False memories and false people

I (BMcC) was a nerdy kid who had ideologically incorrect thoughts (1962-64) in school. I was not a conformist. I opposed "the cult of school spirit", so, presumably I would have opposed the cult of "diversity" spirit, too.The nerdy kid, who, it should be obvious, is me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"The nerdy kid asks: "Is it OK to speak International Aviation English, Mx. Principal?"

False people

"Every false self is a true self: a liar is a liar and a prig is a prig and so forth...." (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

"'The lamps are going out all over America, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time', British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey remarked to a friend on the eve of the United States' entry into the Culture Wars." (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

All trash to recycling!"Phoebe Ellsworth, a social psychologist at the University of Michigan, said that, when [Elizabeth] Loftus was invited to speak at her school in 1989. 'the chair would not allow her to set foot in the psychology department. I was furious, and I went to the chair and said, "Look, here you have a woman who is becoming one of the most famous psychological scientists there is." But her rationale was that Beth was setting back the progress of women irrevocably.'" (The New Yorker, +2021.04.05, "Past Imperfect: Elizabeth Loftus changed the meaning of memory. Now her work collides with our traumatized moment", Rachel Aviv; emphasis added)[1]

Not only the Trumpublicans, but also the treasonous clerks who may be among the Wokie lefties have transactionalized / weaponized truth as a means to advance their Good Causes. Some of these people are what I call The Angela Davis Loving Bourgeois (ADLB)All trash to recycling!. They are all very self-righteous and attack when called out because they don't like their self-adulatory, self-soothing (what else?) hypocrisy being exposed, as I myself have recently been dissed by one of them who fortunately does not have power to injure me (+2021.03.30). neo-Prigs that presumably engage in LGBQWERTY sex acts. It is fortunate they don't yet have political power to bring back Joseph McCarthy's witch-hunting, only this time against people more mainstrean than "tailgunner Joe's" victims. What noise does a toadie bullfrog make? "Woke! Woke!"

A young lady who has protected her virtue from male hormones and from her own hormones too. Or maybe she is already an old hagfish?

Me (BMcC[18-11-46-503])? I am an equal opportunity offender. Manipulative perma-virgins who get themselves jobs in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office and then play coy "look don't touch" sex games hoping to get the man to ask them some horrible question like: "Do you like sex with older men?" and then use that to bring him down or maybe get an out of court settlement out of him, are despicable. Bait the bear! If they are so concerned to protect their virginity, then why haven't they entered a nunnery? Answer: They are pyramiding their self-interest. On this item, see: Common sense about sex in the Age of Wokeness.

Same sort of rubbish like with people getting all indignant and crocidile teary-eyed about the assassination on 2 October 2018, of Jamal Khashoggi, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. What the hell did anybody think was going to happen to him when he entered the building? Get a medal for speaking from a tyrannical political regime for having spoken out agaist it? And what the hell was he doing there? He was a getting a little advance Valentine's Day card for his true love; he could easily have kept himself safe and slept with the woman in sin, couldn't he? Itchy, kitschy, coo.

Everything bad I have done in my life is due to "the Them" (Heidegger's "das Man" sociologized) having failed to provide the newborn then infant then small child and then teenager I was with what i needed to live and find gratification in life, but intrusively invading my soul with the metastatic "the Them"-ness that had colonized their minds, starting at least with an unnecessary infantile circumcisionAll trash to recycling! to take away from me part of what little I had ("From those who have little, what little they have shall be taken away."). And so, having no other option than to have my soul exposed by them to rape at will, I tried to make do by any means I could find to survive their doings and not doings to me. If we grant that they did not premeditatedly intend to crush my spirit, then they instantiate the old saw that the road to hell is paved with the good intentions of people who do not know better. I blame it all on their social surround which made them be that wsy, at least as for my "parents" (biological progenitors), although I am not so sure about the teaches, who, unlike them, were college educated.

