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Pursue problems in depth, with integrated focus on both context ("the big picture") and details. Cultivate long-term involvement with individuals and organizations, to diagnose needs and appreciate potentials. Effective communicator, adept at helping a diverse spectrum of persons clarify their own situations, to enhance their powers of further self-development. Diversified technical and academic background, to iteratively elaborate computer mediated communication (CMC) solutions that open up new opportunities.

Over thirty years experience in computer programming, system design and development. Earned doctorate in human communication dynamics. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills, combined with innovating, creative ability. Thorough in executing tasks; empathic and patient working with people. Effective teacher, public speaker, and "translator" between technical experts and non-technically oriented users.


Computer Programming and Analysis

Current skills: Java+Swing and servlets, Perl, XML, HTML, CGI scripting. UNIX, Windows 2000/XP.... Prior experience: SGML, OmniMark. JavaScript, ASP scripting. C/C++. MS/DOS, 8086 Assembler. MVS/370 internals, S/370 Assembler, PL/S. JCL, VM/370, TSO. COBOL, APL, Smalltalk....

Graphical User Interface[fn.61[ Go to footnote! ]] (GUI) and website development. Usability analysis. Educational software research. Publishing technology. Technical training and documentation. Systems programming....

Academic Background (Problem solving methodology)

Dialogical Communication and Communication Media theory. Phenomenology. Hermeneutics. Social Impact of Technology. Object-Relations psychoanalysis....


Columbia University, Teachers College

Yale University


Pace University


DELL/EMC | SMARTS (System Management Arts), White Plains NY. 1999-

Senior Software Engineer (2007-2018).
Software Engineer (1999-2007).

Grolier Educational, Danbury CT. 1997-99

Systems Administrator.

Teachers College Columbia University, Institute for Learning Technologies, New York NY. 1996-97

WEB Developer.

IBM Corporation, Research Division, Yorktown Heights NY. 1978-96

Staff Programmer. 1981-96

Associate / Senior Associate Programmer (System Products Division, Poughkeepsie NY). 1978-81


Analyst and systems programmer positions of increasing responsibility. Installed and maintained MVS, OS/MVT, VS/1, CICS, and miscellaneous software packages (TSO, PANVALET, LIBRARIAN, COBOL compiler...). Wrote assembly language extensions and modifications to the operating system (SMF exits, user SVCs...). Provided technical support to operations and applications programming staff.

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore MD. 1969-72

Museum Shop Manager. 1970-72

Assistant to Registrar. 1969-70


[Reflecting on technology.] Science and Public Policy, 2007, 34(1), 75.

Understanding who we conceive ourselves to be. Science and Public Policy, 2003, 30(5), 382-383.

Towards a self-reflexive society. Science and Public Policy, 2002, 29(3), 237-238.

The Envelope as an Art Form: Computer-Aided Images. LEONARDO: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, 1984, 17(1), 20-23.


COMPEER (Westchester Jewish Community Services), Hartsdale NY. 1989-90

Westchester Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Mt. Kisco NY

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