To place things in perspective

Burning oil wells behind lake of oil, Kuwait, 1991.Bodega where George Floyd tried to pass a counterfeit $20 USD banknote, May, 2020.

What is important? If you are drowning and can's swim, then "my kingdom for a horse", i.e., you would trade everything you own for a strong hand or a floating tree trunk to save you because you can't take it with you. So if you are an oppressed person, then "systemic racism" may be where it's at for you.

But not everybody is always drowning or being lynched by white supremicists. In that case, would you be eager to trade all your possessions for a big dead log floating in the resevoir or have white vigilantes as your primary life focus? Then why is America all obsessed with "systemic racism" when there are many other issues which are either more important, such as global overheating of the atmosphere or more enriching like maybe learning a foreign language or reading classic books? And, speaking of the latter, why is America all upset about a petty felon who passed a counterfeit $20 banknote in a bodega when just a few months later, religious bigots in Paris France decapitated a public school teacher, Samuel Paty (below), for teaching freedom of thought and expression? Aren't both those things terrible? Don't we need to see to it that neither is ever repeated again? Speak his name George Floyd, fine, but also: Samuel Paty, yes?

French public school teacher whom an Islamist religious bigot decapitated for teaching freedom of thought and expression in Paris France, 16 Octover 2020.

Samuel Paty, martyr for freedom of speech (2020)

Schooling. Is young persons learning about 19th cdntury slavery more important than them learning about the contemporary Middle East, like Saddam Hussein's smashing and setting fire to all the oil wells in Kuwait and leaving lakes of oil (above) behind when allied nations forced him to retreat from his attempt to conquer that small country? And if they are going to learn about slavery are they going to learn the role of black African tribal chiefs in the slave trade, someof them selling their own people into bondage? It wasn't just "white people", was it? So why is there so much to do about "dead white males", only some of whom are bad, such as the "Conquistadores"? As for slavery, how many black and also white (and yellow and other) persons today are [wage-]slave who have to rent out their bodies and their souls to live? What does lynching statues of dead people (right) accomplish other than kicking a[dead] cat?

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The Pieta, 2020CE. Please give me Andreas Serrano's "Piss Christ", Please remember Samuel Paty, too. Thank you.

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