Nefertiti Markle: drama queen


She looks like the kind of self-important "entitled" bitch who ends her hubby to waste his life in an office to pay for her lalying tennis and lounging around all day, and then when he comes home at night, beat down from slaving away all day at a meaning =less job to pay for her lap of luxury days, she expects him to pant like a dog for her to deign to let him sever her a drink, slowly rotating her cocktail glass at the end of her upreached ethereal in a precessory arc: "War, a drink!"

Is she real or is she Memorex? I don't think anyboy really knows if she's real for sure. The circumstances of her "discovery" by Ludwig Borchardt (a scumbag?) are just too PR perfect, but occasionally somebody does win Powerball or Mega Millions. So maybe she is real. Or maybe she is real but after she was discovered with no press reporters present, she was reearthed to pop up like the rabbit out of the magician's had at jut the right PR moment. Any way, she looks like a self-entitled bitch, with her head atop that too long neck looking snootily down on us mere mortals who should already have not just kissed but licked her anusfeet. String her up like Clara Petacci!

Aside: what about the possibility that the ancient Egyptians were negro or some race other than caucasian, or mixed race? This lady looks entirely un-negro to me. She looks very conveniently like the beauty standards of the white people who "discovered" her, doesn't she? And how was she preserved in such pristine condition? I would not be surpried of she was a rabbit pulled out of Mr. Ludwig Borchardt's hat.


Akhenaten sounds ike he wa a troublemaker, an "Activist" of his place an time, like Mr. Zelensky in Ukraine in 2022. A person who made life miserable for peaceful folks. An entitled narcissist. Nobody needed his monotheitic deity. The capital city did not need to be uprooted to the middle of the desert for him to have fun playing a man whose shit did not stink; Mr. kheaten sounds like he must have been insufferable to be around unless you were one of his toadies; but if you were a toadie of th old regime naturally you would be mad a hel to have had your meal ticket taken away. f he had genuinely progressive ideas, coundn't he gracefully merged some of them int the existing structure? He liked running Egypt as a mom and pop operation like Mr. Zelensky today in Ukraine. Selfish troublemakers who care[d; only about their own aggrandizement and repres[ed] dissidents. I think paterfamilias Sigmund Freud liked him, which is reason to be suspicious of him.

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