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[ Go to Notepad+ download site! ] This web site was established ca. 01 December 1996. The site map[fn.7a[ Go to footnote! ]] was produced with Web Hotspots 2.0. All other HTML, SGML, XML (etc.) on this site hand-coded, using (freeware) Notepad+ for Windows 95/NT. Digital photos produced with Olympus D-300L digital camera.

[ Learn about SGML! ]I coded many of the pages before I knew about SGML, or that HTML is an SGML application, and that things like <b> and <i> elements are containers, so that a sequence such as:

normal <b>bold only <i>bold+italic</b> italic only</i> normal

[ Support web standards! ]is syntactically wrong, because the containers overlap and thus improperly nest. (See example pages which, in my ignorance, I coded sloppily.) Because the most popular web browser, Internet Explorer, displays such material as desired: "normal bold only bold+italic italic only normal", there is often little incentive to make the HTML be structurally correct. This gives HTML a reputation for being "sloppy", "formless", "anything goes", etc.

What's right?

normal <b>bold only <i>bold+italic</i></b> <i>italic only</i> normal

is syntactically correct, because the italic+bold text is in an italic container inside a bold container, and the italic-only text is in its own distinct container.

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[ Read W3C HTML 3.2 announcement letter! ]In May 1998, I reworked many of my pages to be HTML 3.2 conformant. [Read W3C HTML 3.2 announcement letter (07 May 1996): Click here!] In other pages, however, I wished to retain tagging which is not part of the HTML 3.2 standard: especially, bgcolor attribute in <td> elements, to add color. I was able to validate these remaining pages as "transitional" HTML 4.0. [ Loose HTML 4.0 Checked! Test me! ] [Note 08Aug01: I have now validated most of the pages on this site with a second HTML validator, from Web Design Group, so that this site is double validated.] I also subject the entire website to my own further standards of normation (see, e.g., Perl script: titles.pl). I think I can with some warrant apply to this website the old Revox tape recorder company advertising slogan:

It's built like a brick shipyard

Please see my web design criteria page, for more thoughts about how to make HTML pages that both conform to standards and also are attractive.

Note: the graphics on this website definitely are not professional quality. I have cobbled them together with primitive means. I ask you to judge them accordingly, and try to see what these pages are trying to be if I could devote my prime time to working on them and bring appropriate resources to bear.

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11 September 2002.

The material below is no longer current. It is from the time when I worked on this website from a single computer (the G6-200), and I had my "canonical" source files, and all my backups stored there. (See picture of my workspace, Above[ See picture of my computer workspace, above! ]) I started working on this website at a time when I worked at home for my paying job, so that my home computer was "home" to my paid business employment computer files as well as my personal website source files. (I early came to appreciate the virtues of "relative links"!) Throughout each day, something I was doing for work would suggest something to do with my personal website, and vice-versa. So what is below here on this web page largely reports things no longer current.

Today, my connection with a particular computer is attenuated. My website has become more like a "floating world" which I can install on any Windows computer in perhaps an hour (to make the necessary adaptations to make it at home on a UNIX machine would take a little effort, mostly due to the difference in text-file line end character sequences).

[ Learn about SGML! ]With the demise of SGML, some of the programs listed below are no longer highly relevant (if they still exist at all, esp. OMNIMARK LE). Most of the SGML pages on this site are now "frozen", since I don't have the tools or remember how to change them, and nobody would look at them any more anyway. (I had hoped SGML on the Web, led by Yuri Rubinsky's Panorma SGML browser plugin, would flourish, but that did not happen.) Since my job no longer requires me to make an institutional website work with a variety of web browsers, I no longer "collect" new browser releases....

Best wishes! I'd like to hear what you're up to![ Email me! ]

[ Go to Gateway 2000! ] My development environment is a Gateway 2000 G6-200mhz Pentium Pro (mfg date: 13 Sep 96), with 64 megs ram, Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller, Seagate Hawk ST31055N and ST32155W hard drive, IOMEGA internal Jaz drive, and APC 650 Uninterruptible Power Supply and PC Power and Cooling heat alarm (which actually "went off" one hot, humid day...). I have also recently (Dec 97) bought a Toshiba 440CDT notebook, which runs Windows95 (upgraded to Windows98 2nd Edition, 29 Jul 99) and has a 800x600 resolution screen, and thereby offers me a somewhat different perspective on the Internet....

