Individuality and Society (Cannibalism)


You exist for your society to eat you; its hunger is insatiable

Where abortion is illegal, desparate women try anything.

All trash to recycling!"The power of reproduction is for the good of the species, and the human legislator acts on behalf of the species in establishing monogamous unions of one man with one woman. Individual genital organs are to be used only for a power of the species. The organs are, as it were, on loan from the species and -- more important -- subject to an exercise of eminent domain by the city." (Mark D. Jordan, "The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology", University of Chicago Press, 1997, p. 126)

Mothers of the motherland! Be Abrahams (I'm not sexist) whom God will not tell to hold your fire before it's too late!

So there you have it. I guess it takes a homosexual professor of medieval theology at a Roman Catholic university (Notre Dame) to spell it out straight. My guess is that he won tenure summa cum difficultate, in his personal life and he was not a happy camper. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) always say that harsh conditions do not generally make for pleasant people. No itchy-kitschy-cooing here. I couldn't say it better myself. So-called human "societies" are cannibalistic: They grow foetuses to eat the mature crops citizens, starting, in my case, with me. Yum!

Question: Does my life matter?

There's a catch, isn't there? Automobile assembly lines exist to reproduce automobiles and sell them to make a profit for the automobile company. Foetus assembly lines (aka: women) exist to reproduce people for the society to eat to reproduce and aggrandize itself. Shakespeare's Falstaff's: "Food for powder". It just happens that my name ("Bradford") means doormat, but any other name would have done as well and the people who stuck that label on me were surely too ignoranced by their social surround to know what it meant. That's why I do not hate my parents, but pity them. It was not their fault that they were as if a lower life form: their society did it to them and they just did what their society programmed them to do. It's like war crimes: It's not the privates and corporals who commit war crimes even though theirs are the hands that do the actual physical slaughtering of the innocents: it's the Generals fault. Paths of Glory. It's the Generals who need to be brought before firing squads to be given promotions to their next job assignments.

Amy Comey Barrett's mission to overturn Roe v. Wade is just correcting a very bad mistake -- we'll get to that soon enough --, and Robert Bork was right that people do not have a right to privacy, because they might do something socially nonproductive like masturbating and, for males, spilling seed that could produce more citizens on the ground, and for females it's even more pointless since there's nothing to collect to increase production of another foetus factory. The problem with the foetus assembly line is that human persons, unlike automobiles, can sometimes object to their design function, and, albeit in a radically different sense than Nancy the bitch aka Reagan meant it: "Just say no", or as some of Captain Falstaff's potential recruits during the Vietnam War said: "Hell, no, I won't go", including the classic case of the young man who posed a problem for keeping America beautiful by having: "Fuck the army" tattooed on his scalp. My SSS number: 18-11-46-503.

Let me be clear about it: Had St. Paul's School for Boys made me an offer I could not refuse of a faculty position, preferably Headmaster after a year's internship training being a teacher, instead of being a Zek (aka: student), I'd likely have sold out. I wonder why Adolf Eichmann did not try the defense that he was really a good guy since the next person in line for his job would have abused the prisoners worse?) But they didn't make me an offer, so I'll do whatever in my power to destroy the enemy (which, of course, is nothing: they saw to that by ignorancing me in every way they could: assholes! But, as with my parents, it wasn't their fault: The Invisible Hand of their society did it to them and then they just passed it on to me; IBM -- Idiots Become Managers).

I would like to be Enlightened like the Buddha,
And to have many billions of dollars like Bill Gates,
[And to have more erudition, too, like Robbie McClintock and Arnold Hauser..., too],
But I think I have been to the top of the mountain and seen the promised land like The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have seen the wisdom of youth that is wasted:
I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel:
It is, indeed, a Vietcong with a flashlight.

A partial solution to the problem of slavery (today: wage slavery) that nobody seems to want

It's very simple: If you don't mess it up, then nobody has to clean it up. This is not the evil of communism. "Oh, but you would deny us the fun of being piggy. That's no fun, since that's the only way we know to keep from being bored to death with ourselves, you creep." When I was in college nobody ever had to make my bed except when I, very rarely changed the linen (which I had to do myself). I slept in the bed carefully enough that it never got unmade. If you don't make a lot of garbage nobody has to take the trash out very often. It can be done.

Individualism and individuality (Jan Szczepanski)

In his essay, "Individuality and society", the Polish sociologist Jan Szczepanski offwers afvision of a social world in which individuals matter and also the group benefits without eating them. His idea is simple: Individualism is bad. By "individualism", he refers to personal greed to take more than one's aliquot share of the social pie. But creative individual initiative, which he calls: "individuality", because every creative act is unique to a single individual person, is good, because it makes the pie bigger for everybody (including the creative individual). Thus the creative person can flourish (have enough to eat and live in peace) without stealing from anybody else. Win-win.

Therefore: instead of the prigs and prudes wanting to turn me into ground beef for them to get fat on, let them give me conditions where I can be creative for society's benefit, my own benefit, and even the benefit of their on disgusting maws if they will just not be omnivores, by which I do not refer to eating all types for food, but to literally eating everything (incl.: every[-]body). Societies: nation states, collective racist bigotries like the Wokies, and all the rest, need themselves to develop beyond their individualisms to become invididualities in a win-win league of nations where individual human beings will be safe from societal predation, not just by whatever "enemies", by by their parents, teachers, preshcers (incl." rebbes and ayatollahs) and other putative "friendlies".

Remember the old cartoon of two ranks of soldiers facing each other at point blank range with on each side it officerithe rear, commanding them to take aim and "Fire!" on their enemy. The soldiers obey their orders by pivoting 180° and emptying all their bullets, on each side, into their own officer. And all the soldiers live happily together ever after. Wake up everybody!

The Net

Letter to the Editor, The New York Times newspaper, +2021.05.21: "What Does a Future Without Herd Immunity [ref: Covid-10] Look Like?"

I do not have anything to "add" [to the article]. But this article did say something I had never thought of: That all pandemics end, and sometimes the pathogen develops to become less not more dangerous.

Sacrificial lamb.

Yes, even the Black Death of what Barbara Tuchman called "the calamitous 14th century" ended. Cats stopped getting killed en masse. For the survivors, the labor market was great in the ensuing decades because of a shortage of workers.

This does no good for individual human persons, such as myself or my 20 year old daughter. But for the herd, it is hopeful. The herd is immortal, even if individual sacrificial lambs (like myself and my daughter) are not..  

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