person eats, and I'll tell you what they are." (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

Foods I like....

Beverages I like....

Foods and beverages I hate or despise....


KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. (U.S. Navy, 1960; Also: Kelly Johnson)

From epidemiology and nuclear power industry....

To see a lot of U.S. military acronyms: Click here


  • AOC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (United States Congresswoman)
  • AKA. Also known as
  • BFD. Big F-ckin' Deal
  • BLM. United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (Also: Black Lives Matter)
  • BOGO. Buy one and get another one at no extra cost to yourself
  • BYOB. Bring Your Own Bottle (E.g., whisky -- possibly originated in Prohibition Era?)
  • CE. Common Era (aka: "AD": "Anno Domini", for Christians)
  • COD. Cash on delivery (a way people bought things by mail order before credit cards)
  • COLA. Cost of living adjustment (increase to your paycheck to account for inflation)
  • CYA. Cover Your Ass (protect yourself)
  • DBA. Doing Business As [company name]
  • DDR. German Democratic Republic (former "East Germany")
  • DNR. Do not resuscitate
  • DOA. Dead on arrival
  • DOB. Date of birth
  • DPRK. Democratic People's Republic of Korea ("North Korea")
  • FTA. F*ck The Army (from Vietnam War era)
  • FYI. For your information (couldm mean there 's something you should know that somebody else should not know you found out about)
  • GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out (data processing)
  • IBM International Business Machines Corporation (informally: Idiots Become Managers[4], or: I've Been Moved)
  • IHS. In Hoc Signo Vinces ("By this sign you will conquer" God's sign to the pagen Roman emperor Constantine taht he would win a battle if he converted to Christianity; he won and converted.)
  • ICU. Intensive care unit (bad place to be in a hospital)
  • INRI. King of the jews (notice nailed to Christ's cross)
  • KGB. Joseph Stalin's secret police
  • KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid (advice to clever engineering and computer systme designers)
  • MO. Method of Operation (modus operandi)
  • N/A. Not Applicable (E.g., "When did you stop beating your wife?" when asked of a bachelor)
  • NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (United States Navy; not good for these folks to be interested in "you")
  • NIH. Not Invented Here (Not "ours", so we won't use it)
  • NIMBY. Not in my back yard (Said of anything virtuous that is not also perceived as salubrious, e.g., "affordable Housing")
  • NOS. Not Otherwise Specified (A milder form of GKW: sort-of-like-but-not exactly [whatever], e.g., Asperger's syndrome used to be a Pervasive Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)
  • NOS. New Old Stock (Brand new merchandise, but old enough that it needs a cleaning and oiling before you use it or else you'll hurt it)
  • NOYB. None of your business!
  • OBE'd. Overtaken by events
  • OKA. Otherwise Known As
  • PBUH. Peace Be Unto [Fill in the honorific's designator, e.g., The Prophet] (Islam)
  • PRC. People's Republic of China ("Communist China")
  • QRA. Quick Reaction Alert (GB aka Great Britain)
  • RFP. Request for proposal (i.e.: bid on a project)
  • RIF.Reduction in force (people lose their jobs)
  • ROI. Return On Investment (What you get out of what you put in)
  • RSVP. Please reply (party invitations)
  • RYO. Roll Your Own (E.g., cigarettes)
  • SES. Socio Economic Status (a person's "class", e.g.: "blue collar", "white collar", etc.)
  • SOL. Shit Out of Luck
  • SRO. Standing room only (in theaters) [Alt: Single Room Occupancy (for homeless people)]
  • TBD. To be determined [Alt: To be done]
  • UPS. United Parcel Service
  • USPS. United States Postal Service
  • VA. Veterans Administration (U.S. government agency)
  • VOA. Voice of America (broadcasting to countries behind "The Iron Curtain")
  • VSOP. Very Superior Old Pale (Cognac brandy, per BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac))
  • WC. Water closet (aka: room with a toilet; British)

From Lockheed Martin, NYSE* LMT....

