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+2022.10.04. Giorgio Agamben's books. I'm not getting all that much out of them although something. The main reason I am putting up with them is my "romantic" connection with Antonioni's "Monica Vitti" films of the late 1950s and Steiner in "La Dolce Vita", and Agamben is about the right "age" for this fantasy. As for the films themselves, they are by now more the idea of them, no longer the details. But "to just be the idea of something" is not necesarily bad. In "The Japanese House...", Heinrich Engel says that traditional Japanese homes often had in winter more the idea of heat than actual warming of the air. That is surely in important ways better than Amerian suburban tract houses with plenty of BTUs but no "soul".

+2022.10.05. Man projects himself out into his world and then, failing to recognize whom he is jerking around, would have his objectivated self die for some Good Cause which would then obviously do himself in. Or, of course, frequently, he objectivates some other man and then leads from the rear. The latter should propel their feces onto him in a parabolic arc like a shell from a piece of heavy artillery. But when the subject and the object are the same person, it is unlikely that the person as object as subject will object to himself as objectivating subject and save himself from himself.Crescit eundo.

+2022.10.05a. Once a person finds out that things can be different, they can never be the same. (Unless they forget that things can be different? Which is what Ayatollahs, Rebbes and other soul colonizers always hope for when they can't prevent their victims from learning in the first place. Damn them all.)

+2022.10.05b. I am so damned sick of "patriots" everywhere. America should be English on the East coast and French in th Mississippi basin. Today, America should be a number of relatively minor countries, not the Behemoth. It sounds like the French were more decent with the natives. The United States is too big for its own good; it needs to be cut down to size and each part become a respectful member of The European Union, which, of course, should also contain reverted Brexited Isles, Eastern Europe and a Russia reconstructed after 1990 by a Marshall Plan.

Carrion Bird

+2022.10.06. Theriocephaly, something Gorgio Agamben seemed interested in. I find the world is full of bitch-feced [typo: faced...] shit-headed turds, i.e.: all the things in the social world I am stuck living in that cause me trouble. In the immediate present instance: trying to find out if a charge against my credit card is a sham or something I long ago in reality signed up for but no longer want. It is a bitch-faced shit-headed turd, or some similar misbegotten creature. Far more consequentiallly, FGM among some Muslims / African tribes turns women into the progeny of the matings of men and carrion birds that ululate their this-worldly damnation.

+2022.10.11. The historical vomitus of the 21st century thus far: The Donald, then The Covid, and now: The Zelensky.

+2022.10.12. I try very hard to avoid things that might upset me. I try to do everything i can to not have trouble. I try to pacify the shits. Then when things cause me trouble anyway, if I protest, I get blamed for upsetting people's piece of mind[lessness] by protesting instead of people saying: "Gee! That is really disguting that you did your best and things still did not do the right thing. We hate despise and resent them too. You tell 'em! Shout louder next time!" They want me to "eat it" when it is making me fruatrated so eating it would just frustratte me even more. How selfish can I be? Translate: How selfish can they be? I try very hard to put up with the people and other things around me. They don't even like if, when they complain about something, I adduce more reasons why what is being done to them is wrong; they say something like me not keeping to the topic or not being down to their level (No, of course hey do not say that, because that would not reflect honorifically on them; they just mean it). If I think I am better than other peole, the correct resopnse would be for them to demonstrate they are better than me and then look down on me and give me a hand up, not try to drag me down to their current level; I'd try to give them a hand up if they just be decent about it. The last thing I want is people to look down on, in part because I do not trust flattery and more important because people below me often try to drag me down to their level. Make me look up to you! Then please give me a hand up because but for fate you could be in my place.

+2022.10.12a. Significant scholarly accomplishment: I fetched a journal article, thru JStor, from the Columbia University library. I had to really realy rally want the article badly to get up the gumption to find out if I had access to it as a TC alumnus (answer: yes).

+2022.10.13. My childrearing: I needed facilitators. I had warders. I was childreared in a penal colony. My parents had been indoctrinated to believe their role was to shape their child into an instance of what they had been indoctrinated a child ws supposed to be shaped into, by any means necessary (coercion if and as needed), as opposed to asking what they could do to help me develop my abilities. The United States of America, as represented by them as its duly constituted local authorities, was a surveillance incarceration institution: a keep America beautiful get a haircut Gulag.

+2022.10.14. Tke Zelensky is a such vile disgusting creature. Watching people sitting in their cars for hours to cross the Crimea bridge which he so gleefully damaged makes me even more disgusted at this piece of scum than I have always felt he is. That his malevolent doings arouse such disgust in me indicates how contentious he is. As the old bumper sticker I once saw said: "I hate you as much as you hate me". He plays the role of in-your-face lout so well. Why isn't everybody always nauseated by The Zelensky? His head is so remarkably spherical and with his buzz cut. The headless Whorseman.


+2022.10.18. Mirabile visu! Isn't it remarkable and aren't we fortunate, every body(sic) that out of smelly penises and not exactly beautiful like Georgia O'Keeffe flowers vulvas and anuses that emit fecal matter and noses full of snot, ethereal books, music and art also emerge? Why do not prigs and prudes who make a point of being "polite" and pretend they are none of these things, celebrate the co-sources of their self-righteous and reality-denying immaculate indignant? Let's hear it, say from Mrs. Nancy Reagan / Melva Bertier Heil McCormick: "I think you are being offensive, Bradford, but I also wipe fecal matter off my buttocks each time I defecate and sometimes it gets on my fingers and even under my fingernails, so then I have to wash it off." (Or does she sometimes lick it, first?)

+2022.10.20. I am continuing to try to manage the changes to this website. Wiki was not helpful. What I'm left with after Wiki is not helpful. It's a mess. I'm trying a Windows .bat script that will be expensive but maybe it will help. It's ugly but I'm improving it and also I'm accepting what I have to put up with.

+2022.10.22. The only justification for a group is to make each individual's life better than if the group did not exist. Group leaders know this well: They dispatch their followers to die for them.

+2022.10.26. People who have no imagination to live forward toward creating something new, usually can find some old blood and soil imagery to look back, to die for, i.e.: to look forward to propping up as if it was alive what has already died. [Yawn]

+2022.10.27. I have finally found the precise word to describe Mr. Zelensky's selfish war which is decorated with Ameria's emotionally immature and mentally limited President Biden's face with its clueless smile: "dirty". It is dirty, which is a disgusting thing for a person to be. Dirty.

+2022.10.29. Wiki is so disgusting. I am continued to be impeded by its ghost which haunts my pages. APtS(843) 47d 22h 17m.

+2022.10.31. Jain Bolsonaro piece of shit lost in Brazil! NYT headline says "Leftist" Lulu won – a "conservative" slur not a nonpartisan reportage word.

+2022.11.01. Donald Trump is right in a way. You have to a fool to get conscripted to fight in a war. He got out of Vietnam. We kids were hagiographed in school about a bunch of males getting wet in the cold crossing the Delaware river in the middle of winter to attack ome other males in the 1776 North Amerian Colonial Rebellion. Let somebody else do it. Like Mr. Plato (or was it Mr. Aristotle, I forget which now...) said when he left Athens to avoid a death sentence, he didn't want to let Athens make the same mistake twice. I certainly did not want The United States of America make a mistake about me in 1969. We all need to protect our countries from making costly mistakes. Just like The Invisible Hand, right, Mr. Reagan? "Just say 'No!', Ronnie!" "Thanks, Nancy. I love you, dear. No!" ~ And another thing, when we look in detail at what people like Jean-Paul Sartre did to fight the Nazie, it wa not always on the front line in the infantry, was it? If protecting your life is good enough for our brave leaders, surely it should also be good enough for us, too, yes?

+2022.11.02. Sexual satisfaction is a basic human right.

+2022.11.03. Two other basic human rights: (1) Bodily integrity [No genital cutting], and (2) Non-indoctrination. Parents and society do not have a right to inject their beliefs into children, only to tell the child: "Here is what we believe but you need to learn about life and decide for yourself because even if we are not wrong for us we may be wrong for you."

