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Philosophy: Don't try to prove anything to me

If you want to talk with me abou philosophical subjects, such as whether or not you should have been born, or whether God is a war criminal, do not try to convince me with deductive argumentation. Your argument my be full of holes or it may be air-tight. What matters is my opinion of it: Do I like it or not? If I don't like it, of course I will still want it around: to file in my ethnographic archive for possible future use in a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, or to cough up phlegm on in absence of a paper towel, or whatever.

Sleazeball who publicly committed suicide to become a posthumous philosophy course celebrity

I find that argument by deductive proof is generally somebody trying to get me to agree to something I do not agree with. In particular: Them trying to get me to die for their selflessly selfish "The Good". Let them do it to themselves and be done with themselves. Why don't they just be honest with themselves and acknowledge they are disgusting and say: "I am going to shove this down you goddamned throat you piece of shit because I am bigger than you and I can make you eat it!" Why do people need to feel good about themselves for getting what they want to extract out of me? If they were not disgusting brutes they would try to get what they want by what Jürgen Habermas calls: "the unforced force of the better argument." If what you want freely inspires me to want it, you will not have any trouble getting it from me. Alternatively why can't you wait until I am dead and then eat me, raw or cooked anyway you like? (Patience is a virtue.)

You cannot prove to me hat I want to like what you are telling me, because if you try to do that I won't like it and I won't buy it. And, presuming I don't like it, please do not try to stuff it down my throat. Been there, done that. My parents did far too much of it, and then my perp school teaches just did even more of it. I've never met a Rebbe but the pictures of them look repulsive to me, but I'm willing to give one of them a try at inspiring me to me to like him, or, even though I am not homosexual, to let him bugger me, especially since I paid at the office: I was genitally mutilated ("circumcised") as a infant; violation of my bodily integrity is excuasable only in the extreme situation where the only other option is that I will be crippled or die, for instance: when firemen have to cut off the leg of a person trapped in a burning automobile to get him out of the damned thing before it explodes. If they did it to save my soul from burning in hell forever that is not an excuse. As Marie Antoinette famously said: "Let them eat their beliefs."

Student having school curriculum stuffed down his throat.

Isn't the root of philosophical thinking to play nicely together? I don't shoot you in the head with a pistol to compromise your hopes for your life and you don't make me take a test in a school course to compromise my hopes for my life. Isn't that fair? If you will wash my feet, I will wash your feet, fair enough?

It's like Professor Heidegger, who seems to me to be trying to get me to kowtow to Being. I understand the difference between Being and beings, but maybe Being is not good for me; let me decide for myself whether I enjoy Being or not, and if I am stuck with it but don't like it, I understand that I do not call the shots in this world but I don't have to like what I have to put up with, right? Take that, Professor Heidegger! And I would like to have gone to bed with Hannah Arendt, old boy! And you know what I read somewhere about Immanuel Kant (ref. lost, alas), don't you? He masturbated each morning to not be distracted from his studies for the rest of the day. Sounds like a good application for his categorical imperative, doesn't it? (If you are earn your paycheck as a philosophy teacher and I have offended you, I have accomplished something constructive today.)

Mr. Socrates disgusts me; I despise and disdain him. I don't play cutsie logic tricks like him saying he knows nothing (if he know nothing how can he know he knows h=nothing. Checkmate.) I wll say I am pretty sure of somethings and pretty sure I am not sure about a lot of othre things and I am also pretty sure ther are thing sI don't even know about at all. One of the things I have the greatest confiddnce in is that I must be suspicious of everything your say, especially if you tell me it is true or good (of false or bad). I want to explore your motivation for opening your mouth and emitting he words. What are you trying to get out of it? How have you been socially conditioned?

Back to basics: Isn't the root of philosophy to play nicely together? So if you don't want to play nice with me, I can't stop you but I would appreciate if you would at least in that case own up to being a Big Bully who is disgusting and ashamed of yourself and wish you were dead so please ask me where things are, anything (e.g., a steak knife from the kitchen), to help you effect your very well reasoned self-assessment.  

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