Nobody can speak for who or what they are not (which means that my parents and prig teaches had no right to meddle in my life, because I was not like them). But here's a fantasy: If I was of sub-Sahara African descent and somebody called me a "n*gger" (no bleeps) or any or many other disgusting epithets, if they posed a cossibly credible threat to harm me I would eat it, just iike, as a white person, if another white person pointed a gun at my head in the street. The issue would not be the words but the potential deed. Otherwise I would by choice just ignore the pathetic person. But if said creature got in my way, I would politely, but firmly, like Diogenes of Sinope with regard to Alexander the Great, ask the person to kindly step aside a little to stop blocking my view of the scenery behind them. The only the words that hurt anybody ecept a Political Correctnesser are on "pink slips" (or similar documents, including: "draft cards").

False memories

That's my take on false people. As for false memories, I'd love to find out my mother had sexually molested me as an infant. Coerced enemas do not count as anal rape, do they? I hate the bitch, and I doubt that I ever in my life called her by any term of endearment, such as "mom".They never coerced me to do that, only to stop calling her "mud"; "mother" was acceptable to them, I guess because it showed how intelligent they must themselves be to have such a precociously articulate small child. Of course at the time I did not know the word "bitch": I was repulsed by my mother and father's bodies and did not want them to touch my fragile flesh, and just vaguely wished they would stop it. I am no apologist for bad parents. But bad parents don't like that. Perps of a feather defend each other even id they do not know each other personally; it's a matter of class self-preservation.

I have no doubt that false memories occur. I think I have one. My take on false memories is that behind every false menory is a truth – just maybe it has been displaced from its proper object. Kick the cat. Burn the witch!

I have three memories from before first grade:

  1. Being haircuttedAll trash to recycling!.
  2. Sitting on my potty and being required by my mother to "concentrate", until I produced fecal matter.
  3. Waiting in a hot crowded room in Hutzler's Department Store parking garage until the attendant brought my father's car for the three of us to leave the store.
  4. (My parents' little one act play which they staged to threaten me with abandonment unless I told my mother I loved her was probably later than the three preceding items.)

I have no reason to doubt the foregoing items. The thing a think is questionable are some things I believed about my father's military service in World War II. I finally got a copy what was supposedly his military record which says he w a gunner on a B-29 and the only service he had outside the continental United States was 2 months on Puerto Rico (I have photographs which may confirm this, but they could jusut as well have been fro the Marianas, as far as I can tell. Why did I know the words "Alamogordo", "white phosphorous bomb"? Why did I think he was an engineer on a B-29 and romanticize that he participated ithe fire-bombing of tokyo (9-10 March 1945)? The part about engineer and fire-bombing may have been something I invented over the years. But "Alamogordo", where the atomic bomb work wa being done, doe not see a likely invention, also Carlsbad Caverns. Finally, there is a marking on the picture I have of his airplane: "B-50", which, as far as I now know is what B-29's became after the war had ended and he was out of "the service". This is my possible false memory, and it does not seem to relate to anything traumatic. To repeat: I was traumatized, but not by what I think are false memories.

Nothing pleases me more than to dig up dirt on bad people. But falsification of injuries for emotional and/or economic and/or other profit, I find disgusting, also. I don't want to hear any "come hither" looking 25 year old perma-virgin saying New York's Governor should lose his job because maybe he gave her a unwelcome kiss, especially when she did not smash his face and send him to the orthopedic surgeon at the time. Opportunists!

Finally here, one of the two psychoanalytic patients I had at the third-rate psychoanalytic institute I attended was, to put it colloquially "fucked up". But whether or not he had any infantile traumata seemed to me uninteresting except maybe prurient interest. Why? Because he clearly remembered as a school age child being forced by his mother to stand rigidly still for two hours and not move or say anything. If this was a false emory, so be it. I think it's enough to cause a child severe mental problems, such as becoming a wife/girlfriend molester (which he apparently was). With a mother like that, who needs repressed or falsified memories? But I don't hear the Wokies talking about things like this. I wonder if they would call my father giving me a coerced enema with my mother present with him watching it (the only one I can date had to be when I was 7th grade) anal rape? And my mother jamming my head into the kitchen sink backwards to wash my hair after I had been subjected by my manly father to a manly haircut I did not want, where she could have broken my neck and rendered me paralyzed from the neck down but she was hell bent on washing what was left of the hair on my scalp, what would the Wokie psychologist call that? White male middle-class boys don't count because they're not members of their privileged oppressed race/tribe?