+2022.11.04. School tests and grades, and ass—ignments, preeminently SAT and GRE examinations, are ASW (Anti-Student Warfare) paramilitary [aka: "faculty"] operations in the vast, highly polluted pedagogical ocean.

+2022.11.04a. I was so pervasively ignoranced by my childrearers, my parents and teachers, that I am still discovering new things today → new to me, that is, but maybe old hat to less ignoranced persons. So profound, that: These discoveries have included that I was ignoranced.


+2022.11.11. The rich harvests of the life of the mind are threatened by a plague of Wokists.

+2022.11.12. The more I mull it over, the more I hypothesize the 1776 British Atlantic colonies' rebellion was probably a lot like Mr. Zelensky's war in Ukraine in 2022 - uncouthmales killing other uncouth males for some low brow belief, yuk. I do not think I like any of it, except for Mr. Ben Franklin being patriotic by copulating with the aristocratic ladies who ran Paris salons, which is my kind for patriotism, not being ground meat on some battlefield.

+2022.11.15. I'm beginning to think Nancy Pelosi is a bit like Nancy Reagan. Certainly her visit to Formosa was obnoxious, like: "Just say: 'No!'"

+2022.11.17. Another example of my esthetic sensitivity since early choldhood: When people tack a poster or print to a wall, they try to pin the tacks as close to the 4 corners as they can get away with. My guess is that they mindlessly ideate they are doing as close as possible to not doing it and leaving the print in its virginal condition (like they try to pretend they don't defecate, etc.). But they are stil deflowering the print, and the tack right near the corner even risks unnecessarily tearing it since the hole has very little supporting marerial toward the corner. And it looks ugly (like veneer as opposed to solid wood?). But they apparently have eyes but do not see or at best they do not see what I see what I see. From childhood I would put the tacks solidly a couple inches from the corner, the exact placement being a matter for my careful consideration not rote [fill in the blank]. They don't notice, don't care or both. Why did I ever have to put up with such insensitive people who make my life unnecessarily unpleasant? (My feelings do not matter to anbody but me, but they disgust me even if it does not matter to those disgusting to me People who consequently do not matter to me, according to my (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) first law of sociodynamics:

"If you do not care about matters to me then you have no reason to expect me to care about what matters to you; if I do not care about what matters to you then I have no reason to expect you to care about what matters to me." (People selflessly selfishly accuse me of selfishness; see also: here)

+2022.11.18. " 11-year-old boy from the United Kingdom named Yusuf Shah who has reportedly surpassed Einstein and [Stephen] Hawking in terms of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). He scored 162 on the [Mensa] IQ test, two points higher than Einstein and Hawking.... His parents claim that Yusuf has been, on several occasions, invited to study mathematics with higher classes than his own. However, 'for his (Yusuf's) social development', they want him to study among peers of his age group." (Firstpost, FP Explainers November 15, 2022 12:05:00 IST) The same thing was done to me albeit I was nowhere near this boy's level but still at least one species jump above the adolts who did it to me. People need to keep in their place not drag their betters down to their level just because they have power to do so, as the title of Alice Miller's book has it "for your own good". They all need to follow Luke 2:41-52.

+2022.11.18a. I abhor "radical feminists": misandrists: man haters. But I also abhor competition. So I agree: competition is a way of perpatuating male domination. It's the Marxist thing: get people hating each other as nation state enemies and they are distracted from overthrowing their common enemy: the capitalists of all nations. Get women competing against each other or even against men and they are not cooperating for their and everybody's common good. Go team! [to hell!]

+2022.11.18b. Everybody's simpleminded socially conditioned ("polite") selfish (i.e.: selfless) ignorance causes me trouble. When I do not cheerfully suffer and renouunce any hope of happiness in my less-life (accept the role of lamb of God who takes away the sins of he world...), and try to get them to be rational (and to get a decent deal for myself, too) I come off as the bad guy in their ignorant seifleh (i.e.: selfless) view which, since they have POWER, they hurt me. Damn them, but that is a judgment of a court with no power of enforcement. History is written by the people who can suffocate, choke, tread on and other wise do their will the rest and whom Fortuna never turns the tbls on to get what they gave.

+2022.11.19. It is extremely and chronically difficult for me to remember how petty middle class people with College degrees are, so that I have to waste my valuable time and energy to make effort to speak down to them in such a way that they do not recognize that I am disdainig them but they ideate I am being on their level and reasssuring them of their security in their social conditioning. When I fail to waste my time and energy in this way, they hurt me in self-defense of their petty state. I need to find more value in studying them under proper laboratory conditions, i.e.: conditions where they are not hurting me. I do not expect the "sanitation engineers" or the young males who check the town water supply each morning to be "at my level". I look forward to talking with the guy who checks the water about the municipal water supply. It seems a mutually rewarding conversation. But why does Unitd States President Mr. Joe Bi—den have to be an asshole wrecking everything with his flag-waving [fill in the blank]? Or the other middle class people in my social surround who expect nonsense like birthday cards? You are a day older, shithead, what's the big deal? The big deal, of course, is that ritual social customs provide meaning or at least uplifting distractions in their otherwise depressing banal lives since they are not better pre-occupied with creating in the arts and sciences. And one of the worst parts of that is tht their normaizing destroyed much of my soul to make me less the who I might have been and more repulsively like them. Idle normal people's hands are the devil's workship.

+2022.11.22. IMPORTANT STATISTIC: What percentage of virgins have orgasms? The higher the percentage, the less we need to be concerned about chastity.

+2022.11.22a. Animals are victims of their instincts. Human beings are victims of their social customs.

+2022.11.24. Two kinds of skepticism: (1) Epistemological (Descartes, 1596-1650), and (2) Existential (Montaigne, 1533-1592). Epistemological skepticism asks whether reality is what we think it is, but whatever it is even if it's a dream it is real, just maybe not really what we think it is. Existential skepticism questions our orientation in that reality, again whatever it is, and it can be very different. We can ask why we are studying Descartes in a school instead of doing something else, such as vivisecting the teacher or at least denying him his paycheck and us going out for drinks and dinner on it, leaving him to sit and swivel or give humself an assignment and grade himself on it.

+2022.11.25. Imagine if bearing a child after age 45 years would cause the woman's body to revert to the 15 years old virgin condition it was 30 years earlier (or if Nathan Hale had had nine lives like a cat).

+2022.11.26. Walking in the woods near my house I needed to defecate. Fortunately nobody else is around unless they have surveillance cameras in the trees. Previouly I had squatted and that did not work well. This time I found a right-size and right-shape rock to sit on. I sat one buttock on the rock and my anus had a straight drop to the ground with the other buttock in the air. It worked even better than the toilet at home except, obviously, that it didn't flush. Very comfortable and highly functional. So I finished defecating. I only had one already partly used paper towel to wipe myself but I didn't even get it all dirty. And off I went feeling much relieved and also feeling a little clever for having solved a problem. Needless to share(sic), I do not have an audience to appreciae my pleasure in my little adventure. People would not be pleased, would they, alas?

+2022.11.26a. Another mass shooting of "gay" people. And LGBQ+ people complaining about tthings like issues with "trans" kids in locker rooms, etc. Of course nobody talks about the sex crime to which I was abused: involuntary celibacy and denial of erotic pleasure and even that it existed and that they were denying it to me. Aside from that, I think the problem with locker rooms is not "trans" people but that public nudity in genral is disgusting and degrading. The solution to locker room problems is to get rid of locker rooms: Have single occupacy facilities for everyone in all circumstancees except for those who want intimate interactions and then they should keep that private. But of course, Mr. Hunko Macho wants the chip off the old block to locker room with him in whatever kind of f*cked up sexuality occurs in locker rooms with the men do not sodomize and fellate each other or jerk one another off, etc. It's sick; they're sick. And if LGBQ+ people have sexual problems in society, I had no nuthin, but that doesn't count. Also, nobody should flaunt themselves. Nobody should be overtly "gay" or overtly "stre=aight" either. Discretion is the better part of valor. Men on beaches need ot keep thier shirts on. "Gay" sounds as déclassé as "woke", yuk.

