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"Ah, if you could only understand why we of all people need art ...," but "another kind of art ... an art for artists, for artists only!" (Friedrich Nietzsche, Preface to "the Gay Science", quoted in Giorgio Agamben, "The man without content", p. 7) The audience, the spectators, have a use: their wallets. (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

The Musician was in Bosnia, the biggest single act of ethnic cleaning I had witnessed to date.... and there was an old man who stopped to talk to us.... and he was 80 years old and he looked as though he had already died.... and I asked him do you mind if I ask you Are you a Croat or a muslim? And he said, "I'm a musician".... (BBC World Service, June 26, 2022 03:00AM-06:00AM BST, Internet Archive)

"When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak, for we were not meant to survive." (Audre Lorde, via Marco Romano)

"We always write an image to someone." (Folon; (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), from memory)

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True Faith Triptych: The True Faith shall cover the earth in blood
The irradiation of an American nuclear family
Mail art:
How to make an envelope[1]         Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General of The United Sates of America. Appointed to this position by Potus #45, Donald John Trump, to destroy the United States Postal Service (USPS).
IBM MVS Control blocks diagram[2]
New Mexico landscape]
St. Francis of data processing[3]
Dog barking
Stars of redemption
McDonald's  Too many to count
Commemorating USPS Postmaster Louis DeJoy (see also below)
Ein festa Berg ist unser Gott....
Lux mentis lux orbis
• "It was the word beyond speech"[5]
Maxwell's Demon [Special Mail art[6]]
Œdipus's T-shirt Outwit Fate!

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Portrait of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
V is for Victory [Covid-19 vaccination poster]
Le Pavilion d'Une[7] [Architecture design]
Design for a student apartment[8] [Architecture design]
Design for a psychotherapist's office
The Minotaur
Political correctness cartoon
Special 2020 philatelic Louis DeJoy commorative issue (see also above)
Homer Simpson + Coca-Cola = Homer Cola
Deconstructing Guild House (Robert Venturi, architect)
A progressive Activist woking his followers
Campbell's Soup can po[o]p artwork[9]
• "The Last Supper"[10]
• "The Marilyn Museum o fArt (MoMA)
BMcC MS Paint Kandinsky painting
Scene from a bris
• "Make America Great Again!" ("Only I can fix it", DJT)
In exchange for becoming Minotaurs, jock get to copulate

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"Less is more." / "God is in the details." (Mies van der Rohe)

On students finding the hidden meanings their teaches already know

How will I ever get a chance, dear teach,
to stand on the shoulders of giants,
when you have pushed me down in a bog you made for me?[11]
18 Feb 21. Mt Kisco

Steel Mill (for R.M.)

Can a haiku be
big enough
to contain a blast furnace?
23, 31 Aug 01. White Plains

On the road to Tristan Tzara (Scents; Cents)

Their sense
Is non sense
In my sense.
11 Oct 20. Mt Kisco


For lack of a real mouse,
kitty attacks the teabag's string
hanging over the side of my teacup.
08 Feb 04. Chappaqua


O snail!
hitch a ride
up Mt. Fuji.
21 Feb 02. Chappaqua

Quantitative analysis

Now many catnip mice
Can one cat lose
in a single day?
12 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

Home improvement

Spider has spun a gossamer screen door
outside the side door.
I decide to go out the back door.
20 Aug 01. White Plains

A thoroughly modern haiku

How many people
from a white-collar job?
19 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

The news

Do not let this morning's New York Times
Languish any longer unread in your driveway.
16 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

Yamanote Line (thinking about Akira Kurosawa)

Do you
write haikus?
24 Mar 02. Chappaqua

after a poem in "The Tale of Genji"

Nothing lasts forever in this world
where each month brings
a new American Express bill.
03 Mar 04. White Plains
(ed.: 15 Sep 20. Mt Kisco)

Dry Garden [Sekite] (I remember Daisen-in)

The monk
carefully rakes
the cat litter.
07 Jul 02. Chappaqua

Driving to work, a thought comes:

Every haiku
is also about
27 Mar 02. White Plains

Haiku Physics? The Medici Planets

Four china marbles
Roll around circular tracks
In a Galilean mind.
12 Dec 03. White Plains

Survival of the fittest

Keep healthy, mouse!
A cat's health
May depend on it.
06 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

I often look at the moon

The moon does not ask me
to look at it,
not even through these bare tree branches or passing clouds.
24 Nov 02. Chappaqua

