Excitement and Enthusiasm are bad


If a person is excited they are out of their mind. They've left their mind behind.

why might a person wnt to lose their mind? Because they don't ike their life. Boredom. Being hassled. Their work is meaningless, or worse: meaningless and eamanding too. Wednesday is hump day. Thursday is the day befor Friday. And then TGIF: Thank God it's fFriday. But, of course, Monday caomes around again two days after Friday but we'll try to not think about that, won't we? Thank God it's Friday. Obligatory varsity football game to watch the kid when we'd rather be home having a drink and zoning out. But hen we get thru all the traffic, find a place to park, cram outr body onto a bench in the satnds and start yrlling for our team, fr our son: "Go, Jonnny! ....

People partly have little choice and partly help dig the holes they are already in deeper for htemselves. Nobody has to have kids, especially if they have a good 401-K plan. Mother-in-law who's always happy and loved nothing better than being pregnant and wished she could do it again, wants grandkids and she will resent you if you don't give her some. Everybody at work has some. Why not you? Your paycheck will never be big enough and you will never again make your monthly bills whereas you used to pay all your credit cards in full each month by being selfish and not having children. "Go team! Yea! Whoopee! "Yeah!" Whare are "we"? Gone.... We have escaped the demands and the tedium of our life for awhile. "Yeah! Go Johnny!"

FUN! Xmas eve insomnia excitement


M clueless partent, dups of the American Dream, had it their superficial heads tha tI was wuppose to get all excited for Sants. So I went to bed the nite before Xmas unable to sleep. I did not normally have insmonia as a child but my clueless parents saw to it that I did on Xmas eve. Tossing and turning in bed bacause I couldn't speep excited excetec excite in anticipation oif Xnmas morning. BFD. I suppose it made them think they were happy and tha tthey were bing good parents. Fools!

Had we quietly opened resents on Xmas eve nigh tI could have had a normal night's sleep. And I saw something similar with our adopted daughter. The adolts all celebrated Yule Fool Xmas eve, staying up late to YuleFoolibrate. Toddler daughter's sleep pattern disturbed by the YuleFoolishness of these adolts. Before that she loved going to sleep each nite. But with her bedtime routine disturbed just one time for the YuleFools, after that for years she fought going to sleep at night> The YuleFools have repeatedly assured me their YuleFoolishness could not possibly have had any such consequences.

The problem goes deeper than just excitement. It's changing a child's routine. Animals do not like their routines changed, either. But adolts have been socially conditioned to be YuleFools and othewise to want to have "fun". Rock the boat and maybe it will tip over and everybody wil drown. But if you don't so stupid thinga to cause excitement life is borinag because these people can't occupy themselves in peaceful activities, not even peaceful alimentation and peaceful sex. Sigmund Freud's "primal scene" is distraction for adolts from their boring lives. I naver wanted any of it, including thrusting sex. Luxe, calme et volupté is my style. But my needs were never met.

Having fun was not fun for me. The adolts should never have tryied to make he have fun; they should have provided me with appealing things to savor but that was beyond their abilities. "It's no big deal, Brad."

Excitement is throwaway. fun is throwaway.

That's an oversimplification. A modicum of excitement may be helpful, but moderation in all things (including moderation itself, of course). But much excitement and I propose all "fun" is consumptive. I'm thinking her primarily of the jumping-up-and-down-like-a-chimpanzee-for-a-banana kind of excitement which adolts lust to see in [asexually "innocent"] children, as in the above picture.

Savoring endures. One can think about and reflect on it. but for us mortals it seems all things pass including ourselves, whether we wasste our lives of not. Bu tI nver liked throwaway.

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