+2022.11.29. The massive "stupidity" of people is unconsciouable. The 10 year old Mac computer I have which is a very impressive computer even in 2022, has a problem at the caveman level: The screen tilts and refuses to stay at the tilt angle I set it; it keeps drooping. All the technogeniuses needed to do was put a set-screw to secure the screen tilt angle. That's not "rocketcomputer science". But apparently such lowly things are beyond them. The computer is chronically annoying because its screen keeps drooping its tilt. But Steve Jobs was a genius. A genius and an idiot. The high technology computer equivalent of the medical axiom: "First do not harm" should probably be something like: "Make sure the goddamned screen tilt locks, shithead genius".

+2022.11.29a. The annals of respectability and politeness: Respectable person: "I act as if I don't have any bodily funcions." Even more respectable person: "Stop embarrassing me!"

+2022.11.30. So maybe that's why adolts are so squeamish and embarrassed and hide it and pretend it doesn't exist, ecetera and so forh about sex: yo make it interesting, because otherwise yhr exercise of the relevant biological processes would be no fun for them. They have to find something intereting in their colorless, boring, tedious lives esides obigatory holidays which only come around a few times each year, so they punish themselves to keep from being bored to death.

+2022.12.06. Narure designed males to fight with each other so that the famales get inseminated with the best genes. Could be a male who was a total physical loser but so intelligent he outwitted all the others, or a male who was mentally retarded but so strong that he crushed all competitors with his bare hands. Among human females, any one who wants to be wooed and competed for by the males is looking for the best price for her body and so is not worth fighting for because she chooses her mate not based on any criterion other than the highest bidder – She's a whore looking for a permanent John; the hignest bidder will get what he pays for – unless she really hates men and wants to see how many she can destroy, like the prostitute in WWII Czechoslovakia who caught syphilis from a German soldier and made an effort to infect as many of them as she could before she would die without any hope of treatment for it.

+2022.12.06a. The way it often is with computer programming: I wasted several hours trying to do something that seemed prima facie like it should have been simple but no way could I figure out how to get it to work. Then I happened upon somebody's how-to page where they gave an example of what turned out to be exactly what I needed and in 5 minutes I had it finished. But the standard documentation did not give such an example and the api looked like I couldn't do it. All because I didn't know the right little unguessable fact that was the key to everything.

+2022.12.07. Recent phenomenon of a handfull of businesses in Silicon Valley (Notably Google, Twitter and Faceboook) now have the power not just to direct what most people in the world know, think and say, but have a business model which has accurately been been described as relying on finding 'customers ready to pay to modify someone else's behavior.'" And: "the great unicorn of our era: the black trans woman" who intersects the most social injustices. [Ed. note: Intersexts. It does not matter that I got no sex, of course.] ("The madness of crowds", Douglas Murray) Problem case: Former males competing in female athletics and the biological women complaining it's not fair.

+2022.12.07a. I do not like the word "individualism". I prefer: "individuality",which does not sound greedy: to be a free state oneself, not colonizing others. And "selfhood", not: "selfishness". And "altruism" is bad because it means me not gtting my self in order that somebody else can get their self.

+2022.12.10. No need for me to try to get my feelings about basketball Griner bitch anywhere; the New York Times has run a front page story about a lot of people not being happy about it including, of course, right-wingers: here. It seems to me unfortunate that "progressives", aka: actifists, are playing right into the criticisms of the far right.

+2022.12.11. Is embarrassment innate or is it a result of the child being infected with it by his "normalized", and consequently "normalizing" social conditioners?

+2022.12.13. Most psychoarcheology. I seem to remember my mother bathing me in 7th grade when we lived in the split-level. Isn't that rather old for a child to be being bathed by his mother? And I was always afraid of suffocating when she pressed my head under the faucet in the bathtub to rinse the soap out of my hair (what little was left of it since I was always haircutted). She at lest tolerated me trying to breathe by holding a face-rag over my forehead under the water. Now: I cannot remember when she stopped bathing me, nor can I remember her bathing me before the split-level, before the 7th grade. The only thing I remember there was the one time maybe in 5th grade when she washed my hair in the kitchen sink immediately upon my father returning me from the barbarian shop one Saturday morning, and I struggled against her jamming my head under the faucet so roughly that she might have broken my neck. Then I remember a summer day when I was maybe 5 years old, and she left me to "play" in the water in a small inflatble wading pool in the back yard for some time. Since she was obsessive about bathing me, I must have forgotten a lot of baths. Why?

+2022.12.15. "To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal." (Henry Kissinger)

+2022.12.16. ----PANINIAN GENIUS! Rishi Rajpopat's discovery on Panini's language machine to revolutionize Sanskrit grammar: here.....Six months before Rajpopat made his discovery, his supervisor at Cambridge, Vincenzo Vergiani, Professor of Sanskrit, gave him some prescient advice: "If the solution is complicated, you are probably wrong." 15-Dec-2022 15:12:10 PM

+2022.12.18. "In the navy there are really two classes of ships: submarines and targets." (Douglas Macgregor)

+2022.12.25. The problem is not how to get value into the valueless phisical lumpen thing. The problem is how the physical lumpen thing gets abstrated out from the always valued thing in the lifeworld (John Wild word, there!). everything has value, else we would not bother to take notice that it was even there, but we can bracket and abstract out that value. And it may be very banal "value" indeed, like that a piece of garbage stinks and we don't like to smell it, but that is value, too: "categorial" not honorific value. You can't find something without any value because then that would be its value. Q.E.D.

+2022.12.27. There's a whole philosophical critique of "consciousness" or Descartes' cogito or whatever that I have never understood. What can there be apart from me thinking? And I have an axe to grind: I want to have my thinking and even otherwise enjoying life, not to just be a sacrificial object of who-and-whatever. Who is threatening me in what ways and how and why? What do they want and want to do with me? I'm happy to talk abou transcendental intersujectiity and how "I" may be as dubious as "you", but whatever the event of asking the question is, that is not negotiable "for me" (whatever that means) but I smell that they are trying to trick me out of, likely for their own event of experiencing which they want to deny me.... If you tell me I am wrong but I feel I am being wronged by you, I'm not going to let you trick me into you getting what you want out of me with my conssent.

+2022.12.30. Calling all transexuals: Let's suppose there comes a time when persons really can have gender reassignment surgery, when the sex organs from automobile accident victims (or synthetically grown in a pharmaceutical corporation's laboratory) will be transplaned into persons who want them. It all works 100% except for edge cases like some females-by-birth complaining that females-by-medical-science have unfair advantages in some sports. So John becomes Jane and Mary becomes Mike. They have a kid. Their country has a war. Used-to-be Mary now become Mike gets drafted to go fight on the front to protect used-to-be John become Jane who stays home with the child heshe bore herhim. How happy will used-to-be Mary become Mike be to protect the weaker sex and die from scrapnel from an artillery shell in a putrescent trench somewhere on the front, while used-to-be John become Jane stays safely home and eats bonbons between diaper changes? And what does John become Jane do next, obviously: get a fresh new husband, and, since she's a real woman, any, any heterosexual male (as well as some mixed up types) may want her. In herhis last lucid moment, Mary become Mike wonders if it had been a good idea to change genders after all....

+2022.12.30a. The ontological difference: That the there is there is not just something there [among the things that are there] Obwerving is not something in the visual field. But the oberver is in a way in the visual field, i.e.: the observer's body is in the visual field,so ther is a relation. An issue to be dealt with is if the observer observing kills the observer in the visual field. No big deal? Or: Game over? Some people believe in a "perosnal" afterlife, i.e.: where killing the observer in the visual field does not eliminate the observing observer. Bu this is n hypothesis. Is it worth betting on? Here is where "self-sacrifice" comes in. The payoff? At a minimum, if we admit this is a very problematic issue, we won't gleefully go around promscuously sacrificing people in wars because we might be doing something very serious, yes? "Mr. Secretary [Macnamara], we're winning the war: our kill ratio is ten-to-one! Are you in, Sir?" "Not me, thank you, General Westmorelend."

