Let's talk

"We are a conversation." (John Wild, and others)

"Friends have all things in common."[1] (Plato)

• What that might be life-changing for you, would you like to talk about with me?

• The philosophy of architecture. Why build anything?

• The philosophy of education and (or: versus) schooling. Can students be treated with dignity and respect? Is humanistic education (as opposed to disrespectful education about the humanities, e.g.) possible?

• Maximizing erotic pleasure at all stages of living.

• Carping about ticks and fleas (the petty people who get in my -- and your? -- way in trying to live my -- and your? -- living).

• How the world is in each us as well a each of us being in the world.

• Selfhood and intersubjectivity. How are you real? How am I real?

• Professor Louis Forsdale.

• Professor John Wild.

House cats.

Hermann Broch and his son and his works.

• Wassily Kandinsky and his art.

• Marcel Duchamp and his art.

• The psychoanalyst, Masud Khan.

• The philosophy of Edmund Husserl and Eugen Fink.

• How persons' interactions with computers and computing can: (1) relieve suffering, (2) enhance pleasure and joy, (3) facilitate deep thinking, and (4) facilitate cultivation of discriminating connoisseurship of all things in daily living.

• What that might be life-changing for you, would you like to talk about with me?


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  1. Does anybody really THINK about this statement? It's transferring ownership of all one's private property to a joint stock company / guild of friends. It's communism, for God's sake! And if persons do maintain private legal ownership of things, they are still saying any friend can take it and use it, it's just they they are personally liable to fix the thing of it breaks, and provide storage for it when not in use? Do kids in college scream at their teachers that this is un-American? Shouldn't friends be competing with each other, to the death of the weakest? What's wrong with all these people?

I (BMcC) cast my fishing line, hoping to catch a fish. Wise men (and wise cats) fish here. Meow!

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