Note: I have had occasional problems with the Jaz drive, including several bad cartridges, and the drive itself failing after about 8 months (I got a replacement from IOMEGA). When I look for another backup / archival storage device, I'll try to find some hopefully less worrisome technology -- perhaps: writable CD-rom or magneto-optical storage?

Update, 27Sep01: I just received a new Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook to replace the Toshiba. It has Windows 2000 (which I have updated to SP2), 1.13ghz Pentium III processor, 512 megs memory, 30 gig hard disk, 1400x1050 resolution screen, and CD-RW (which will replace the Jaz drive for backups! 28Jun02 update: I have moved to backing up my website by "mirroring" the source files on different computers at different physical locations, and making a CD occasionally as a further backup, but mainly to check that the files on the mirroring computers are all in sync). 30Aug03 update: Updated Windows 2000 to Service Pack 4.

Update, 21Jul03: I am still also using the 1996 Gateway 2000 machine (with Windows NT 4.0 SP6a). The UPS battery died a couple years ago, and all my Jaz cartridges have ceased to be writable. But the computer still runs and I can connect to the Internet with it. It also has a Brother laser printer attached which I got a couple years ago. 10 Aug 03: I applied over a year of Microsoft's "Critical Updates" to my system this day, and the updates destroyed the computer's ability to connect to the Internet, and I can't figure out how to undo the damage, so I guess this computer is now dead, thanks to my trusting Microsoft. "Microsoft giveth, and Microsoft taketh away!"

Current software includes:

  • Microsoft:
    • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Service Pack 6a[fn.12[ Go to footnote! ]]
    • [ Old Netscape icon ] [ Go to Netscape browser archive! ]
      Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (Supports XML; see my XML test pages)
    • Office 97 Professional Edition SR-2 (and Outlook 98)
    • Image Composer 1.0 (Does not work with Win2K!)
    • Visual C++ 5.0
  • Norton Anti-Virus 2000
  • Netscape Communicator 4.80 (WinNT; 4.74 on Linux) and Mozilla 1.4.1
  • Silicon Graphics COSMO 2.1.1 VRML player (free Netscape/MSIE plug-in)
  • [ Go to Sun Java website! ]Lynx 2.8.3 (GNU freeware; now with mouse support!)
  • Sun:
    • Java Development Kit 1.3
      • Note: I have upgraded all -- all 4; no! now 56 (check out my new @Swatchbeat clock!) -- of the applets on this website to JDK 1.2; consequently they no longer run in older web browsers. Sorry....
    • HotJava 3.0 web browser (very buggy!)
  • Perl version 5.6.1 (ActiveState build 629, 20Aug01) (freeware)
  • [ Go to Programming Republic of Perl! ]
    SoftQuad Panorama Publisher 2.0 (SGML web publisher / viewer), and
    SoftQuad Panorama PRO 2.0 (the earlier free version!)
  • James Clark's: SP 1.2.1 validating SGML parser (freeware)
  • OmniMark LE (freeware; no longer available)
  • Diskeeper Lite 1.1.137 (freeware)
  • WS_FTP LE 4.50 (graphical ftp client; shareware)
  • Search and Replace "Grep" utility for Windows 95/NT
  • Dimension4 SNTP clock synchronizer (freeware)
  • Linux Slackware 3.0, with Metro-X X-window software

I use Linux's LILO boot manager (and have floppy-disk disabled as a boot device, as an anti-virus measure).

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 Until 25 Dec 02, the following paragraph and image were on my Home page: 
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[ Lynx friendly site! ] [ ] Established December 1996, this page has been accessed nnn times (mostly, most likely, by its author, in developing this website, and by search-engine, mass-marketing and other webbots indexing and/or mining it...). Of currently popular web browsers, this site best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ or Netscape 4.7+.[fn.13[ Go to footnote! ]] As of 29Mar03, I am using and recommend: Mozilla 1.3.0. As of 27Nov04, I am using and recommend Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (browser) and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9 (email program).
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