The Archimedian point

Hey, you! You old white Western European male! What are you doing? Don't you know you should be protesting systemic racism against people of color outside the bodega, not doing your fucking elitist circles? Fork over some reparations, you colonial oppressor! I bet you use fancy words! Get woke! [Momentary pause while raises sword] Thus always to teachers of freedom of thought in junior high school classrooms and everywhere! [Chops old white male's head off from his torso!]

All intellectuals, humanist scholars, scientists, artists, craftspersons and everyone else who has value by creating and/or preserving value, needs to be internationalized as living treasures of all humanity. Let the meatheads (Click to see example) maim and kill each other if that's what they get off on, but they should not lay a finger on any of the living assets of the human biologial species.

Ideally, the meatheads should not waste by consuming any natural resources, either. they should feed themselves off their own and each others' flesh, and in this way become of use to nourish carrion birds and maggots. They should stay in their place, which is to be thankful for what has been given to them by their betters and to serve them to nurture them to produce more value for them to despoil. Until industrial robots can perform all "necessary labor" for those who contribute to the human world, the meatheads which otherwise just take, the most eggregious of which is perhaps Donald John Trump, have an important use.

Why it is good to be educated (not just schooled, or a white wokie)

At the end of Ingmar Bergman's film The seventh seal, we see a dinner in the Knight's castle with everybody except the Knight himself and his squire, who are coming home from a big potlatch (a Crusade). It is a race to find out whether Death or the Knight will reach the castle first in the plague. The Kinght's wife, Karin, could have fled ahead of the plague but she waits for her husband's return. She is literate and reads from the Bible.

As Death opens the door to come in, all the other people, who are uncouth (they would be poliically correct and/or woke today), "lose it" and succumb to the QAnon theories ant anti-vax follies of their time. Because she is educated and has the support of high culture inthe life of her mind, Karin keeps her cool. When Death arrives at the door, an uninvited guest she can't chase away, she invites him in. She is not suicidal, just facing facts with equanimity. The value of high culture rests in this moment: when it's too late and the curtain is about to close, will your education enable you to face your end at peace with yourself or will you flip out? If the latter, then all high culture is indeed worth even less than a counterfeit $20 Federal Reserve banknote which, if well done, just might pass for the clerk in a bodega. Believe [in Whatever suits you] if that works for you, but if not, what else?

Q: If philosophical erudition cannot replace religion, then what was the point of it? A: Listen to one of Donald John Trump's favorote songs (per Maureen Dowd), as sung by Patty Page: here....


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Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!

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