"Nationalism: seeing the future as the past" (Prof. Samuel Moyn)  
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The Cold War

Kill Commies for Christ!

"Timeo Americanos et dona ferentes" (BMcC[18-11-46-503]; translate:: "Beware of American foreign aid!")

Long story short: If the United States had been sincere about anything after the end of World War II, instead of trying to turn every country into an anti-communist bastion, we should hav given them aid to become neutral material not just formal democracies which would have protected themselves against The Evil Empire and also have not fallen for American superficial consumerism, by the people becoming so highy educated as to not buy the propaganda of either side. Neither Disneyland nor The Gulag.

We should have "isolated" Russia not with nuclear weapons but with liberating education and worker self-management, so that the people would have eschewed all bosses of any ilk, both executives of so-called private enterprises and also Party Officials of so-called communism.

"Communists" can infiltrate places where the people are wage-slvesjust like probalby CIA backed agitators can infiltrate state run enterprises wher the people havve to wait hours in lines to buy bread unless it runs out before they ge to the head of the line. But would persons who are co-owners of worker-owned and managed cooperatives give up tier freedom to either a capitalist or a communist? Not likely. Just like one does not her of former slaves wanting their chains bak, and, as I recently learned, Abraham Lincoln thought a biig differnce batween wage-labor and slavery was that the latter was apermanent not a tmporary condition.

If the worers had no democracy in th Soviet Union, the workers in The United States had no freedom in the workplace, either. A recruiter her in the land of the free and the home of the brave once told me: "If your boss tells you to jump, jyou ask: How high?'" What democracy is ther in that?

Were the Soviets trying to subvert us? If they were, hadn't we declared they wwere the enemy, so it would be rational for them to defend themselves against us? We tried to stop them from getting in, instead of changing ourselves so that nobody here would find them tempting. It was like patching a high pressure water pipe from the outside: The water keeps pressing on the weak spot inside the pipe. Fix the inside so there are no weak spots.

If we had made all Americans extremely delighted with their lives, the Soviet agents would never have found any malcontents to flip, would they? Instead we kept producing unhappy people and trying to solve the problem by threatening to make them even more unhappy by punishing them as traitors to a country that had not earned their loyalty. And if an enemy did try to infiltrate from outside, everyone would have been alert to protect what they cherished (not to go hunting witches hiding under their beds). If we really were a shining city on a high hill we wouldn't have need for sump pumps.

My parents had not earned my love, but they haircutted me. My teachers did not earn my respect, but they tested me. Then my country wanted my body for spam in 'Nam. I never even got any "tea and tympathy". One of the books I read probably in my last year in perp school, which, of course, was not a school assignment, had a happy ending: the protagonist dug a hole to the center of the earth and set off a huge bomb there, thus cleansing the universe of all the bad things on the surface. Nobody offered me a better deal so I had to try to make the best of a bad situation. What went around never came around; they got away with it. The[ir] Cold WarMy hope

Nationalism is bad. Patriotism is bad.

Cheering flag waving leads to crying flag draping, on coffins.

Nationalism and patriotism cause uneducated people who are victims of their hormones to kill each other. My country right or wrong. What the shit does national identity do for anybody except give people who cannot create anything to live for something pervertedly to believve they are living for by dying for it? In the 19th century the German Army did not wan the standard of living of the masses to rise becaue the more pleasures in this world are available to persons, the less eager they are to go to the next for their country.

I would not be bugged by it or by them so much if they kept it to themselves. But I want no part of it and they have not protected me from themselves nor have I found any way to live in a social world more suitable to myself. I am Franz Kafka's K., and I never liked either it or them. Can anybody give me a hand up and out of this wretched-for-me place?

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