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"Home is where we start from." (D.W. Winnicott)
"...the root of history is the working, creating human being who reshapes and overhauls the given facts. Once he has grasped himself and established what is his, without expropriation and alienation, in real democracy, there arises in the world something which shines into the childhood of all and in which no one has yet been: homeland." (Ernst Bloch)
"The war is over. You have come home, while yet there is time." (my hope[ Consider obstacles to such a happy homecoming! ])


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 [ Read Brad's doctoral dissertation! ] Examine my doctoral dissertation: Communication: The Social Matrix of Supervision of Psychotherapy (study social relations of asymmetrical power, i.e., where one person is dependent on another).  
 [ Review Brad's resume! ] Review my résumé.
 [ Is the adventure of universalizing culture in The West over? ] Is the adventure of Universalizing Culture in "The West" over? (L'Avventura)
 [ Watch out! ] How can we fight the new global terrorism? Emergent epidemic diseases, e.g., SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome)? And, now: "Bird flu" (H5N1)....
 [ Read proposal for social renewal! ] Leisure is the basis of culture. (Tackle: Some Contemporary Communication Challenges) [ Learn about SGML! ]
 [ Learn about SGML! ] Learn about humanistic computer technologies: SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), & APL (A Programming Language).
 [ Review Brad's resume! ] Learn to eat well, enjoy & stay thin (the French way).  [ Have a leisured lunch at a French cafe! ][ Have a leisured lunch at a French cafe! ]
 [ Visit President and Mrs. Clinton's new home! ] Visit [former] United States President William Jefferson Clinton & [current] Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's home in Chappaqua, NY (also: my own former home there)....
 [ See U.S. 2000 Presidential election Florida vote counting! ] See hand recounting Florida ballots in November 2000 U.S. Presidential election: O! say can you see! The [trifecta] winner? George W Bush.... Also: News story I posted here over a year before it happened: Bush hunts Saddam Hussein WMDs.
 [ View Brad's envelope art! ] View my Envelope Art. Digital photographs (incl. my Maine Coon cats: "The paws that refresh", and Bizenware sake cup). Post-Postmodern artwork. More web art[ Check out the web art on this website! ]  [ In hoc signo vinces! ]
 [ Critique Brad's achitecture designs! ] Critique architectural designs I did in 1981 Harvard Career Discovery Program and later. + Garden I designed for my home, inspired by Ise "Wedded rocks".
 [ Hear about Brad's childrearing! ] Find out about my childrearing and preparatory schooling (and/or my more recent: aging). Also: The next generation: My daughter Mimi.
 [ Read my aphorisms! ] Less is more[fn.46b[ Go to footnote! ]] :: Aphorisms for a human[e] world....
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 [ Learn how the Star acquired Bars and saved lives! ] Learn how the Star acquired Bars and saved lives!
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A[ Remember, reflect, renew.... ]n "essay" is an attempt... a venturing forth to explore and/or test ("assay")... an interpretive or analytical report of what has thereby been encountered.... While I am not sanguine about reasoning from etymology (à la Heidegger...), and leery of reasoning from homonymy and other irrationalities (à la Lacan...), I contend that all discourse is rhetorical (arises from persons' aspirations...). Therefore no symbolic form is to be dismissed out of hand, but rather all need to be interpreted and situated, and, where appropriate, creatively and nurturingly (re-)appropriated by responsibly generative individuals in community[fn.9[ Go to footnote! ]] -- in what Hans-Georg Gadamer called: "the conversation that we are" (Reason in the Age of Science, p.xxiii). This website aims to be an example of self-thematizing application of this approach.

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"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thes. 5:21)

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[ Crescit eundo.... ]Revisit, review, revise... Ca. 1981, I thought up a cartoon character: the Alligeditor: "Likes books!" The drawing (alas, lost...) was an alligator solidly chomping down on a large tome between its powerful jaws. I had just become acquainted with computer text editing, and realized how much value we can gain from going back over (and over...) what we have written. We can learn new things from old words, and keep testing the value of what we wrote [as part of our overall life situation]. The way to really like (and get nourishment from) books is to critique them mercilessly (save the mercy for living persons!). Martin Heidegger wrote: "Questioning is the piety of thinking." Join me in feasting -- gourmeting is best, but gourmandizing not the worst -- at the universal bibliographical smörgåsbord....[ Crescit eundo.... ]
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