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  1. Oh, plesae, let me grovel and apologize for being unchivalrous! Of course I did not mean that women and children should go first into the trenches and over the top, but only like a gentleman that they should be first in lifeboats leaving a sinking ship! And, obviously, equal rights should not mean equal opportunity to die for their country in battle, either. Mea culpa!
  2. Respectfully, I see no reason why I should not be protected too, at least as much as women and chidren, just because I have a Y chrosome and are of a certain age. I want nothing to do with "manylt" things like football or killing people in a war. And I have a mind which is valuable; I am not just meat, or, as Shakespeare's Fallstaff described it: "Food for powder." Indeed, all intellectuals, scientists and other persons who have skill need to be internationalized as living treaasures to humanity, and protected from harm in wars and elsewhere.
  3. "Daddy, what did you do in our country's noble fight for freedom again the evil enemy in the war to save mommy from being blown up by them exploding a hand grenade up her vagina after 10,287 of them would have brutally raped her and made her eat me alive while our brave soldiers, my schoolmates' daddies, never injured a single civilian in bombing the evil enemy's cities?" "Son, I studied Rabelais and Cervantes to help presere civilization from being collateral damage of all those ignorant hormonal men killing each other and destroying cultural assets and the ladies goading them on to do it. Don't listen to the propaganda and you dont have to do their Pledge of Allegiance before class in school when they all distract themselves from the fact that their parents are and they are being brainwashed to become wage-slaves and soldiers in future wars they will cook up, you know, we've been through all that.... So keep learning your Sumerian grammar studying with those cuneiform tablets I got from somebody many years ago and you must never let anybody know we have them, right? which I did not have the opportunity to learn when I was your age and my parents were chasing 'The Amerian Dream'.And always be thankful you have a deformed foot so you will be unfit to die in the next war these ignorant people cook up to keep from being bored to death after they've just said 'No!', again. Taboo, hoo, son! You know they make you be naked to inspect your body. Wanna watch 'Innocence of Islam" again after dinner tonite? No, 'Paths of Glory"? Yes, that's better, I agree. And sure, tomorrow we can go to the salvage auction from the defunct casino they're demolishing, to get some material for new readymades.... Now go play with Agathe and never let them trick either of you into wanting to have children, which would just maybe harm her lovely body and lower your standard of living and maybe have to work to feed another mouth to give them more 'food for powder'.
  4. It's the same in every war; Here's from the Ukraine War in February 2024. «Pavlo is a conscription officer looking for soldiers for Ukraine's army.... After all he's been through, I wonder whether he understands why other men evade the draft. Pavlo lost his arm fighting in Bakhmut "One day, their children will ask what they did during the war, when the men were fighting. When they reply, 'I was hiding,' then they'll plummet in the children's eyes," Pavlo says firmly. And yet the price Ukraine is paying to defend itself is already immense.» A war widow says: "But maybe being enslaved by Russia is more frightening? Now we see death. It's very difficult. Very difficult. But there is no way back. We can't give up." (BBC, "Exhausted Ukraine struggles to find new men for front line", 2 days ago [+2024.02.14], By Sarah Rainsford, Eastern Europe correspondent, Cherkasy Ukraine) Always the two aspects: disgraced men who did not fight, and women who fear being enslaved if the other side wins. There was, horribly, a case where the latter was a genuine concern: The Nazis; but in most wars neither side is a monster except in the other side's propaganda, yes?
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