Often thought

What's white and dirty causes trouble?
25 Jan 05, 19 Dec 20. White Plains, Mt Kisco

Toilets are honorable

Toilets pass on truth
Even of those,
Who would not be truthful.[12]
02 Oct 20. Mt Kisco


Shame on who
Is so indecent
As to distress a gentle person.
15 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

Tāl of a chair

Chair with its fluffy tail sticking out.
But how comes a chair to have a tail?
Cat sitting under.
23 Sep 20. Mt Kisco

Great wealth

House cat with
A bowl full of kibbles, and
Two catnip mice.
04 Oct 20. Mt Kisco

To be able to live

The Heian Kyo[13] without the world,
But not the world without the Heian Kyo.
22 Mar 05. White Plains

Réalités :: The Sleepwalkers[14]

Watching La Notte[15]
I drink cheap Scotch from
my Kakumi Seiho sake cup.[16]
22 Jul 03. Chappaqua

Evening, again (Genji...)

Mares tails above.
Setting sun shining through western pines.
For how many more seasons
will I be able to watch the evening sky?[17]
10 Apr, 21 May 05. Chappaqua

On my 2:30 AM walk

like my waning cat,
the light of
my waning moon.
25 Aug 21. Mt Kisco

Small birds

In the morning twilight,
small birds twitter and chirp,
not knowing what Donald J. Trump is up to.
26 Jul 20. Lenox, MA; Trump is POTUS №45

Japan (A pine tree)

In the near distance along the reservoir shore,
In summer I see a pine tree reaching out over the water.
On winter's ice, I walk over to visit it.
02 Feb 22. Mt Kisco


The puppy,
Because it does not know Ukraine is at war,
Is happy.
13 Jul 22. Mt Kisco


Having nothing more pressing to do,
I clean the cats' litter box.
30 Sep 22. Mt Kisco

Proposed new art movement: Cancelled art

Proposed new art movement for the present (2021) age of politctical correctness Wokism: Take pictures of art objects of humanistic value Wokies and/or political correctnessers find offensive. Put a red slash through them, indicating they have been defaced and defamed, i.e., cancelled. Exhibit the result. Examples: (1) Leon Trotsky cancelled in Copenhagen (1932), (2) Last year cancelled in Marianbad), (3) Thomas who-owned-slaves Jefferson Memorial. Then take pictures of banal and/or threatening things Wokies and/or political correctnessers like and put a red slash through them, indicating they are bad: Have an entire exhibit devoted to: The cancellation of Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy: TV Commando Z, and: yet again! ~ Level 2: Make envelopes out of cancelled images, with white background space for the address and put postage stamps on them. Send them through the mail. These artworks will consequently be cancelled again [+2021.12.11; BMcC; MtK.]. Woke / politially correct / pro-Zelensky America is at best ignorant else despicable. +2022.07.03. Anno Zelensky 1.

Favorite artists

There are numerous artists I do not like, including Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. There is, however, one who needed to never have existed: Robert Venturi. His Guild House is a sick joke on the aged. He specifically indicts modernist architects of tryng to raise the cultural level of the masses. But the reason he is one of the graat Culture Criminals of the 20th Century is not his destructive ideas per se, but that like syphilis and pneumonic plague, he was contagious. He is one of the causes of Postmodernism and caused significant harm to humanity. Had Mr. Venturi never done anything worse than work as an entry-level Walmart "associate" he would not have been a problem. He was toxic.

BMcC[18-11-46-503] stories and dramas (fictions)

Samizdat library

Art criticism

I find much art criticism meaningless. It's words about he nonverbal. Or mathematics about sensory experence, which is ~sort of~ analogous to explaining the event of observing in terms of neuron observed. Ther is a categorial disjunction. How much does the thought: "The proposition that the entire human race – consisting of enormous hordes of humanity – would be placed seriously in danger of a fiery eternity characterized by unspeakable torments purely because a man disobeyed a deity by eating a piece of fruit offered him by his wife is inherently incredible." (Steve Allen) weigh in pounds or kilograms?

I have elsewhere said that one of my criteria for judgiung a ceramic craft object is to turn it upside down and examine if thee bottom (the "foot") is finished as well as the parts people more usually look at. This same logic makes me suspicious about automobiles, since, I understand often the body is dropped onto a frame. The car's undercarriage should be as well finished as the "body". Another idea I have her is that a car's body should loo as beautiful when it has been dented as when new.

