"In the 2008 election I pulled off a neat trick and the neat trick was I stood for absolutely nothing, and I managed to get myself elected, obviously by virtue of being a black man." (Barak Obama, via Norman Finkelstein on "The Glenn Show")

Go forward to a better future!After I finish eating my donut I will put on a designer evening gown that says "Tax the rich". I love being invited to attend society galas, don't you?Barack Obama has joined the Conspicuous Consumption class!Barak Obama entering the conspicuous comsumption class.

Previously, I have always thought of former United States President Barak Obama as a role model of cultured education and good taste for all young Americans of all races. The best United States president since Jimmy Carter, at least. Everybody: Become like Mr. Obama!

But then, in August 2020, it came out that he was going to hold a big celebrity gala bash party on Martha's Vinyadr, that he was going to have a Great Gatsby moment and come out as a member of the conspicuous consumption class. A Maureen Dowd New York Times OpEd piece skewered him on that one: Behold Barack Antoinette. Now ((BMcC[18-11-46-503]) opinion here:) the boyz in the hood are all confirmed in their lust to own Bugatti Veyrons to go with their boom boxes? The party was cancelled due to the "Delta variant" of Covid-19, but the damage had been done.

And what a hou$e Mr. Obama bought in Wa$hington DC after he left office!Next2a.gif
What is he $till doing there, anyway?

Apparently after having left office and becoming an ex-Pre$ident, Mr. Obama has leveraged his po$ition to make high 8 figure U$D money. I had thought he would quietly make a few millions and keep a low profile about it. But no, he has shown himself to be superficial nourveu riche: a conspicuous consumer. Hey, all you paparazzi, M/V is where the action is! Come and get it!

I now find Mr. Obama to be a shameful hypocrite, like other fashionistas, doing his part to contribute to the decline of The West. There is a story, apparently untrue, that the Roman Emperor Nero played a musical instrument while Rome burned in 64 CE. It is not a false story that Barak Obama intended to hold a celebrity bash while The United Staes of America was burning in a conflagration of Trumpism and Wokism in 2021 CE. He should be ashamed of himself for being such a role model of decadence for young Americans of all races!  

Click to see Ms. Ocasio-Cortez bare her teeth, as if threatening to mad dog bite somebody she doesn't like such as fellow Congressman Ted Yoho who called her out as "disgusting" and a "f*cking b*tch". (Her followers keep feeding her narcissism.)Dress to impress, you nouveau riche society pet!Click to see DecoDog Art Deco poster..)The perfect couple to attend society galas together: AOC and Deco. Of course we all hope Deco was not castrated like most male pet dogs, yes?Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Deco pose for a photo op together in the United States Capitol building.

Self-styled "progressive" politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka: "AOC") shows her true colors by naming her beloved new pet pure breed with genetic health problems dog after the Great Gatsby art movement: Art Deco, instead of naming him maybe: "Joe", after Joe Hill, the great labor organizer? As George Orwell said: Some animals are more equal than others at society galas. [1]

Now many years ago (1974?), I was in Chicago for an IBM customer education class. On the news was that a man [maybe a scion of one of the building's owners?] had jumped out a window on the 8Xth floor of the John Hancock Building, the magnificent Skidmore, Owings & Merrill skyscraper with its diagonal structural members to keep it from blowing over in the Windy City's winds boldly (brazenly?) showing on the outside, and they noted that the man probably died before reaching the ground, like maybe bouncing off the 60th floor? Some people who have everything don't seem to feel they have enough, or they've had enough, like Mr. Socrates, or something else I'd probably give an arm or a leg (not my life!) to have? Tedium vitae in Fopland? (Click here)

"I stood for nothing"

"Obama himself admitted he stood for nothing. It was one of the most amusing parts of his memoir, The Promised Land. He called it a neat trick, the neat trick. That's his words, not mine. The neat trick was, he said, I stood for nothing. And of course, he only stood for one thing. He was Black. And so it became a morality tale. Normally, elections are referendums on the candidates but this election was reversed; It was a referendum on the electorate. If you're a good person, you'll vote for Barack Obama. If you're a bad person, you'll not vote for Barack Obama. And the Americans, about half of the whites, first of all, wanted the change. And it seemed as if electing the Black president wouldn't be the end of the change, it would be the first step towards a real change that would break with the past. And so Americans, both for self-interest – Our country was in very bad shape – But also, there was a letting; They let their better angels control their worse angels. And they took the gamble, gamble in the sense that their worst angels were racist. That's okay. And took the gamble with Barack Obama." ("THE RUSE OF IDENTITY POLITICS: While the question is never as simple as identity versus class, the emphasis on identity without class politics only serves the ruling elite.", BY CHRIS HEDGES, SEPTEMBER 1, 2023, The Real News Network)

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  1. The best compliment I have ever received: Somebody on Quora called me a: "Trumper" because I criticized Ms. Ocasio-Cortez about her Deco Dog. I presume the Trumpers have indeed criticized her about this, and rightly; as I have noted elsewhere, the fact that Donald Trump breathes does not make breathing a bad thing to do. This compliment exemplifies the problem I see: Both the political correctnessers on the left and the Trumpies on the right are both bad. "Why do you give a damn what she named her dog! You Trumpers are hilarious and pathetic at the same time. I agree that the rich should be taxed more than then the 'unrich'! (I know that is not a real word!) I bet you don't believe in climate change either!" This person does not know that I speculate about Ms. Ocasio-Cortez copulating with Deco Dog. It's a lot more plausible than the old thing about Catherine The Great of Russia having sex with a horse, isn't it? ~ Where woke (political correctness) came from.

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