Welcome to Chappaqua, Bill and Hillary!

[ Sign at entrance to The Church of St. John and St. Mary, Chappaqua, NY ]

Chappaqua welcomes the Clintons! Welcome, Bill! Welcome, Hillary! In honor of their anticipated advent, the town's church's parishioners rededicate their house of worship.... Next![ Get a mortgage! ]

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Note: I (BMcC) live in a small (1-1/2 bedroom) cottage directly across the street from this church, about 1 kilometer from the Clintons' new home. (See view from our living room window!) Of course the parishioners of The Church of St. John and St. Mary did not rename their Parish Center after Bill and Hillary Clinton.
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Do all good things have to come to an end, and need they do so so soon? In 2006, we moved because my wife wanted more room; I have been deprived of my whole "form of life", built up over 12 years, that fit me well in many ways.[ An experience in the new house we moved into June 2006 -- Click for more... ]

You are person # to take this virtual tour of the Clintons' Chappaqua, since Sep 99.

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