A house cat in a box

"Cats are good." (BMcC)

A cat in a box.

Because house cats are only small predators who are vulnerable to being attacked (and eaten) by larger predators, house cats like to hole up in small places like boxes where they do not have to keep watching their rear, so to speak. Above is a photograph of a print of a collage by a sweet old French lady who was born in 1934.

The lady is my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) nextdoor neighbor. She is very interesting. She comes from a monied French family. She thinks her mother is likely a witch, and she is not sure her mother's husband is her father. Apparently her mother did not like her. She is a quite good artist, not first rank (Wassily Kandinsky, Anselm Kiefer, et al.), or even second rank (Marcel Duchamp, Robert Crumb, et al.) as I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) rate artists. But she is not a vapid trendy (fashionista) "artist" like Andy the War Hole, of which there many; as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy said in a different context: even just one of them is one too many. This lady talks about burning all her art when she dies; such a sentiment raises her up above those "artists" who seek fame and fortune and wannabe sublunary "stars" with non-HVAC "fans". Shame on them!

As Hermann Broch incisively wrote: Kitsch is not technically inept art, but rather it is unethical art because it debases persons instead of raising them higher than they were before they encountered it. Thus so-called "primitive" art can be good and Andy Warhole bad and the architect Robert Venturi even worse. So this artist lady is not Henri Matisse, but she and her work deserve to exist.

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