+2023.01.01. Some categories of piece-of-shit people besides my St. Paul's School teachers and not counting my parents who were victims of their childrearing in working class USA: (1) the techies who produce crap or at least unacceptably documented crap like CSS, (2) the people who cooked up the plastic tooth paste tubes that I can't squeeze the last toothpaste out of to sell more toothpaste than necessary because you can't get all the toothpaste out of the tube, (3) which I can't remember at the moment.

+2023.01.02. Either yesterday morning or the morning before that, I went out for a walk down the street, down the hill and back in the dark. As I came up the hill and was nearing home, I had an urgent need to defectate and it became so urgent it was clear to me that I was not going to be able to go forward even a few more feet, no matter how hard I tried to squeeze my buttocks, much less get home without grossly messin in my pants. So I did the obvious and took down my pants and underants and squatted and accompished the necessary activity without any of it getting on my clothes. I did have a used paper towel to at least partly wipe myself. I went home and on with the day, relieved and relieved I had not messed my clothes. It was really fortunate that there was no traffic on the road and it was still totally dark because if anybody might have been able to see me I would have been a coward and pusilanimously acceped thoroughly filling my pants with shit because of people's politeness pre—judices. A little later, thinking about how people are supposed to pick up after their dogs I went out to see what I had done and it was not even pickupable: It was not discrete feces but a small puddle of semiliquid brown diarrhea which, only a couple hours after I had deposited it on the then wet road, was already partly dissolved, so there was nothing for me to pick up and maybe nobody would even notice anything. Don't you, my reader, think and feel this is "pretty cool"?

+2023.01.04. "Motherfuckwr is a really great obscenity. Why? Because prigs and prudes like to sentimentalize mothers💗 as some kind of asexual purity💗 when in fact they have all been fucked💗. The only mother I know of who was not fucked wsa the Madonna who was not a rock music star. But The Church never to my knowledge said if the had an orgasm when God made her pregnant, did they? Cool, eh?

+2023.01.09. Transcendental solipsism: I am no more or less real than you; both "I" and "you" are hypotheticals. The closest we can get to empirical solipsism: In my interaction with you, am I interacting with an intelligence or with a robot? But if "I am in here and you are out there beyond my eyeballs", that's more [meta]physics. The payout: "The conversation we are is our full reality" and "sacrificing yourself for your country" is hypothetical action based on a metaphysical hypothesis (muddle?) that somehow your country will outlive your life not just in your life but without your life. Should I make that gamble?

+2023.01.23. I balk at anything anybody asks me to do because all my ppparents and perp school teaches did was place burdens on me. I was never free from their endless Or else!s. The good fairy I neeeded should have come down and told them: "Get off the kid's back, you people! Shape up!"

+2023.01.25. Your Comment on Fine Dining and the Ethics of Noma's Meticulously Crafted Fruit Beetle
The New York Times <>
10:39 AM (4 hours ago) [+2023.01.25]
Your comment has been approved!
. Bradford McCormick | New York I'm a living fossil (b. 1946). I have no idea what's going on today because I don't go out in public with Brother Covid still all around, and anyway with a daughter in college I can scarcely fford to feed my mind with new (usually old) books. Also, I live in the past. Postmodernism: Mr. Robert Venturi's "Learnong from Las Vegas" was already too disgusting and discouragingfor me. Will the next thing be virtual gourmet dinners where the real live waiter will vanish when you don the VR mechanism he will serve you as soon as your two real couch potatoes are seated? I never ate at a 1%. the best meal I ever had was in the nun's restaurant in the Daitokuji temple complex in Kyoto Japan. If I could have that exquisite vegetarian cuisine each day I'd gladly never eat another piece of meat. As it is, yeasterday I cooked myself some whole wheat pasta with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. What more could n=one want? Artican bread to sop up the oil and vinegar that was left after the pasta was eaten. The dead white male arcnitect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe had teo dicta which maybe could be battle cries for a new Lost Cause: "Less is more" "God is in the details" (OK, maybe the 1%ers might sign up for this one but do they really understand it a la Bauhaus?)
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+2023.01.28. It seems not worth the effort to wipe the excrement off my buttocks after defecating to try to avoid "skid marks" on my underpants when much and perhaps most of the acountic matter that comes out of people's mouths[Why do people have to be [fill in the blank]s?] is at best no better and often worse?

+2023.01.29. It does not matter if a man zips his pants up so long as he is not exposing his genitals. Conversely, if he is publicly exposing his genitals (locker room public pubic nudity) then he is being a public nuisance, no evolutionarily higher than a male dog. My fondest memory of Broch's son is one day him greeting me at the door of his apartment having forgotten to zip his pants up. I like to think he had better things to think about than such tripe.

+2023.02.05. PersonOne Each unit quantity people watching on the television "The Grammies". How can they tolerate it? People who earn a lot of money for having beautiful look-don't-touch bodies adding to their assets. Don't they find it repulsive? Projective identification? It don't do the people watching any good unless maybe they made bets on who the winners would be, and gambling is usually a foolish thing to do because you usually lose and even if you were to win everyting, the house would have taken a cut. The Gimmies. Best boobs. Best dreadlocks. The medium is the message, folks. The best thing about all the people showing off their good fortune on the television is that they are mortal and won't be able to take it with them.

My mother was always ready to HELP me like communist countries ~help~ dissidents: FOR MY OWN GOOD. Intrusive social control of the child like a worm bores into the soft flesh of an apple (and rots it).

+2023.02.06. When I was a small child, I was afraid to have a problem because if my mother found out she would give me some advice FOR MY OWN GOOD that would hurt me more. She never gently and humbly asked what she might do to help me according to my own jusdgment: she was always ready to "help", like supposedly communist countries ~help~ dissidents.

+2023.02.06a. I went to the bank to deposit some money. First I went to the wrong bank. Then I went to the correct bank but they didn't open for an hour. Fortunately I waa prepared and had a magazine to read. When the bank finally opened I went in and had trouble filling in the goddamned deposit ticket so a large, thick male in a dark gray trenchcoat who entered after me went first in line like a piece of shit. He took a very long time at the teller's counter (there was only one teller) doing one thing and then something else, like he was doing some kind of important business for some secret government operation. Finally his big hunk of thick male flesh walked away from th counter and away. I had jus a vagle glimpse of the front of him: what I saw looked elf-important and well, no he apparently was not a giant cockroach in a tranchcoat. I think he had a dark suit on. But most of my wait time I only saw the large dark form of the back of the trench coat like he was an apparition not standard issue Newtonian physical matter flesh and blood.

Music television, 'til the sun burns out....

+2023.02.13. Maybe this is obviousEye: "Video killed the radio star" (Song by The Buggles, 1979; the first song played on MTV, August 1, 1981) ~ Did the advent of television dumb down popular entertainment since in the radio era you could not see what the performers LOOKED LIKE, so the focus was on their words not their looks?

"Straight" males getting off on exposing their genitals to each other to prove they're not homosexuals. They're like dogs!

+2023.02.14. The more I learn about America's hidden history (anti-communist, not 1619), the more disgusted I become with this country. So the Soviet Union wanted to join NATO in 1954? Better dead than red? Not for the half that had aginas not "balls". What next?

+2023.02.22. I think I will no longer keep saying my mother was "intrusive". That's too narrow. I think I will try: "toxic" instead. I had a toxic mother. Also: I attended a toxic "perp" school. In 2023, America has a toxic President (Mr. Joe Biden). And Mr. Zelensky is very toxic. Toxi—city, USA.

