The world is a piece of shit[1]

Most of the world has no more value than a single piece of fecal matter. (Ludwig Wittgenstein said that most people are not worth much. What are Messrs. Musk and Bezos doing today to remedy that?) I think / feel there are some things that have greater value. What percentage of them all? One percent, maybe? Is that over-optimistic?

There was United States President Ronald and his wife Nancy (above) Reagan. There is postmodernism (POMO). Then came the Wokies and the political correctnessers. Donald John Trump. Newt Gingrich. Angela Davis. Jain Bolsonaro. Boris Johnson. Brexit. And now, perhaps the most serious threat to civilization since Atilla the Hun: Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. TMTC (Too Many To Count).

A very good defense is a good offence: "You aren't calling me a piece of shit are you?" Well, here's a classid from a recent essay about the philosopher Martin Heidegger:

"I assume, that is, that the painstaking deconstruction of metaphysical dichotomies does not amount to a sterile joke, to a display of intellectual virtuosity as legitimate as self-referential and, thus, of no consequence whatever." (Claudia Baracchi, Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Milano-Bicocca, p. 146, in "Paths in Heidegger's Later Thought", Indiana University Press, 2020)

Lady! I could hardly described it better, except as a piece of fecal matter. So let me try to rephrase what this professor of what? wrote, more clearly, i.e., à la Tristan Tzara:

"whatever. virtuosity amount joke, legitimate painstaking sterile no consequence metaphysical that as assume, and, does intellectual as is, a self-referential thus, of of to I deconstruction a the to dichotomies that not display of" (©BMcC[18-11-46-503], 2022)

Are we having fun yet?

Woke! Woke!" sayeth the toadie bullfrogs

Politically correct Activist woking his followers.

⬑Politically correct Activist woking his (her, other's) followers.

The only real life encounter I have had with a Wokie / political correctnesser was with an "Activist", a prickly self-righteous arrogant person who severely castigated me for saying that a lay person: a person not trained in medical science, epidemiology, microbiology, virology or any other affiliated scientific discipline could call SARS-2 (Covid-19) a "China virus" without being a racist. The Activist didactically lectured me that persons of Chinese ancestry are being victims of racist crimes. The Activist pointedly educated me that I had been "insensitive" to a world class MD+PhD virologist who was of Chinese ancestry. Being "insensitive" is a mortal sin in political correctnessland. How dare you offend a politically correct person's "feelings"!

When I pointed out that Lyme disease is named for Lyme Connecticut, The Activist further enlightened me that people in Lyme Connecticut were not being victimized by racist crimes on that account. When I pointed out that a racist would still be a racist if they called Covid-19 the "X virus" that just counted as more evidence what an ignorantly and despicable insensitive person I was. Oh, Holy Activist, Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the unwoke, I have sinned against political correctness and before thee and am no longer worthy to be called a human being, Mea culpa! -- A Scheißestückwelt microcosm on two legs.

I thought [THINKing is verboten in political correctnessland]: how petty and thoughtless can a world-class virologist be to be unable to understand that a lay person, a person without his massive erudition could call a virus that originated in Wuhan China a "China virus" without being racist; I wondered what this dude's problem was? The Activist was thoroughly disgusted with me and totally insensitive to my need in living to be able to play with words, a toy which I can afford and, unlike sticks and stones, cannot break anyone's bones. This interaction has shaped my feelings about political correctnessers and Wokies, especially after I also read the to me appalling article in The New York Times newspaper; here. The self-appointed thought poiice Stasi. They should just go away.[2]


I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) feel more confident talking about postmodernism (POMO) in architecture than in philosophy or who knows what ("literary criticism"?). Because the foundational document of postmodernist architecture, The Gospel according to Robert Venturi: "Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture" (1966) is written in plain English. You can like it or hate it (as I do that latter), but the sentences do not need disambiguation or deconstruction or whatever POMOs do with words. My thoughts on this matter: here. POMO is disgusting because it's just intellectual masturbation (which, in itself would be no big deal if it was just their personal past time in their bathrooms, but:); they have no interest in raising the ordinary people's level or cultural self-formation. Let them waste their lives wage-slaving in decorated sheds!


I (BMcC[18-11-46-503])s there any word adequate to describe the magnitude of danger posed to civilization by this little man whose television role has gone to his head? [fill in the blank]  

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POMO architect Robert Venturi's house he designed for his mommy: Vanna House, having its period. Or is it break-through post-menopausal bleeding?


  1. Alternate nomenclature: It is not fully a world at all but an Abwelt: a defective or less than world, or a world which does not meet standards. "Ab" is in: abcess, aberration, abyss, abomination, abject, abrogate, abortion.
  2. Back around 1975, I saw a car near the Washington DC Mall, with a bumper sticker that read: "I HATE YOU AS MUCH AS YOU HATE ME".

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