Ex Libris. Thank you, Robbie

Here, let's engage work as the work of peers.
Shakespeare lived an ordinary life, just like you.

(This is a metaphysics-free zone.)


"It is enough to ask of each of us that he should be faithful to his own opportunities and make the most of his own blessings without presuming to regulate the rest of the vast field." (John Wild, quoting William James)

Professor Robert O. McClintock. Date unknown but not later than 2000. Surely no copyright issues here(?)
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I believe in remembering and demanding an accounting and also reparations where the culprits can be apprehended, for things that have been done to me, both sins of commission and sins of omission. I also believe in remembering and thanking those who have done good things for not to me. Je me souviens.

Professor Emeritus Robert O. McClintock(PBUH)[2] was my TC dissertation sponsor, in the late 1980's/early 1990's. He was a deeply erudite scholar, and a nurturing teacher. He introduced me to books including Elizabeth Eisenstein's "The Printing Press as an Agent of Change" and Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel". He is also a humble man, who asks students to address him as: "Robbie", not, as he has well earned: "Professor McClintock".

Thank you, Robbie, for letting me read, think, write, play here in your A Place to Study (APtS). I have much benefitted and as of this writing (15 June 10 July 21 October 20 November 2020 10 May 30 September 28 October 2021 25 January 27 May 2022CE) am still benefitting from it and I sincerely appreciate it (end of my involvement with APtS: +2022.09.11 15:45ET; ca. 846 days). Thank you also for your mentoring now decades ago (if I had a banner it would have icons of Elizabeth Eisenstein and François Rabelais on it). Not knights but lights (lux mentis lux orbis) at Karin's rectangular table; Karin reading from the book (a printed Bible) opened upon it.[3]

A bad history of communication media joke: DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs are superannuated. Let's have some fun: Celebrate fools!  

Either Montreal or Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Bon Appétit!

Why reinvent the past
with the assets of the future?
The times are rotten, the culture sick.
Fools rule. Capacity weakens.
Let's turn our imagination to nobler possibilities.

+2024.02.16 v062. Excelsior!
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  1. There was an old series of American Express credit card ads where a famous person walks up to the front desk in a hotel (or wherever), and the desk clerk does not recognize the celebrity. The celebrity of course, does not like this, because everybody is supposed recognize and to be in awe of a celebrity: "Who?" → Then the celebrity shows his (her, other) American Express credit card and the clerk immediately snaps to attention to provide the cardholder with superior personal attention.
  2. "Robbie" is now (July 2020) an inspiration for me to aspire. Would that I had had the capitalization to continue the freedom to study, which I did begin to have at Teacher's College, instead of wasting two decades of life "You waste your life" / passum sub iugum, "earning" a "living" computer programming after getting my TC Ed.D. Pro tempore enough savings to once again have a beginning of a fantasy life of study, at age 73+1/2 years, but for how long?
  3. "...For all the ancient philosophers and sages have reckoned two things to be necessary for safe and pleasant travel on the road of wisdom and in the pursuit after knowledge; God's guidance and the company of men.... So, when you philosophers, with God's guidance and in the company of some clear Lantern, give yourselves up to that careful study and investigation which is the proper duty of man – and it is for this reason that men are called... searchers and discoverers.... [as men, you] will find the truth of the sage Thales' reply to Amasis, King of the Egyptians. When asked wherein the greatest wisdom lay, Thales replied: 'In time.' For it is time that has discovered, or in due course will discover, all things that lie hidden. [As men, you] will also infallibly find that all men's knowledge, both theirs and their forefathers', is hardly an infinitesimal fraction of all that exists and that they do not know." [ / ] ...When [our guide] had concluded her speech she handed us some closed and sealed letters and, after we had returned to her our undying thanks, she showed us out through a door... where [she] summoned her people to propose questions twice as high as Mount Olympus. [ / ] And so we passed through a country full of delights... and at last we found our ships in the harbour." (François Rabelais)

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