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BMcC split level domicilage, 515 Wyngate Road, Timonium Maryland, 1958-62.

[Contrast with the home before this in Richmond Virginia: Click here]

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  1. Also: No shrubbery in the back. When I was there the house stood naked in the middle of a full bare acre of lawn to be mowed. My parents wanted cute special features in this house, which resulted in the square footage being greatly reduced because they could not afford both. Pegged wood floor and dutch (horizontally split) exterior door in kitchen. Dutch front door also. Fancy "bow" window in dining room. Porch outside the living room that was almost(?) never used. An extra bathroom in partial basement that was almost never used. The brick may have been a special color. Knotty pine "club cellar" next to garage. Floor tile in the bathrooms was special but not better than standard tile. The toilets were early wall hung models that you could mop the floor under them. There were built-in bookcases with a fold-up "desk top" in one of the bedrooms which maybe had been an idea for me to use for doing my school homework, but the fold-up desk top was remarkably shoddy and the whole thing was waste of precious floor space. A cute low wall on one side of the driveway. One car garage, not two + two of the three bedrooms were extra small. The building contractor: Max Muller, was dubious. They could probably have had a standard-for-the-development 4 bedroom 2 story "box" house for the same money built by the good contractor (Awalt); There was at least one less expensive house available in the development, which had been built by the good contractor. The less you know the less you get for your money. There was a full size crawl space under the living and dining rooms with poured concrete floor, not open ground; How much more would it have cost to make it a full-height full basement, since the price of concrete flooring was already paid for the useless big 3 foot high(?) crawl space? The house was not a good buy for anybody. It was finally bought by a couple with a small daughter who were probably as clueless as my family albeit less dysfunctional; the father had a small business that supplied athletic equipment for school sports teams like lacrosse but obviously he was a pussy cat for his much adored little girl. I have no idea what they paid; the house may have been substantially "marked down"? ~ We could have had a much better house for significantly less money and without the big lawn to mow, in a professional neighborhood, in town, but my ignorant parents had been socially conditioned to try to live "the American dream" God help America!

    One thing I would definitely change: Frame that useless screen porch (left) to make a library, but there were no books. I was not enthusiastic about being a sp[l]it-level.All trash to recycling!

Where we moved after we got rid of and out of the sp[l]it-level: City not suburb. 2 bedroom apt on top floor with air-conditioning and view in winter of downtown Baltimore. Much better.

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