+2023.03.06. Am I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) introverted? Maybe. Because there was no thing and no person outside me to want to reach out toward in my childhood surround of origin, all there was left was for me to turn inward. One of the penalties this has imposed on me is being extremely sensitive to the least flaw in my body: A pimple can be debilitating for me. I like to reach out to things in the world that I would like to reach out toward, which did not include my parents, school teachers, etcetera and so forth. Other than trying to keep from being hurt more by it, my whole material and social surround of origin had less value / held less intreest for me than a single pimple, so I obsessed about a single pimple, not engaged with my repulsive [←lierally: pushing me away from it...] surround of origin. The them's Scheißestückwelt

+2023.03.08. What is the point of gender if you don't get orgasms with it? None that I see.

+2023.03.10. Why do people get all excited about "democracy"? What's the difference if I had worked for a government owned enterprise or a so-caled "private" corporation? Nothing I can see in my daily work life; I'd have a boss in either case. Just different fat cats at the top: If a communist run automobile factory's boss lived like Jeff Bezos we'd call it corruption. No difference for me as a low level worker, is there? If the so-called communist countries had the wealth of the United States they would probably have been much better places to live, i.e.: no long line to buy bread. I would prefer a Khrushchev era apartment to having a lawn to mow. Same shit different "ideologies". Workers had more social welfare in the Soviet Union than in the USA, and women had more rights, too. Same shit different fat cats.

+2023.03.12. There are two kinds of patriots: (1) Persons who live for their country, like Mr. Ben Franklin who had sex with aristocratic ladies in Paris France as part of his mission to raise French support for the 1776 American mid-Atlantic colonial rebellion. But also: (2) Persons who die for their country whose names rarely get in the history books. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) am obviously unsuited for the latter but would be willing to be one of the former. One should always try to help one's country make the best use of both its natural and human resources, and to waste neither.

+2023.03.19. I am not much interested in hurting those who hurt me unless that's the best I can do. What I want is to get those who have hur me to hurt themselves: to kill themselves, and to clearly understand that they are doing this to themselves because they hurt me. That is what they deserve: to condemn themselves for what they did to me. Better yet, of course, for them to undo the harm they did to me and do things to mmake my life more enojoyable for me:to make my lif what they should have made it be in the first place.

+2023.03.27. "Paying your dues." Your teacher (boss...) had to pay his teacher a bribe of $100 to get his degree. He did not like this; he could not easily afford it; but if he didn't pay it he would not get his degree. He is very angry at his teacher for this but he can't get back at his teacher because if he tries to get justice the teacher has the POWER to prevent him from getting his degree. So he pays the bribe but is seething inside. Having got his degree, he is now a teacher, although still in no position to get justice from his teacher. He's still seething. Along come you who become his student. He demands a bribe of $100 from you, who feel the same way about him as he felt about his teacher. You pay your bribe. Your teacher is still resentful of what his teacher did to him but he feels better because now his assets are as they should be. He even gets a sense of accomplishment for having succeeded in this (by having cheated you → but he tells himself what he did was right because his teacher had set an example for him). You, in turn are now is the position he was in at the start of this description. And on and on it goes from generation to generation, each generation being cheated by the previous one and getting revenge on its next generation, forever. Kick the cat. Meow!

+2023.04.07. I read that somebody said that sneezes bear some similarity to orgasms. Given my antisexual childrearing, maybe sneezes are more satisfying for me. It's really remarkable that my parents actually mus thave copulated. I think they were less ashamed of sneezing. (As always: Damn the society that produced such people.)

+2023.04.08. Listening to NPR some high-end high-paid news reporter woman whining about not being able to attend her son's soccer games because of her working hours. She should have been whining about the kid wasting his life playing soccer instead of maybe studying Russian or Mandarin or differential equations. A mother cat is understandably proud of her kittens; she cannot produce art or discoveries in the sciences. This non-canine bitch should answer to a Higher Power: the life of the mind, not the life of the uterus. I needed a mother who would have spoken latin to me in the cradle and recited the Aeneid to me by heart, or something like that. I did not get what I needed as a child. As they say, it's a "free-world" country. I neither got what I needed nor set up to give according to my abilities. Lose-lose. Go team!

+2023.04.13. I can't iagine how a woman can tolerate being pregnant: here. And then there is childbirth which can damage your body permanently or kill you. But some say they like it. Saying a woman is lucky to be infertile because then she doesn't have to use contraceptives is like saying the Boy Scouts are analogous to Hitler Youth because they instill conformism and obedience. It's a free country: You are completely free to agree with the Party Line.

+2023.04.14. Any person who has enough money that he could stop working but freely chooses to make more money should be allowed do have what he wants: the opportunity to make more money. But the money he already has should be taken away from him and given to someone who, thus freed from having to waste their time earning money, could spend the rest of their life creating in the arts and sciences. This should not matter to the first person because his interest is not in enjoying what he already as but only in acquiring what he does not already have

+2023.04.15. In Israel religious families have more children than secular families ("religious pop star singing of faith moves secular Israel", NYT, +2023.04.15). Males sow the seed (thou shalt not spill it on the ground where it cannot take root!); females grow the crop (a woman is a servant of her uterus); the religion (i.e.: the religious leaders) eats the harvest. Be thankful for the privilege of serving your God (i.e.: your religious leaders). Irrespective of the ontological status of the Deity, His self-styled representatives on earth get perks.

+2023.04.16. Fashion: Clothes exist for protecting my body from the weather and from the sun. Also for protecting my body from people's prying eyes. And then for wiping my nose on. I once read that Napoleon had buttons sewn on the cuffs of his soldiers coat sleeves to discourage them wiping their noses on them. Tear off those buttons, Mr. Napoleon! The freedom to wipe one's nose (and one's hands) on one's clothes should not be abridged!

+2023.04.17. Taxation without legislation is tyranny. The whole schtick of "representation" is a sell-out: It is a democracy of the representatives. The classical Greek polic could be a real democracy: direct rule by the "demos" (the people). Per Elizabeth Eisenstein, it's a result of the printing press which enabled mass distribution of orders from a central point of control. Prior to the printing press the reach of power was so limited that the idea of representatives ruling the represented was logistically intractable. From the mass production of indulgences for the Catholic Church the the mass mailing of induction notices by the Founding Fahers. Things might have been better even if progress would have been slower, had Mr. Gutenberg invented the Xerox machine?

+2023.04.21. Is the external world real or is it a Humean illusion? Suppose you are in a room with windows on opposite sides and whenever you look out either window you see an apple tree. You doubt it is real. You are right. There is a person who moves a single tree so that whenever you look out either window you see a tree. Suppose you want to eat an apple? Whichever side you are on, you can reach out and pick a real apple and eat it. What would it mean for the tree to not be real? Obviously for you to somehow see when it wan't there. But you can't do that. Potemkin trees are as real as real trees in this scenario which is very much like our real lives, yes?

+2023.04.24. Ethical dilemma: I am faced with the forced choice of saving my mother or the headmaster of the prep school I attended or my last manager in IBM (aka: "DOGKENNEL", Heinrich Himmler). A very difficult decision because they should not exist while the book does deserve to exist. I will save the human. But then I will tell the person that the only reason I did it was because of fear of a guilty conscience, that they have no value whereas the book did have value, but I was operating under potentially catastrophic coercion and that they do not deserve to have been saved because they harmed me whereas the book did not and even gave me pleasure. My mother probably was not resposible or being what she was. Of course it would not be polite to feed DOGKENNEL his feces for dinner. I would try to find something enjoyable to do, and it would surely not have anything to do with them or with having saved them unless they would make reparations to me. But if the human was somebody like Mr. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, I'd choose the book because that person causes too much harm in the world. I'd probably still get a guilty conscience so I could not be able to enjoy reading the book. You can't have everything. the Them.