Names I'd like to have, seriously (Call me: ____!)[5]

God got it right in Exodus 3:14. I do not want to have any name: " I am who am". Are you also, my reader, or are you a nameable thing?

"Names are character strings." (BMcC)

Names I would like not to have

  • Bradford Robert Hubert McCormick (I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) am sort of legally stuck with this. The one possibly hopeful thing about it is that "Bradford" may be the name of a man my mother found attractive, during World War II, after she married my father)
  • Sluggie
  • Dean Martin
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Elvis Presley
  • Edward Teller
  • George Fluke (I (BMcC) met one once; he was not amused when people made jokes on his name)
  • Melania [anything] (Melanoma?)
  • Feral Tune (I (BMcC) met one of these once; may have spelled it differently; OK person: "Toooooo...ooon!")
  • Rashita Majid ("Faithful follower of the right guide"; I (BMcC) met one of these once; may have spelled it differently; OK person)
  • Al Capone
  • (FLOTUS №40) Nancy Reagan ("(POTUS №40) Ronald" not any better)
  • Roy Cohn (Sounds like a brute or a machine gun)
  • Amy Coney Barrett
  • Robert Bork (or: Clarence Thomas)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Ronald MacDonald (unless I got my share of the family fortune)
  • Sydney Biddle Barrows
  • Martha Stewart (would my birthday have to be Halloween?)
  • Jeanne Harris
  • Tiwana Brawley (or: Al Sharpton)
  • Otto Adolf Eichmann
  • Dogfood (or: "Dog Kennel", or: "Dog")

Things I'd like to have

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride." (Jay Unger)



Totally unrealistic....

Things I'd like to have only so I could sell them for the $$$ (but that I would not want to have around)....

Things I would not want to have, no matter what....

Apocryphal automobile models

"America has taken the automobile into its heart, and the automobile has taken over America." (Eric Sevareid)



Some Marianne Moore suggestions for Ford Edsel marque name:

  • Utopian Turtletop
  • The Impeccable
  • Pastelogram
  • Thurbotorc
  • Magigravure
  • Turcotinga
  • Regina Rex
  • Mongoose Civique
  • Astranaut
  • The Resilient Bullet
  • Intelligent Bullet
  • Bullet Cloisoné
  • Bullet Lavolta
  • Astranaut
  • The Intelligent Whale
  • Thunderblender
  • The Arc en Ciel (the rainbow)
  • Arcenciel
  • Symmechromatic
  • Andante con Moto
  • Pluma Piluma(hairfine(?), feather boot)
  • Regna Racer
  • Varsity Stroke
  • Ford Fabergé
  • Dearborn Diamonté
  • The Ford Silver Sword

Folkways of American Life

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man has his eye surgically removed so that he will be normal." (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

