Ex Libris. Greek

Man carrying a calf, ca. 560 BCE. Couldn't the teachers at St. Paul's School for Boys have carried me gently into the the world of high culture worth living in instead of treating me as veal?

The teachers at St. Paul's Illiberal Day Carcel for Pubescent Male Virgins except-for-omerta-sanitary-services-for-jocks should have taught me ancient Greek to be able to read Heraclitus and Parmenides and so forth in the original. As friends who have all things in common, per Plato, not post-13th Amendment masters of non-ocular pupils, they should have nourished my young soul to grow in leisured learning of the Greek language and academic culture, in daily re[-]creations[1] of Plato's Symposium (the medium, not necessarily the message). They did not; they were πολλοι: "Everything that crawls is tended by (god's) (whip) blow." (Heraclitus, frag. 11)

. αaalpha  ιiiota    ρrrho
. βbbeta  κkkappa  σ/ ςssigma[f]
. γggamma  λllambda    τttau
. δddelta  μmmu    υuupsilon
. εeepsilon  νnnu    φphphi
. ζzzeta  ξksxi    χkhchi
. ηeeta  οoomicron    ψpspsi
. θththeta  πppi    ωoomega
. -------------------------------- ---------------------------.- -----------------------
. ΑaAlpha  ΙiIota    ΡrRho
. ΒbBeta  ΚkKappa    ΣsSigma
. ΓgGamma  λllambda    ΤtTau
. ΔdDelta  ΜmMu    ΥuUpsilon
. ΕeEpsilon  ΝnNu    ΦphPhi
. ΖzZeta  ΞksXi    ΧkhChi
. ΗeEta  ΟoOmicron    ΨpsPsi
. ΘthTheta  ΠpPi    ΩoOmega

NATO Alphabet

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Documentation of oldest known page on BMcC[18-11-46-503] old personal "Cloud9" website: +1997.02.18. Original drawing of cartoon mice created on a real IBM punch card when mainframe computers still may have had "card readers": +1979.08.01 (≥ 1972 I had keypunched COBOL program card decks to load and run on IBM OS/VS1, and I even IPL'ed a S370/158 from a card deck I keypunched, ≤ 1974). 1979 is fairly old for computer stuff, with that drawing dating from around the computer equivalent of the Cretaceous-tertiary Extinction, 65 Million Years Ago. Who cares about computing dinosaurs like me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) who was not a T-Rex, even if I had a mammalian mind that had feelings back then, and not only a techie brain that hacked code? Small mammals didn't count for much in Computerland back then, and maybe not more in 2021. Click image or here to see source HTML Squeak!
I  do have other information that should confirm the website was up and active 3 December 1996.

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Please note that this HTML is readable by a human, unlike the very clever and sophisticated coding of most modern webpages with all sorts of gee-whiz stuff which can be inscrutable, and probably the pages look cuter but also they may have less meaningful content. The page itself is shown: here.

<title>Brad McCormick's digital photographs</title>
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<body background="small-grey-stone3.jpg">
<h2>Photos from Olympus D-300L digital camera</h2>

<font size=+1>
<table border cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 width=388>
<td colspan=3 bgcolor="#d3d3d3" width=388 height=178><a href="mice.gif"><img src="mice.gif" width=388 height=178
alt="Mouse cartoons" border=0></a>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc" width=129>
Annular eclipse of large mouse by a smaller mouse<br></td>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc" width=129>
Small mouse colliding with large mouse<br></td>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc" width=129>
Mouse with tail on wrong end of body (<I>dioxin</i> mouse)<br></td>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc">
Total eclipse of mouse of indeterminate size by larger of
at least more proximate mouse<br></td>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc">
Small tail-less mouse encountering hamburger with tail<br></td>
<td valign=top bgcolor="#fff8dc">
Mouse in the form of a coffee cup with one handle<br></td>
<tr><td align=right colspan=3 bgcolor="#fffff0">
<I>Original drawing:</i> 1 Aug 79, Poughkeepsie NY.<br>
Pencil and ink on Hollerith card.</td></tr>
<hr size=7>
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Brad McCormick, Ed.D.<br><br>
18 Feb 97</address>
+2024.02.16 v077
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  1. Please note this is a double meaning word, like a duck-rabbit is a double reading image.

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