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BMcC split level domicilage, 515 Wyngate Road, Timonium Maryland, 1958-62.

[Contrast with the house after this in Timonium Maryland: Click here]

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  1. Where I lived between 4th and 7th grades in Richmond Virginia: 4109 Park Avenue. Probably built around 1920. In-town, within walking distance of a local Pharmacy and Food Market (not supermarket). Previous owner a vice-president of Lawyers Title Company, but my parents got it at a good price because it was a mess: the man had 3 daughters who had food fights in the breakfast room and one of the bathrooms stank from old medicines splashed on the walls. Sweat equity fixed up these superficial problems with a solidly constructed house. It had a huge steel beam across the basement and was "double brick" construction with a slate roof. There was a room in the basement and a full bathroom for a live-in maid which would have been standard in the neighborhood in earlier days (we did not have any servant). I was not supposed to play with the neighbors' kids because my mother was afraid their mothers would "pump" me to find out that my father's job was just a traveling salesman. One nextdoor neighbor was a lawyer (Albert Hutzler) who had teenage children who -- although I did not know about sex -- I somehow vaguely thought might be doing things they should not be doing with each other; other side nextdoor neighbor owned an automobile parts supply company and had a new Chrysler Imperial automobile. Across the street the people owned Lafayette Pharmacy. It was a lovely house: a very large albeit somewhat dark living room and large dining room, 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a staircase to the attic upstairs, a small "study" which for us was a TV room, at the end of the main floor foyer, a separate breakfast room in the back of the kitchen, and a small back yard with a somewhat run-down 2 car garage on the back alley and a large apple tree. It was a very upscale neighborhood. I liked living there. 60 years has not aged it; I would still like to live in the house.

BMcC signature seal stamp. Modelled on 18th century messenger's letter box in collection of Suntory Museum, Tokyo. Japanese write poems and prayers on slips of paper which they tie into knots like this shape although with longer legs. Prayers are often tied to branches of trees which can look like they are covered with snow. "Symbol of a symbol, image of an image, emerging from the destiny that is sinking into darkness...." (H. Broch, "The Sleepwalkers", p.648) Always remember. Add value. (This image created not later than 21 May 2003)Invenit et fecit

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