Back to ceramics. I want nothing to do with "raku" ware. This pottery, for me, as if from the devil: It is often secudutively pretty (like Kabuki theater?), but the surface beauty is easily produced because it's low-fire. Tap on the object with your knuckle and it does not sound solid. So I say: Make your beautiful colors in stoneware or porcelain and then we'll consider it. But Raku, for me, is "cheap", veneer.

Shouldn't a piece of pottery look as good if its broken than when intact? There are limits here: a person's inner organs cannot look as good as their flesh if one rips open the fleah. And a cat without its fur does not look good either. So wishing beauty to go all the way to the root can be going down a vortex.

TzaraHaiku script source ("TzMulti")

using Random

Version = "026"
if length(ARGS) == 0
    println("\nTzMulti v" * Version * ". Input:  [seedNumber | \"x\"] [text | *filename]\n\n" *
        "    * Take a newspaper.\n    * Take some scissors.\n    * Choose from this paper an article the length you want to make your poem.\n" *
        "    * Cut out the article.\n    * Next carefully cut out each of the words that make up this article and\n              put them all in a bag.\n" *
        "    * Shake gently.\n    * Next take out each cutting one after the other.\n    * Copy conscientiously in the order in which they left the bag.\n" *
        "    * The poem will resemble you.\n    * And there you are--an infinitely original author of charming sensibility,\n" *
        "              even though unappreciated by the vulgar herd.\n    * (Tristan Tzara)")

global ARGS2 = ARGS[2]

if ARGS2[1:1] == "*"
    global ARGS2 = RRead(ARGS2[2 : length(ARGS2)], "asis")
global Data0 = split(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(strip(ARGS2),
        r"[\r\n]" => " "),
        r"\-\-+" => ""),
        r"[^a-zA-Z0-9'\- ]" => ""),
        r"  +" => " "),
        r" (Mr|Mrs|Mx|Dr|Prof|Messrs) " => s" \1. "),
      # r" ( '|' )" => " "),

" ")

global CHARS = 0
for itm in Data0
    global CHARS += length(itm)

global Data = copy(Data0)
global DataJoin = join(Data0, " ")

if (global Seed = tryparse(Int32, ARGS[1])) == nothing
    global Seed = 0
    for chr in DataJoin
        global Seed += Int32(chr)

global Fortuna = rand(MersenneTwister(Seed), UInt64, length(Data))

global Out = ""

for ix = 1 : 999999
    len = length(Data)
    if len == 1
    thisIndex = (Fortuna[ix] % len) + 1
    global Out *= Data[thisIndex] * " "
    deleteat!(Data, thisIndex)
global Out *= Data[1]

println("\n  TzMulti v" * Version * " Seed: " * string(Seed) * "  (" * string(CHARS) * ":" * string(length(Data0)) * 
            ")\n\n  " * HI_YELLOW * DataJoin * HI_END)

println("\n  " * HI_RED * Out *HI_END)

              --- TzaraHaiku script source end ---

+2024.02.16 v153
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  1. Envelope with instructions how to make an envelope. I did in fact make most of my envelopes as described on this envelope (which itself was made according to the directions):
    (1) Start with an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper (standard paper size).
    (2) Draw lines on sheet to indicate where folds should be made (M1 thru M8, near the corners of the page).
    (3) Make four folds, to create the four flaps which will comprise the back side of the envelope (note that documentary information about the envelope: title, create date and location... appears upside down on the sheet of paper being processed, so that, when folded over, it will be right side up on the back of the envelope.
    (4) Cut off the four corners of the sheet (quadrilateral areas including marks M1-M8).
    (5) Glue bottom flap to side flaps, with Elmer's Glue-All.
    (6) Insert letter in envelope.
    (7) Glue top flap to bottom flap, to seal envelope.
    (8) Mail it.
  2. Envelope modelled on "System control block" diagrams in IBM System 370 MVS pocket reference manual (Example: here). This is one of the first envelope designs I made. Dated: 25 August 1982.
  3. Little text "birds" above saint's head are names of computer programs. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matt. 25:40)
  4. Envelope sent to a writing teacher. Stamps honor U.S. Constitution First Amendment democratic literacy related rights.
  5. Envelope mailed to Hermann Broch's son. " was the word beyond speech." 11 Aug 83. The title quotes the final words of Hermann Broch's novel The Death of Virgil. The envelope design graphically represents the idea that experienced time may infinitely extend for a dying person (Virgil, in the novel), while having a finite limit in clock time as experienced by others who witness the event.
  6. Professor McClintock had a competition, in the TC Department of Communication in Education, to design a picture for a project about Maxwell's Demon (I forget the details), ca. 1985. Maxwell's Demon is a clever little dude who beats universal Entropy by creating more order than his very act of creating that order produces new disorder. I believe mine was the only entry submitted, so I think I won by default (or maybe the prize was withdrawn for lack of enough competitors → for how can one person compete against just themself?).

