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Political Correctness will Cancel Culture and suffocate the Earth (Against kitsch!)

"Fear sells." (Andrew Cuomo, CNN, 28 Aug 2020)

Service mark of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency: "We never sleep."

H. Broch wrote: "The producer of kitsch does not produce 'bad' art, he is not an artist endowed with inferior creative faculties or no creative faculties at all. It is quite impossible to assess him according to aesthetic criteria; rather he should be judged as an ethically base being, a malefactor who profoundly desires evil."[1]

"....A community of life that has ceased to justify its existence, a so-called community devoid of force but filled with evil will, a community that drowns itself in blood and chokes in its own poison-gases. What a lonely death is the earthly counterpart of divine isolation!" (Hermann Broch, "The Sleepwalkers", p. 646)

"Why are you doing this to me?" (These words were captured by a surveillance camera in New York City's Bellevue Hospital. They were spoken by a woman doctor, who was being murdered by an intruder).

In Hoc Signo: By this sign you will be volunteered to be a foot-soldier in some Commanding Officer's Good Fight! Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori! Image is BMcC artwork based on the Sherwin Williams Paint Company's logo, which, in its original context, is concerned only with marketing good quality house paint. My (BMcC) father was a house paint salesman; house paint sales paid for me to go to Yale. I attended a preparatory shool named after Saul of Tarsus, where we students were: The Crusaders, and lacrosse was valued above Jesus's cross (unless, of course, He was a varsity lacrosse star).

More thoughts about PoliticalCorrectnessSpeak

PoliticalCorrectnessSpeak, which overlaps with Wokelish is, or course, disgusting. It's pre-censorship by banning words the political correctnessers, America's self-appointed Stasi (Thought Police) don't like, before they evenassess the context. Would they be so stupid as to censor the following sentence: "No person should be treated as a n*gger (no bleeps), no matter what their skin color or any other attribute.", because it contains a bad word. I don't know.

An Activist misleading innocent people to become politically correct.

⬑An Activist misleading innocent people to become politically correct.

But, thinking more about political correctness's devastation of the English language, I speculate there are some and maybe many people who are being sincerely good when they try to get people to be politically correct. Perhaps the first clue is that they don't bare their horse-size teeth at the person and get in their face about it, but gently ask the person to be nice and treat everybody with respect. These people really are little more self-aware than sheep, and some of them produce soft wool, so the speak. They use things to accomplish pragmatic agenda: they brush their teeth, they earn a living, they mow their lawn.... But they are clueless about things like semantics. A lot of jokes may "go over their head", for instance. They are not clinical morons and may even have advanced academic degrees. Whatever. The important condition is that they do not THINK, and they use language neither for seeking truth nor for intentionally manipulating other people, especially people like themselves who often can be easily manipulated. They tell small children that babies come from the stork but they don't try to shoplift expensive jewelry, or hire other people to take their SAT's for them.

Here's the point of all this: These people just use words, as if words were somthing like knives, forks and spoons. And they don't go around stabbing people with kitchen utensils or anytihng like that. So if a person says a politically incorrect word and they have been socially conditioned that it might hurt a vulnerable person, naturally they will try to stop such a hurtful thing, like they would stop running their automobile engine if the gears were incessantly grinding. They are neither evil nor mentally retarded. Therefore, for these persons who do not have a clue about what language is, for them to want to be politically correct when they speak may be just like them wanting to drive their automobile on the legally correct side of the road to avoid hurting anybody whe they drive the car, nothing more and nothing less.

This excuse does not apply to such persons as "Activists", who are adept at deploying words as propaganda and/or as weapons of psychological warfare. Activists are threats to "the life of the mind".

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  1. ("Kitsch: An anthology of bad taste", Gillo Dorfles, Ed., p.76) I hypothesize this categorization explains why some so-called "primitive", "naive" or folk art works can be authentically meaningful, whereas "slick" highly "polished" fashionista production can be repugnant. On the other hand, I wonder: Suppose a young person is childreared in a social milieu of kitsch, the whole kitsch and nothing but the kitsch; What can be said of said person if he or she produces kitsch, e.g., to earn their living? If capitali$m universally celebrates the mindless machinations of "the invisible hand" of the market, is that, eo ipso, promulgating universal kitsch?

Tehran, Iran. Fountain of fake blood in cemetery for soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88).
String her up, like Clara Petacci! High fashionista Circe (ref.: Homer's "The Odyssey") tennis-club artist wannabe, vacationing somewhere (ca. 2013). A latter day Clara Petacci (Benito Mussolini's girlfriend). Title of artwork: "S.H.T.B." (She Has thick Buttocks). Alternate title: "S.H.W.C.F.N." (She Has a W.C. Fields Nose). Picture has a flaw, but then this [fill in the blank] altogether was one. (Picture improved slightly, +2021.10.15)

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