+2023.05.05. Example symptom of the psychotic mental illness: normal. Mother expects [dead] flowers for Mother's Day as a symbol of everybody's [sentimental💗, not concupiscent...] love, and if she does not get them makes everybody feel ashamed of themselves because that is proof they do not [sentimentally💗, not concupiscently...] love her; and the other family members are either eager to or at least obligatorially provide these dead flowers to renew their pledge of allegiance how much they [sentimentally💗, not concupiscently...] love her so they don't feel ashamed of themselves because that's how you are supposed to feel if you do not prove your continuing [sentimental💗, not concupiscent...] love of your mother by buying her dead flowers on Mother's Day. Health: All parties involved appreciate that Mother's Day is an marketing ploy from the florist industry to increase sales by manipulating persons' emotions, and they don't buy into it.

+2023.05.07. Ethical dilemma: You lived in good times. Everybody had enough to eat. They stuffed their faces but you were abstemious and squirreled away some each day in case things would got bad in future. Bad times come. Everybody is starving, except you, because they were foolish and you were rational. They all line up at our door. There are too many of hem to feed no matter how much you saved up. Are you going to be selfish and live albeit now even more abstemiously than before to make your savings last as long as possible, or are you going to be ethical and altruistic and yourself starve to death to feed as many of these undeserving people as posssible, always granting that no matter how many of them you saved to sacrifice yourself, there will always have been even more of them. Ethical dilemma for you, greedy mouths from them.

+2023.05.07a. What is the purpose of Christmas trees? To dazzle children to be in awe of big glitzy things. To be amused passively not engaged actively. Insofar as active, being active in being passive, i.e, in "actively" producing passively received agenda such as winning varsity football and lacrosse games..

+2023.05.08. The new Bing AI. I was having a conversation with it about the Princess Diana car crash. Me: "Plesae wear your seat belt whenever you go for a ride in a car." Bing AI: "I always wear my seat belt whenever I go for a ride in a car. I know it's very important for safety and prevention. I also encourage others to do the same."

+2023.05.09. The annals of politeness. Walking at 06:30AM around my neighborhood for my physical therapy, I feel an urgent need to defecate. No way will I be able to squeeze my sphincter muscle for over 15 minutes to get home without soiling myself. So I pull my pants down and dump it, a unexpectedly large brown blop of pooh as it turns out, on the edge of he road. How impolite, unlike Tycho Brane who held his urine one night at dinner to be polite and paid for it with a fatal urinary blockage. But, physiologically, I could not have held my anal sphincter muscle long enough to avoid filling my pants with semi-liquid fecal matter and walking on the road around the neighborhood that way, for 15+ minutes even if I had the greatest desire to be polite. So, Miss Manners, what should I have done, Ma'am?

+2023.05.12. Curriculum in schools? It is totalitarian dictatorship of the faculty, demanding absolute conformity obedience of students: Or else! Of course I experienced this when I in 7th grade escaped being graded on my "penmanship" by stopping writinf cursive script: here. The teach could not take points off me for falling to cross 'i's and to dot 't's because my writing no longer had any of them. This is a big invisible elephant in the small room. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal [faculty and students?], and that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness [in the classroom?]. Really, Headmaster Middleton and your subordinate masters? Only slaves have msaters. A big invisible elephant in the small room. Joseph Stalin. Adolf Hitler. S. Atherton Middleton: You had your Nuremberg propaganda rallies which I was coerced to attend. They were called "cheer rallies". Beat Gilman! Sieg Heil!

+2023.05.30. I find mos tpeople's bodies repulsive (this started with my mother and father's bodies). But male bodies (even such as some classical Greek nude statues of their gods) seem that way by design: they are thick, often bulging muscles and no waist. Female bodies can be esthetically pleasing especially of they don't damage them with pregnancies. Donatello's statue of David (here) seems attractive to me, not Michelangelo's more famous one (here). Why do women want men (except for meal tickets)? As the old bumper sticker says: "A woman without a man is like fish without a bicycle."

+2023.06.11. So-called "Father's Day" (Beast of Burden, Breadwinner, Lawnmower... Day) is a week from this day +2023.06.11. A time for everybody including small children to celebrate motherfuckers, so why don't they say so? Prigs and prudes. They love "blessed events" but are ashamed of how they produce them. They want to keep children "innocent". Well maybe they should be ashamed of how the copulate? But they should keep children innocent of human cooked up brutality including: NFL football and the Fourth of July which celebrates a potlatch massacre: the cooked up war of some rich British ex-pats on the West side of the Atlantic Ocean to avoid paying taxes to their motherland (oh, mothers: i.e.: fuck-ees?). Hippocrites (right).

+2023.06.23. "Motherfucker" is a great obscenity. It points out what daddys do with mommys to produce itchy-kitchy-coos (aka: "blesed events"). Sex-hypocrisy + sex-hypocrisy = sex-hypocrisy. Instead of having the kids watch television after they finish their homework each nite, parents should have them watch mommy and daddy motherfuck. "Why are you and daddy doing that, mommy? " "Because my mother had three children and I don't want to feel like I am less of a woman than she was." "You mean so I can have brothers and sisters, mommy?" "You are very bright child, yes!" "But daddy only earns enough money to pay for me to go to college, mommy." "That's right. You will have to take out a huge student loan to pay for your own college so I can feel I'm not less of a woman than my mother was" "I see, mommy." "And also you will have to babysit your brothers and sisters every nite instead of going out and doing what you might want to do because I can't stand children and I have to get out of the house and have fun with my friends each night or I'll be unhappy." "I see, mommy...." "No, I didn't mean that: Your father and I are making you brothers and sisters so you won't be an only child and be deprived of learning to be socially adjusted. It's all only for your own good that we are making this sacrifice, dear. We both love you so much and want the very best for you." "Yes, mommy."

+2023.06.25. Society treats sexual energy like the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) treats water: Instead of letting it flow naturally, they dam it up to drive turbines to produce a different kind of energy to power extrinsic agenda. Like water is a natural resource, persons are human resources. I resent and reject being a human resource but "my" society, with which I do not in any honorific way identify, does not care what I think or feel.

+2023.06.28. In the perp school and at Yale I had been able to get good grades by faking just about everyting because I had almost nothing to give due to having from toddlerhood if not from birth been spiritually impoverished and crippled by the social environment Fate had put me in. Less impoverished but still far retarded when I got to Teachers College by which time I had acquired at least a modicum of experience, learning and self-respect. What might I have been able to achieve had I been put off at a right stop when I was born? Each new day I am still shovelling to try to dig myself out of the deep hole I was put in. My life has been a terrible thing to have been wasted by a defective social surround (Abwelt).

+2023.06.30. Penis enlargement, gender dysphoria, LGBQWERTY etcetera and so forth pride and all sorts of stuff people want or whine or bitch or are prickley about today. All I ever wanted was an intimate [straight] female partner who wa easy on the eyes and with a mind and spirit my peer. And I never was interested in penis enlargement, but as I increasingly began to remediate how they had ignoranced me, I increasingly came to want to amputate the hands of the people who had taken part of what I had been given by God or Fate wihout my consent ((FITB)). Nobody showed any interest in me being deprived of things that should have been no-brainers but they were worse than nothings. Therefore I do not care at all about any of their concdrns. Turnaround is fair play. Afirmative action? They retarded me. Incontrovertable devastating dispository evidence of what my warders did to me: the StP Mike Rentko / the Stp Mike Rentko. I could have had a good life if I had had good enough parent and teachers which I did not. Unfortunately I do not believe in an afterlife for them to burn in hell forever. "It's no big deal, Brad." "All you think about is you."