  • Eating Big Macs[6] (Also: Whoppers...).
  • Drinking Coca-Cola (because, in the back of their minds, it's what people are looking to find: it's the real thing!). But some prefer Pepsi, because it's up to date with modern folks who watch their weight, because they made it light, just right for you, and because it refreshes without filling, too; Pepsi's for those who think young.
  • Using chemical deodorants and anti-perspirants (Arrid, Ban, Secret, Lady Sure Stick, Degree, Old Spice, Sure, Dove, Mennen, Dry Idea, Drysol...). Also: Deodorant soaps, e.g.: Safeguard.... In Death Valley, if you don't sweat, you die faster. And specialized "feminine" deodorants, e.g.: Summer's Eve (Kill healthful microbial flora?)....
  • Cutting hair on scalp short [applies to males only, "Keep America beautiful. Get a haircut!"]. Question: If males keep cutting their hair short, why don't they celebrate going bald to get it over once and for all?
  • For male, shaving facial hair. For females, shaving hair on body parts (even for women who do not suffer from hirsutism, or on parts of the body where the hair is not generally publicly on display; note that in some cultures NIH, FGM is considered to be perfecting what nature did not).
  • Often but not always, male circumcision not medically necessary even when this is not a religious custom.
  • Males cannot wear skirts. (N.b.: But males are encouraged to go around in public bare-chested showing off their nipples; neo-Imperial Russia autocrat Vladimir Putin is exemplary.)
  • Watching TV sitcoms (Third Rock, Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld.... Somehow I seem to recall I myself watched Mary Hartman discover the waxy yellow build-up on her kitchen floor).
  • Driving automobiles (esp. "gas guzzler", rollover-prone Sport Utility Vehicles, e.g., driving a Range Rover or Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator or "Hummer" on the Interstate to the nearest shopping mall; Previously: "See the U.S.A., in your Chevrolet, America is asking you to call... Life is completer in a Chevy....").
  • Shopping in shopping malls. (The bigger the better)
  • Hubcaps. [Note: Hubcaps are becoming passé, as more new cars come with alloy or "styled" steel wheels.]
  • Watching SuperBowls on [HD]TV.
  • Advertising (simultaneously promoting svelte sexy beauty, and consumption of fattening foods).
  • Living in single-family detached suburban houses (commuting in traffic jams[7], lawn mowing...).
  • Golfing and tennising.
  • Idolizing celebrities who are not political or religious leaders: Frank Sinatra, Elvis, OJ, Madonna....[8][ Michael Jackson ]
  • Playing the stock market. (Where losses are real.)
  • Wearing business suits and neckties [males mostly, although some women do too].
  • Piercing tongues, nipples, navels and other body parts for non-religious reasons [adolescents, mainly; but also: adults circumcise infant males].
  • Suntanning as an activity pursued for its own sake (esp. by persons with light-color skin who are especially susceptible to skin cancer).
  • Living in "nuclear" families.
  • Voting in periodic elections in which many millions of persons cast ballots (the limit of 1/N as N approaches infinity is zero).
  • Taking standardized qualifying and certifying tests (PSAT, SAT, GRE, LSAT...; CPA, CSW, "The Bar"....).
  • Sleeping in pajamas (instead of the alternative of sleeping naked; why not straitjackets?)
  • For some but not all, exercising their Second Amendment rights.
  • For some unfortunates, exercising their Fifth and/or Eighth Amendment rights.

Some computer generated dada poems by Julia

"Start making sense!" (BMcC)

N.b.: I (BMcC) occasionally consult the: I Ching. Call me: Dada. People should: start making sense! Below are some computer generated dada poems based on Wilfred Owens' poem: "Dulce et decorum est pro patris mori". Enjoy:

© the me, vile, their clumsy his had Behind with under misty Till et deaf

© tell trudge. just And too boots, some As old I him Of In fatigue;

© Fitting desperate hags, went lungs, with zest the friend, the in marched Est drowning.

© zest distant the The My friend, lame; me, drowning. face, Men all like est

© that helpless jolt, my and blind; friend, the hoots et Men fumbling As If

© blood-shod. we And friend, a BY vile, glory, misty Obscene flares ardent et My

© eyes to in face, hanging Many GAS! at the boots, sick cud out our

© a eyes such all our marched deaf old asleep. like on, clumsy smothering devil's

© light, and flung the like and OWEN at time, the My cud hags, someone

© cursed trudge. vile, fumbling before sick sin; hear, began Behind the Come To All

© at on softly smothering to the patria in saw would white or could gas-shells

© could lame; me, Quick, double, face, Behind cursed stumbling Gas! trudge. sea, cancer, rest

© WILFRED a marched misty children in Obscene we man smothering hanging glory, plunges cancer,

© his hanging yelling my lungs, such est would et at misty green as flound'ring

© devil's fire blind; Drunk on, plunges lost you OWEN like the time, we Gas!

