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When being scathingly rebuked in Parliament for having parties at 10 Downing Street while other Brits were observing onerous Covid-19 lockdowns, Prime Mnister Johnson stood up and reminiscent of America's Richard Nixon's famous one liner: "I am not a crook", boldiy asserted: "I am fit to govern". Ian Blackford stood up and said: "A fish rots from the head". Mr. Johnson's best attribute was his signature pineapple top hairdo. Maybe he was trying to look like he was too preoccupied with the affairs of state to have time to comb his hair? See also political cartoon I did about him: here.

Click here for another British government pineapple top: Camilla Parker BowelsCamilla

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Who benefitted from Brexit: Britain exiting the civilized world? People like Boorish Johnson: "public school" good old boys. With his signature pineapple top hairdo and having fun in parties at 10 Downing Streeet while the Bristish citizenry chafed under lockdowns but kept calm and carried on. Brexit is epitomized for me by an interchange in Parliament as old pineappletop was on his waydown from the top. Boris Johnson: "I am fit to govern." Ian Blackford: "A fish rots from the head."
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