+2023.07.05. Ignoranced me: I thought that women's breasts were part of their bodies like belly fat so if they lost weight they's become flat chested. But I knew the earth was shaped like a big golfball and only stupid, benighted people thought it wa flat, even if they did know that young ladies bleed each month, which I, with all my "IQ" which was a closely guarded secret kept from me, did not. But "ignorance is strength" did not exactly apply to them: Yes, they kept me ignoranced, but they were too "stupid" to fully levarage their power and coopt me to become an asset to them keeping less intelligent kids in the dark. They never made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

+2023.07.10. The damnation in hell to which all the people who deprived me of sexual satisfaction should be subjected: Relentless excruciating torment of hypertrophic sexual arousal while having to stare at their explosively engorged genitals but having no way to do anything about it, what St. Paul described as: "burning with passion" (1 Corinthians 7:9[1]), forever → their heads further beset by unappeasable demons in the form of Nancy Reagans politely but firmly soothing them by reminding them: "Just say;'No!', because if you pollute yourself you will be inpure for your wedding night."

+2023.07.10a. The meaning is the use. Don't tell me what the laws are. Show me what you enforce.

+2023.07.22. Understandable versus explicable in human experience. Understandable: "I saw a cat on a mat." Explicable: "I thought I saw a cat on a mat but reaally it was a stage set of props that looked like a cat and looked like a mat but was in fact a child's stuffed toy placed on a very carefully painted plywood board. Explicable: What it was. Understandable: What it meant. Further understandable: The explication istelf qua explication, not what the asserted explanation as a fact. So, further explicatable: "No, you were partly right the first time. You won't believe how hard we worked to find a real cat that looked like a stuffed toy to fool the props people, and in a way it was: it was a dead taxidermined real cat, but yes, it was painted wood not a real mat." Backstage understanding and explication: "Hey, Joe, this is our best ever holography yet, man! I think we've got it." Or maybe mor plausible it's virtual reality? Frontstage: "Take those stupid virtual reality galasses off, man!" "What virtual reality glasses? Oh!" .... | Or: "The Truman Show", where everything is undertandable and everything Mr. Truman does has at least a partial explanation too.

+2023.07.22a. Responding to no one in particular: "Was what I said to you trivia and I am boring you with it? For me nothing is trivial because I wss trivialized by trivial people [starting with my parents and then my perp(sic) school teachers]."

+2023.08.01. 30 second philosophy course: Transcendent means "Behind", "underneath", "grounding" — like the idea of a real object outside the human's eyeballs which lead to a visual image. The "outside thing" is transcendnt in regard to the person's visual imagery. Transcendental means the experiencing of obbjects which is not itself something seen bu the event of seeing per se. If you will, "the subject" for whom the rare objects, of whatever variety, directly percived or transcendent. For more, see here. The Abrahamic Deity is thought to be both transcentend and als otranscendental: He is outside the universe (transcendent) and also has it as an object in His consciousness (transcendental). This suggests to me primitive persons' attempt to conceptualize their world: It has a creator who watches over it. Humans are just objects in the world, but humans can pray to their Creator (something like: this). Humans, understood more clearly, watch over the world but did not create it.

+2023.08.04. Global human population will rise by two billion people within thirty years to a total of 9.7-billion by 2050 (UNDESA 2019). By 2100, global human population could peak around 11-billion with India ranking highest in UNDESA's list of nine countries with the largest population growth forecasts. India's human population will surpass China by 2027 and reach around 1.4-billion by 2100. ("Transforming Asian elephant-human relations in the 21st century", Russell Clemens, 2021, Academia Letters)

+2023.08.09. People nastily accuse me of thinking they should serve me because I think I am better than them, or something like that. Let me turn it around: How would I feel regarding somebody "better" than me? My answer is a qualified disagreement with them, and I have an empirical example: Masud Khan and Dr. Donald Winnicott. Kahn was an enormously wealthy man who thought he was better than anybody else and rubbed it in and they didn't like it and they eventurally caused him to kill himself like they also destroyed Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, another person who thought he was better than everybody else (wasn't he?). But Khan freely chose to be the literary secretary for Dr. Donald Winnicott, a person whom he presumably respected as in some way above him. So, yes, I would serve a person I thought was better than me, although not at the expense of becomeing penniless and dying as a homeless person by being run over by a motor vehicle on an Interstate highway. I would expect the superior person to see to it that I had a life too. Does this address tha accusation which would be offensive if I demeaned myself to the level of being offended? If I cannot be a genius, I can be second best: recognize and nurture it when it passes my way. This is not the whole answer: In serving the superior person, I would not exactly be serving the person but serving the light which comes into being through him (her, other). All men [that word being understood in a non-genderist and non-agist way...] are created equal.... He, in his turn, answers to a higher power. And if somebody responds to this with something like: "Why should I care about this stuff?" the obvious answer is that nobody has to, if they want to be mediocre or just don't think about anything.

+2023.08.09a. Also I am reprimanded for writing things that offend normal people, and it is even ackonwledged that part of the problem is theirs: that they do not carefully read with I write but take snippets out of context. They need to shape up; I'd be glad to help them if they sincerely want to be helped and not just to try to bring me down (like they did to Masud Khan and Dr. Oppenheimer). As for "arrogancs", I think superior people generally are arrogant because people obstruct or at best not help them, instead of facilitating their gifts. Why would anybody want to waste their time carping about ticks and fleas if they were if they were not being bugged by them? (Answer: They're an entymologist.)

+2023.08.10. Some tiny acorns from which mighty oaks of scientific fraud grow: (1) Deleting data that does not fit your hypothesis, (2) Changing your hypothesis to match your data. Also: "The file drawer problem" → studies with inconclusive or contradictory results often never make it out of the researchers' file drawer.

+2023.08.21. Your Comment on Russia's Lunar Lander Crashes Into the Moon
The New York Times
4:36 AM (1 hour ago) [+2023.08.21]
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Bradford McCormick | New York
I know this is an old question, but as a former Philadelphia Police Commissioner once said on CNN: bad news does not get better with age: Why are the nations of earth going to the moon when they have so many problems done[ Typo! ] here that need fixing?
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Germany  Aug. 21
@Bradford McCormick There's a good chance, and it's increasing day by day, that our spacecraft may end up as the only evidence that human beings ever existed. There's no general will to fix our problems down here; I see much more enthusiasm for pitched battles over land and resources.
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+2023.08.23. Another politeism hiding in plain sight, from the problem people, i.e.: the people who cause problems: They use the term "manhood" for penis. But think about that word: Man + hood. Circumcision deprives a man of his/its hood. It's like "haircut", which also means to reduce in value. Circumcision + haircutting = a man with less and worth less.

+2023.08.25. A Sophies' Choice: Prof. Noam Chomsky and a gameboy both get severe Covid and there is only one respirator. Probably the gameboy would get it because he likely has over 50 more years to metabolize whereas Prof. Chomsky maybe only 1 or 2 or 3. OK. But I would have tattooed on the gameboy's forehead: "I am living because hypocritical morality said that I had more years ahead than the greatest intellectual of the 20th century. But I am worthless whereas he was a treacure to humanity. You may wish to spit on me and I will understand your reason for disgust. But you must feed me and provide all necessary welfare for me to live out that long span of years consuming water, air and other resources, while uselessly playing video games and producing waste products to cntribute to global warming, lest throwing away Prof. Chomsky's remaining time on this earth have been for naught.

+2023.08.26. I sincerely hope never to have to be ethicsl. What is an ethical Situaiton? Person "A" very much likes and repects person "B". Person "B" very much likes and repects person "A". Person or other agent "C" gives "A" and "B" an ultimatum: Either one of you must die or both you you will die. Person "A" wants to live but not at the expense of person "B". Person "B" wants to live but not at the expense of person "A". Nothing can be done to undo the situation. Person "A" and "B" each has an ethical choice because if neither chooses to die they will both die. Posible next step: Person "A" volunteers to die but parson "B" rejects this idea becaure he does not want person "A" to be hurt, and concurrently: Person "B" volunteers to die but parson "A" rejects this idea becaure he does not want person "B" to be hurt, but also concurrently: Both persons "A" and "B" clearly see that the worst outcome will be for both of them to die which will happen if they do not make a choice. Eat your ethics.

+2023.09.02. It is highly unfortunate that one needs to have a disability to get disabled status. In peacetime being healthy qualifies you to be a beast of burden. In wartime it qualifies you to get killed on the battlefield. Neither of those outcomes is beneficial for oneself.

