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 [ Go to The Summoning of Everyman! ] The asterisk where you are leads to the Medieval "morality play": The Summoning of Everyman.
  [ See The Ship of Fools! ] See also: Selected, schooled fools, from Sebastian Brandt's: Ship of Fools (1494).
 [ Go to: Link to Engineering Ethics Help Center! ]
If you are an engineer looking for help with a work-related ethical problem, check out the Online Ethics Center Help-Line.
 [ Read H.F. Broch de Rothermann page! ] Read about impact of Hermann Broch's writings on me, and my friendship with his son, in my H.F. Broch de Rothermann page.
 [ Examine Bizen ware Sake Cup! ] See Bizen ware sake cup I purchased in Japan (1984), plus other pieces from my small pottery collection.
 [ View BMcC web art! ] Webpage art: e-Homage to the square (after Joseph Albers). mondrEaan. e-religious (Splitptych); e-I.H.S. e-political (Spectral lines). More e-art[ Go to directory of e-art on this website! ]  [ In hoc signo vinces! ]
 [ Go to political satire about the Clintons! ] Take virtual tour of President and Mrs. Clinton's new home in Chappaqua, NY....
 [ Read lyrics of songs from IBM Songbook! ] Rare items of Americana: (1) lyrics from the IBM Songbook, (2) IBM poster: "How to Stuff a Wild Duck".  
 [ Learn about SGML! ] <![%THINK;[SGML]]> SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is a powerful new "technology of the word" ("noetic prosthesis") -- possibly as significant as alphabetic writing or moveable type. For some thoughts about SGML's potential contribution to our culture, see: email to a scholarly mailing list. For very basic and, I hope, friendly and intriguing, introduction by example to what SGML actually is, see: Intro to SGML.
[ Go to Yuri Rubinsky memorial WEB site! ]
[ Learn about SGML! ]
  [ Learn about APL! ] Learn about APL computer programming language, which does for numbers something like SGML does for text. APL is imaginatively appealing and elegant.
 [ View post-postmodern artwork! ] Deconstruct an ersatz-Jenny Holzer Java applet Post-postmodernist artwork, and a Post-modern sculpture. (In trying to learn Java programming, I also created a pattern matching test, at which you may wish to try your skill.)
 [ See what's hiding in plain sight! See sentimentality for what it really is! ] Learn big secret about siamese twins of the spirit: ambivalence and sentimentality (aka/DBA: romance). What should be the role of myth in our lives?
[ Where is AOL man going to? ]
 [ Find out what time your computer thinks it is! ] Horology pages. Thoughts about mechanical wristwatches. Links to manufacturers' and other horological websites. Learn about @Swatch beat time. What time does your computer think it is? Read brief literary / philosophical quotes about time: "it's About time".... [ What time does your computer think it is? Find out here! ]
  [ Think about metaphor of our life as sea voyage and shipwreck! ] See also: "Shipwreck with Spectator" (Life as a journey...).
 [ Read about virtual reality! ] Are you into virtual reality? Also: The Internet: A warning!
 [ Read about various topics! ] Last but not lost: Aphorisms for a humane world, puns and riddles, haikus, Just So Stories, thoughts and images not otherwise classified[ Go to thoughts and images! ] (and more stuff)   
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One of my continuing interests in developing this website is to explore effective hypertext navigation strategies. The site map at the top of this page (above[ See site map! ]), consistent use of an intuitive set of navigation icons, and the referral links "apparatus" at the bottom of every page (e.g., below), are examples. I invite suggestions for improvement. Also, if you are interested in this topic, you may wish to read a brief note, by Prof. Robert McClintock: Device Independent Referencing.   

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