This store buys beliefs (retail and wholesale)

"They put me off at the wrong stop when I was born." (Doug Schaff / BMcC[18-11-46-503])

If you have a belief, any belief you no longer want, we want to buy it for cash. We are especially interested in acquiring religious artefacts such as relics of saints or preserved bodies of political leaders. We sell to collectors, not believers.

We buy, sell and trade all symbols and signs.

We are open 24/7/365.25 or however long a year is in yur religion, and every religion's every religous holiday (although we'll pretend we are closed, just for you). Overdose on faith? We have skilled and epathic deprogrammers standing by all hours of the day and night to reliee you of your beliefs (many of them themselves had beliefs, so they know what it's like). If something iss a sin for you, we'll walk you through the steps how to commit it. But if you want to materially harm any person's body or soul, like circumscising a baby or killing a blasphemer, we are not for you. We do handle most crimes without victime. We screen each believer and their beliefs individually.

We convert houses of worship to constructive uses, including turning holy shrines into prostitutes' cooperatives. But not munitions facories. And we do not do business with pimps, including hedge fund managers and day traders.

Patronize our friends: The Brothers of the Sodomite Order

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