© stumbling BY could or his the as panes face, like the flares If friend,

© green such and And of cursed him helpless eyes The like My all dropping

© like green distant plunges sea, Men the for But green time, from gargling and

© stumbling flound'ring at his the as guttering, Knock-kneed, would sin; watch you beggars all

© watch ardent writhing hoots sores that for ecstasy friend, face, est Of He him

© you lame; through as est some My his old And desperate friend, on even

© His lame; et froth-corrupted Dim on blood-shod. If under asleep. every Knock-kneed, at to

© old And backs, Men double, the sin; blood choking, the fumbling from Behind hoots

© blood-shod. fire like friend, Come GAS! hear, someone In jolt, Till like hoots light,

© green clumsy guttering, someone of for began flares face, deaf had mori. under or

© the some Till we And the As et before sick friend, OWEN like me,

© ardent a If hear, softly helpless went you some I not to too hags,

© lame; out stumbling such to And desperate froth-corrupted incurable glory, hear, To the their

© you high lame; Dulce stumbling hear, the yelling time, ecstasy devil's you such the

© deaf hoots eyes tell writhing in, the Dim sacks, Many turned mori. a as

© limped all me, beggars et flares old sin; of stumbling the Dulce him you

© under My bitter hear, Dulce turned hoots towards blood-shod. friend, hags, Till devil's yelling

Source code for the program(s) is at: here.

Some of my favorite curse words and phrases

[Are you sure you really want to know? (BMcC)]

I will not list these here, out of consideration for Professor McClintock. I will happily provide them (actually, unhappily, for I wish the things that are done to me that trigger them never again happen), on request:

I will, however offer some clues: (1) There is one particular familiar obscenity that I try to avoid using because, understood literally, it may be a blessing. (2) I try to tailor my curses to be "spot on" to impingements I suffer from my social surround. (2a) Some of my curses concern important figures in the history of Christianity. (3) I claim to have PTSD, but not, I think, Tourette's syndrome, although I would not feel negatively about it to find out I did. (4) I propose that any person who can adroitly deploy polysyllabic words thereby earns the right also to use monosyllables. (5) Nobody should ever even suggest doing anything to me that would make me even think of a single curse word; everyone should always make me think and say genuinely felt (not sarcastic!): "Thank you for so graciously helping me so very much!" (6) As a pointed blessing, I etymologically invoke the name of the Islamic Prophet(PBUH): Ojala!

Open secret: My very worst maledictory epithet is something that's no George Carlin word or that any Bowdlerizer might notice. It's what's inside the following double-quote marks; I invite people to stew in their own juices. Bon appetit!

"[fill in the blank]"

And there are also punishments that would be far worse for white-collar creeps with doctoral degrees than a death sentence and apparently are not prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and would not cost the taxpayers anything, either: Can you imagine getting a state licensed Psy.D. educated psychologist's license revoked so they would have to spend the rest of the life flipping hamburgers in a McDonald's Fast Food restaurant, or some other you-waste-your-life low wage job instead of sitting their two self-satisfied couch potatoes in their cushy leather chair running their taxi meter on clueless patients, and consequently them having to default on their snooty big house mortgage and then maybe needing public housing but never making it off the waiting list? That would serve such a perp right, and "it would leave no marks".

Notice some Invisible Elephants in the Room. Stop by my office.

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  1. Joe Biden knows better. He says that at age 78 years he is in good health, but something can happen to anyone at any moment.
  2. "Where words fail, music speaks." (ref. lost)
  3. Is there any cocktail that is not kitsch? Maybe a Bloody Mary?
  4. Of course it is not true that all IBM managers are idiots. However, in the opinion of some employees, sometimes, some of them are. More to the point: Outside IBM Corporation, there are managers who are less than sagacious.
  5. Note that all names are gender neutral: All of them are just character strings.
  6. No need for a link here. Any ambulatory or automobilatory American should be able to find a McD restaurant with a little effort.
  7. Please note that a kamikaze pilot only had to make the trip once.
  8. Sublunary "stars" and non-HVAC "fans".

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