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BMcC 3 bedroom one bath ranch house domicilage, ca. 1953-55(?).[1]

[Contrast the next house which was much better: Click here]

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  1. Where I lived between 2nd and 4th grades in Richmond Virginia: 3802 Hanover Avenue. Lower middle middle class man-in-the-gray-flannel-suit new construction spec house. Three bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room flat one story box over open dirt crawl space at grade. Nothing interesting about it. The trees along the side street were there and were already mature, but the rest of the property was barren spotty grass like maybe bristles growing out of moles of somebody's ugly face -- none of the trees or bushes in this picture were there then -- it just baked earth semi-arid scrub and the sun was very bight and hot in the summer with no shade. Right to left in the picture: Window for my parent's bedroom where I now hypothesize they my have copulated somehow in their bed, question mark. Next, bathroom window where somehow I had some vague notion there was something in the bathroom closet sanitary pads but I had no idea women bled each month. Next, front door which we neve used; we went in and out a back door that opened into a small utility room and from there you went into the kitchen. Next living room window. Living room where I was subjected to doing piano lesson homework for as short time as I could get away with each day in the summer. Finally, screen porc on the left side -- between 2014 and 2021 it was famed in with that light blue siding -- where my warders (aka: parents) sat in the evening in the summer -- no air conditioning; we didn't even have an electric fan -- and they drank the very adult beverage which they occasionally let me have some of: carbonated artificial fruit flavored soda water. The house has not otherwise been changed so far as I can see from this picture, but it looked a lot more barren then, not all warm and foliagey as in this present day picture. I had no attachment to it. The house on the other side of the side street looked more interesting but that was for people above us, SES-wise. There was nothing interesting where I was, starting with my patents who were part of the package. Waste.

    (The recent blue siding enclosure of the used-to-be screen porch makes the house look cheaper than it did when it was a screen porch. But even in its original condition this house was mediocre, unlike the next house we had in Richmond which was much higher qualityGo to 4109 Park Avenue!)

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