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Reverse again: According to Prof. Jeffrey Sachs,
it was probably a leak of "gain-of-function"
research from the Wuhan Virus Institute
(So much for PRC being America's arch-enemy
when we have been conducting military research
with them, right?)


New Data Links Covid-19 Pandemic's Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market

Your Comment on New Data Links Pandemic's Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market
The New York Times <comments@nytimes.com>
7:52 AM (1 hour ago) [+2023.03.17]
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Bradford McCormick | New York

This is what we all should have expected all along: Whatever the "origin" of this catastrophic virus, the likely reason it spread is the Chinese people's social custom of wanting to pick up a tssty morsel of fresh killed wild animal meat for din-din each nite o ntheir way home from work, in one of these wretched, grossly unsanitary "wet markets". I wsa in one of them in 2001 and it was DISGUSTING!

Remember SARS1 (Covid-19 is SARS 2)! It was transmitted by "civet cats" in these foul places where cages of the poor living creatures are piled high sp thatd the ones in the top cages defecate on the ones in the lower cages.

How was that plague stopped? By throwing large numbers of these poor animals (which are not in any way related to your fluffy little house cat!) --> throwing large numbers of them ALIVE INTO VATS OF ACID.


The root of the Covid plague is not bats or a leak from a firus lab: It's eople's social custom of picking up tasty morsels of fresh killed wild animal meat on their way home from work each night in these so-called "wet markets" instead of, like most Americans, buying their meat in clean supermarkets.

Ther are lot of things wrong with the American industrial animal slaughtering business even if you aren't a vegetarian, but the Chinese "wet markets" are far worse. Mr. Xi could do us all a favor by shutting them all down yesterday.

The cause of Civid, as with much other trouble in our troubled world, is people being "normal" not rational.

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Your Comment on JN.1 Now Accounts for Nearly Half of U.S. Covid Cases
The New York Times
Dec 28, 2023, 8:10 AM (1 day ago)
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Bradford McCormick | New York

Why are people travelling? We have cellphones and Zoom.

I have been hearing something that appals me. People saying: "Everybody has Covid", like they would say: "The sun rises each mrning."

Don't they understand that long Covid can wreck their life even if apparently the risk of being in an ICU with a breathing tube down you throat is less than it was? Or is it?

People like being "normal". But normal is what got us to here, starting with that unsanitary wet market in Wuhan China which, even if it wasn't where this mess started, helped spread it. All because those people's normal was to pick up a yummy morsel of fresh killed wild animal for din din each nite on their way home from work. La, di, dah.

People go to war and just accept it although that can kill you. But wearing a mask, keeping social distance and avoiding crowds whenever possible -- that's restricting their freedom. Right: their freedom to get sick and to spread it to others. "Everybody has Covid". What me worry?

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"We have to get beyond the politics and back to the pure science," said... Prof Eddie Holmes from the University of Sydney.

He added: "Humans get viruses from wildlife - it's been true throughout our entire evolutionary history. The best thing we can do is separate ourselves from this wildlife and have better surveillance.

"Because this will happen again." ("Have we found the 'animal origin' of Covid?", By Victoria Gill and Roland Pease, BBC News and BBC World Service, +2023.03.25)

Covid-19: The macroscopic microbe

+2024.01.29. I have nothing new to say here today, except to add that catchy title I just now tought up. Wherever it came from and however it was responded to, the little Covid-19 microbe has had enormous human consequences and we probably still don't know how big they are. Covid-19: the macroscopic microbe.

+2024.02.11 v064
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