True self / False self

Monk revealing his true self behind his public face.

Picture is of a life-size wood sculpture of a standing Buddhist monk in the collection of the Kyoto National Museum, ca. 11th Century CE. In Japan, monks are associated with the tanuki animal, which is similar to a raccoon: very clever and tricky. One needs to be suspicious of monks.

Here we see a pious religious figure revealing his true self: the real person under his public face. Religious leaders present one image to the faithful, and another to their intimates in their private lives, but of course that is not so different from a lot of lay persons too, like many managers in business or teachers and politicians, is it? Smiling faces tell lies.All trash to recycling!

Never trust anybody who tells you to trust them. Go to Youtube and listen and learn from the old soul song: "Smiling faces sometimes", from The Undisputed Truth (1971). – or just: Read some of the lyrics here.

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