StenchAnent: Body Odor

If people are grievously injured by my body odor (BO), they should have me arrested and brought before The International Court of Justice in The Hague for commission of a war crime: "the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases". Otherwise what is their problem? I have to put up with them.


Protection against body odor

I asked the new (+2023.04.26) Microsoft Bing AI bot a question, and I got an answer. I had a misspelling in my question but the AI seemed to cope with it:

Is ir worse to have body odor than to be a mass murderer?

That is a difficult question to answer, as different people may have different moral values and opinions on what constitutes worse behavior. However, in this context, a human might say that being a mass murderer is worse than having body odor, because mass murder is a violent and intentional act that causes harm and death to many innocent people12345, while body odor is a natural and unintentional phenomenon that results from bacteria breaking down sweat on the skin6789. Body odor may be unpleasant or embarrassing, but it does not cause physical or emotional damage to others. Therefore, one could argue that mass murder is a more serious offense than body odor. However, this is not a definitive answer, and some people may disagree or have different perspectives on this issue.

Not bad, compared to "normal" humans (aka: people), is that? The AI bot did better. Of course the computer's answer did not exhibit "intelligence", just massive computing power; but normal people? The computer deploys a much richer database and is less "biased".


All my life I have been beset by body odor vigilantes, starting with my clueless parents who never could not satisfy my needs but never tired of annoying me with their petty useless behavioral demands. A rite of passage in America from childhood to manhood, a loyalty oath, is when you start slathering your armpits with chemical deodorant. Haircuts, shaving, chemical underarm deodorant. "Breaking" the young male to the bit and saddle ("breadwinner", "lawnmower", "Dad"...): Passum sub iugum. They did not keep social distance and I did not like either it or them: they were relentless and I was powerless.

Or at age ca. 40 years, in the upscale "fitness club" where I was feeling a sense of accomplishment when, after having been a lifelong wimp due to repulsive perp school athletics, I was becoming physically fit: exercising so vigorously that I thoroughly soaked my t-shirt with my god-gven sweat → an employee reprimends me for offending the other club members with my BODY ODOR. (If I was wealthy, I would have bought the club and fired him on the spot; but I matter no more than a dead skunk in the middle of the road which, per the Loudon Wainwright song, stinks to high heaven.) All the deodorized people stink!


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