    My entry: a very poorly drawn (the best I could do since I have zero freehand drawing ability) elevator operator, who puts particles (ASCII characters) flying around in random motion, each, off at the floor where it will contribute to universal good order without generating collateral damage entropic side-effects. He does this by opening and closing a sliding door, to let each individual particle fly out of the random motion chamber (left) into its proper place in the ordered text chamber (right), at just the right moment. Such a triumph of mind over matter is not possible, just like it is not possible to cool a whole room by running an unventilated air conditioner in the middle of said room (such an air conditioner just moves the existing heat in the room around, while adding the heat generated by its own operation to it).
  7. Harvard Career Discovery project to design a building to house a single obscure rare book. My solution is a study space situated over the ruins of a Confederate mansion razed by General Sherman's army during what has been called "the first modern war" ("Marching through Georgia", although General Sherman reserved his greatest wrath for South Carolina which had started the Rebellion). The building has a large window, not visible here, facing West, looking out over the still standing chimney, to facilitate reflective thinking about The Decline of the West [Abendland], especially, postmodernism, while watching the sun go down
  8. Harvard Career Discovery project to design a student apartment with a pre-defined service cube. Compare with real: house design from "Mighty Buildings".
  9. This is a modification of an Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup can P[o]op Art masterpiece, especially engineered to tittilate connoisseurs of Mr. Warhol's art if they also have studied Robert Venturii's "Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture".
  10. This artwork is inspired by a true story: Back before the current fast food restaurants there were drive-ins where a waitress ("car hop") would come out to your car, take your order, go back in and then bring it back out to you. A co-worker, James Manley, told me that once when the car-hop came to take his order, he asked for: "Two foods and a drink." He said she dutifully wrote it down and started back in before she realized she had been "had'.
  11. Or was it the giants themselves whom you pushed down into the bog?
  12. I have read that United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson sometimes conducted state business while sitting on the presidential toilet, with the door open. This consternated some White House functionaries he had inherited from John F. Kennedy, who were "better educated" than him, and probably looked down on him. Their discomfort had a use, I believe, in that it helped them acquiesce to, even if not fully listen to, truth. Johnson also conducted an interview with a female reporter in said position. I (BMcC) like LBJ, at least what I have read of him. Most, if not all politicians have smiling faces. At least Lyndon Johnson did not smile to convey feigned idiocy to bask in the praise of self-righteous hypocrites, like, e.g., (POTUS №40) Ronald Reagan. Or, who knows, maybe Reagan was secretly enjoying making fools of them? (POTUS №40) Reagan does not appear only to have been educated to have only basic job skills training, like he wanted the students of California's public universities to have.
  13. Capital city.
  14. "Every day we live an adventure, ideological or sentimental. Our drama is non-communication and it is this feeling that dominates the characters in my film, which I preferred to set in a rich environment because feelings there are not dependent on material circumstances." (Michelangelo Antonioni)
  15. Maybe this should be: La Dolce Vita?
  16. Kakui Seiho is a Living National Cultural Asset (Japan). Bizenware potter. (here)
  17. Answer: Unforeknown at the time: Few. Wife wanted more square feet so move to different place. Cat Stevens: "Take your time, think a lot. Think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not." Substitute "this" for "the" and poem ceases to be about mortality but becomes about loss of a world of life (Lebenswelt).

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** The present page and what its name may or may not come to represent is inspired by my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) understanding of Katherine Dreyer's Société Anonyme (which went to Yale). Wikipedia says Société Anonyme originally had the name "The Museum of Modern Art", but the fashionista institution which currently has that name in New York City bullied them instead of respectfully acquiescing to their priority. I dislike The Museum of Modern Art, including the shitty way they treated the Danese wall calendar in their design collection (Details: here) . Because the way you treat details shows your true character, and, as Mies van der Rohe said: "God is in the details", MOMA is godless.

Calendar at left I saw hanging on a wall in the MOMA design collection gallery; calendar at right mine with all the cards and placed correctly.