As far as I am concerned, if when I say children should not trust their parents, they get indignant, then probably they have something to hide, if only that, as adults, they are human sheep who are Woke not awake. As per Adolf Loos's judgment about people in thge 20th century who decorate anything, they are either criminals or degenerates who have not yet committed their crime.

As for any "psychologists" like the treasonous clerk in the quote that starts this page, I am pleased to be moderately schizoid because they don't deserve to be part of my life (even though I cannot get away from them), and one of the few living creatures which helps me find any satisfaction in y days is my sweet pet cat who like nothing better than to enjoy being petted. They – the so-called people lhtat include that psychologist iin the quote who ws defending her social class – should shape up or ship out; unfortunately they ae not ubject to retroactive birth-control. That being the case, the hopeful thing about each and every one of them is that each will one day die. To repeat the bumper sticker I once saw on a car in Washington DC (The Mall, one early Sunday morning, where I considered myself, as a white person, to be at risk):

I hate you as much as you hate me.[2]


I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) finally got to test one of my possibly false memories, +2021.05.01. I was talking with my new across the street neighbor who happens to be an automobile mechanic specializing in Porsches. I took a risk. I asked him if something I seem to remember from maybe age 12 years that sounds weird was true: I seem to remember that my father's brother told me that the way Porsche got the seams between the doors and the car's body right (1960) was to fill in the gap between door and body with lead and then use a tool to melt the lead to form a perfect fit between door and car body. I thought that might be a false memory. The neighbor confirmed that at the time (1960), Porsche finished the car doors exactly that way. So there is confirmation that at least one of my weird memories is not also a false memory, although I think, in general, that what has meaning means more than what is factually correct, esp.: a large mind's errors are often more valuable than a small mind's correctnesses.

False choices

As I write thie (+2021.07.18), there is a big todo here in the United States of Batista Exiles, about mass protests in Cuba against the Cuban government. My guess is that all the people here want the Cuban "communist" government to be overthrown and a capitalist MacRegime installed. It seemed like a choice between two bad things.(1) Havana being restored to its Batista era role as a playground for Miami celebrities and mafiosi, complete with a"strip" of brightly lit casino hotels wasting electricity, and (2) a repressive nominally "communist" but really just bureaucratic regime that, like all regimes, left, right and other, mainly wants just to stay in power,

Then I read the Freedom Socialist Party's take on the protests. The Freedom Socialist Party are Trotskyites. Their idea is to support the protestors to bring about genuine worker self-rule in Cuba. Surely neither the current Cuban government regine nor the Batistaites would like this idea, and even more certainly neither of them suggested it. So the American people are offered the false forced alternatives of a capitalist reversion which will be great for the Batistites but probably just provide MacMinimumWage jobs for the Cuban people, and a repressive bureaucratic regime. Why not America stop supporting the Batistaites and non-violently offer to help the Cuban people and government implement authentic workers' industrial democracy? If the government is really pro-communist and not just bureaucratic, how could they resist such an offer? A new Kronstadt rebellion, that wins.

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    Bradford McCormick | New York
    There was something really frightening and disgusting in The New Yorker Magazine, April 5, 2019. The head of a major university psychology department would not allow a famous woman psychology professor to set foot in the department office because she felt the person's scholarly research was "setting back the progress of women irrevocably". When truth becomes transactionalized as a tool for partisan objetives it's game over for the life of th mind. Tenebrae mentium teneba orbis (prejudiced minds darken the world).
  2. Contrast this presumptively black racial pride with the cute little immaculately polished chocolate Porsche, the rear end of which I once saw zipping past me up the long uphill on The Taconic Parkway just north of Yorktown Heights, which had a vanity license plate reading: "DERRIERE". If you gotta have attitude, have some "class" and have: "CATTITUDE", which is a reference to a Miley Cyrus (remember her from asexual Disney kiddie kitsch?) bitch-pop song, and which was a bumper sticker I saw in the back of an immaculate black BMW325 AWD AMD 5-speed, where I was never able to run into the owner on the street but wanted to. If my Honda Civic CRX-HF had been blue, I would have bought a vanity plate: "DORAEMON", but I'm an elitist old [effeminate but not LGBQWERTY] white male who would like to got a few more bucks out of my social surround and people like me are just good for extracting reparations out of, for the Wokies. As Marie Antoinette did not say: Let them eat their own bodies. Meow!

Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!
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