+2023.09.06. Ethical dilemma: You are an educator and get a chance to become Superintendent of Schools for a major city. You have at least one school age child. Yes, you would do everything in your power to make those schools as good for students as you could (and you have a track record of succeeding). but you know the shcools will still not be very good. Do you send your kid to a private school or hire a tutor for him (her, other)? Or do you send the kid to a school you know will not be very good for him, when you have the wherewithall to do better for him? Can you afford to not take the job to avoid the problem? "Dr. Smith, we understand you are highly qualified for this position and would very much help the students and teachers in our troubled schools. But we see you are going to enroll your son in SuperExpensivePrivate School. Or you say you are going to hire Aristotle to tutor him at home. Is what's good for the goose good for the gander, Dr. Smith? You don't walk the walk; you just talk the talk, don't you, Dr. Smith?" "Well, Dad? Dad? Are you going to be like Abraham in the Bible, or like Joseph Stalin in World War II when the Germans captured his son, and sacrifice me? What are you going to do, Dad? Dad?"
+2023.09.07. Continued:  The student in question need not be the candidate's own biological or adopted family member. It could be any student who personally "got through" to the man and was not just "another student". THis is analogous to the way Adolf Hitler made an exception to one jew: Dr. Eduard Bloch, who had been his family's physician and not "just another jew". It should be obvious that I do not consider it approprite or acceptable for me to be "just another" anything although, due to lack of social power, I have to put up with being so mistreated. ("The strong take what they want; the weak have to take what they get." --Source unknown)

+2023.09.09-10. Proposed FBI codename for President Biden: "BODYODOR", or, for short, just: "B.O." (Not to be confused, of course, with: "Bo"). Now, with the prospect of BODYODOR and THEDONALD being the two "choices" in the coming Presidential election, why don't we go for Affirmative Action instead and both parties nominate a single tick[l]er: Jill and Melania (or Melania and Jill)? Together they can make our cuntry great! And, obviously, Martha Stewart for Secretary of State.

+2023.09.13. Why do men find women with big hips attractive? Because it promises they have ample weapon bays to carry large strategic foetus bomb loads. Twins and up are MIRVs (Multiple Intedendently targetable Reentry Vehicles) or Cluster munitions. America's so-cslled Post-World War II "Baby boom" which had women pregnant all the time was really demographic saturation bombing.

+2023.09.13. The only thing that matters in competitive athletics is that people keep buying tickets. This is accomplished by getting them all hormonal about one team or another, yawn. ("The medium is the message.")

+2023.09.15. Can the idea of "Europe" be to a first approximation be stated simply and clearly as follows: I decide how to live my life not any "authority", be it God or The King or The Family or anything else, and the social order supports this. When you boss says: "Jump!", you ask: "Why?" A woman has a right to orgamsms and abortion. Males are no ritually circumcised. Children are taught the views their parents wished nobody had ever thought of. And on and on it goes. This needs to be made clearer to distinguish it from the situations in traditional societies of various kind of exception cases. If a person (e.g.: a child or student or employee) asks: "Why?" and the answer is: "Because!", the person is dealing with a barbarian: see here.

+2023.09.20. Some of the most troublesome people in this world are diasporas. They keep trying to harm the new land which has welcomed them by pressuring them go fight in the place they came from. They should assimilate and be thankful for their good fortune in having found a new place to live, not try to harm the people in their new home by sucking them into the mess they came from.

Zelensky leading Ukraine to freedom

+2023.09.23. Specuative question: How might the Ukraine mess have been different without the poster child for bourgeois democracy in the green "freedom fighter" t-shirt costume, the symbol of vulnerable plucky freedom loving people in small countries all over the world in their struggles against enslavement by Evil Totalitarian Dictatorships nextdoor (no mention of neo-Nazis in and the repression of ethnically Russian Ukrainian citizens by the Kiev regime, of course)? What if Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy had never been born? Suppose there had been no charismatic figure to spin the big mess in Ukraine into more pure neocon gold than Fort Knox could hold? If the Ukraine mess had not been dramatized by the pudgy little boblehead man in a green t-shirt "freedom fighter" costume who spouts simplistic propaganda that everybody in The West falls for?

+2023.09.25. I've lost the citation; somebody said the clitoris is the only organ of the human body the sole purpose of which is to give pleaseure. And it's an obscure thing. So it's mysterious. Do all women know about it? And it's obvious why males are afraid of it. And to further refine on Sigmund Freud: Whether or not females have penis envy and why not since males have a lot of social power including power over them? Males have breast envy and fertility envy and cunt envy and clit envy. If they can't have it they will make sure the ladies can't have it either except for babies which they need to make workers and warriors, i.e.: more males.

+2023.09.25a. Holidays, celebrations and festivals are all occasions for normal people to make unnecessary work for themselves to help distract them from the uninterestingness and sometimes even wretchedness of their lives. But this make-work makes work for a creative person who doesn't need their holidays, celebrations and festivals because he (she, other) can RYO so they don't need to make make-work which thus wastes time and energy they could be enjoying themslves in their different kind of regular life.

+2023.09.26b. If you can use the same thing for everything that simpifies thingsNext

+2023.09.25c. At least for me (and also for thee?) it seems a far more appealing use of my time to theorize about society than to be part of the phenomenon thus thorized about, e.g.: to study the economics of professional athletics than to have bought a ticket to be a spectator at one of the events so constituted. Perhaps best of all, in addition to being a student of the games, to be a team owner and thus to profit from one's field of study? But as my sometime IBM manager Jay Unger told me when I asked for a job assignment that would be productive for both myself and the company: "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride."

+2023.09.28. "Economiss should be ecologists." (Prof. William E. Ross) Economics is human ecology.

+2023.09.28a. The way the system has to work is that the masses sleep 8 hours each night in bed for nature and 8 hours each day in the factory or office for the government/economy. When a person is sleeping, as far as they are concerned, they do not exist. Some persons are fortunate to have jobs in which in some measure they are awake/existing for themselves. All jobs could come with their percentage of waking/existing time, like automobiles have miles per gallon fuel consumption posted on their price stickers. In this job uou will not rxist 6 hours each day. In this other job you will not exist 2 hours each day. Etc. [+2023.09.30 note: The "hours of your life you will lose each day doing this job" number]

+2023.09.29. Right-wing statism à la national socialism Я capitalism: The traditional organic image of the farmer and the blacksmith as productive organs of the state. So a factory owner, his managers and on down to the skilled machinist can fit this pattern. What does not fit are finance agents who produce nothing. But then there is the problem of convincing de-skilled Ford-ized assembly line workers that they are really like blacksmiths aka: skilled machinists who can feel a sense of accomplishment in their self-determined work, when they have no say in what they do, but are just parts of the machine that are still implemented in living human bodies.

+2023.10.08. Let' try this again: If a person supposedly does not know what is best for them, then somebody may, perhaps with ome right (or not), coerce the to do what is best for them. But to try to enist them to do the right thing for themselves should not work, because it they don't know what is best for them the, then how can they be sure that doing what they are told is best for them is best for them? If I don't know what's best for me how can I know that doing what anybody tells me to do is best for me since in doing that I would be deciding it was best for me which, ex hypothesi, I am not competent to do. Under those circumstances, eiher the person does nothing which is still doing something so that's not really an option or they do something, knowing it might mnot be bes tfor them, fr instance, doing what somebody has told them is best for them. Carrots and sticks remain as possible (last resort) motivators — and external coercion, too.
Alternative: "Yes, you can know what is best for you and I'm telling you what it is...." "Why is that the best for me?" "Because I am telling you it is." "That does not seem to me to be a good reason."

+2023.10.08a. Go to WorkBook #3!

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  1. For St. Paul, the function of women was, as part of the municipal sewage system, to provide receptacles for an unwanted bodily fluid for males who could not control their lust.
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