The silent woman

This is wonderful! I had been looking for the above picture for decades and I finally found it. Not exactly. The text in the advertisements I recall from New Yorker magazines now many years ago, read: "Some fine day, you will come to Waterville, Maine: The Silent Woman restaurant." But, close enough.

What could be more offensive to Political Correctnesser left-leaning Womens' Liberator self-righteous vindictive self-appointed Stasi agent man-haters than this sweet lady, with her head chopped off? Mike the Chicken (1945-47) lived for more than a year without his head. Why not a radical "feminist"? (In chemistry, a radical is a molecule with at least one unbound electron, i.e., it's missing something and needs to bind with another atom or molecule to be at peace. Radicals are considered harmful within living systems.They can cause aging, cancer, atherosclerosis, etc.)

No way am I (BMcC) personally misogynistic. I like firm female flesh. But I am an equal opportunity offender: I abominate prigs and other hypocrites of whatever gender or lack of same. These foul "smelling" "creeps" [Yes, I know they probably deploy chemical deodorants to camouflage their corporeity] all need to learn that, apart from "pink slips" and such:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.

Call me a: "Polack"! (I cannot think of any more Politically Incorrect word for my ennate ethnicity of origin, can you, my reader? If yes, I will use it. Épater la bourgeoisie! These indignants need to learn some basic semiotics, namely, that, in many cases, a word refers to its referent, not instantiates it. And stereotypes generally have some, albeit perhaps displaced, truth behind them.)

JUMBLE puzzle, +2021.03.04. "Keep our secrets in the closet, stupid!"

Some prig 25 year old perma-virgin in New York State has self-lessly self-virtuously done her best (+2021.03.01) to get the state's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, to lose his job because she didn't like being asked if she liked to have sex with older men. She apparently wanted to have a flashy job in the Cuomo administration and also keep her virtue (play without paying), neither of which he threatened. This young lady (that's being polite about said person) could, if he asked her the question and she really got in a hissy fit over it, have slapped him in the face and left the room, since she apparently has two functional legs as well as what's between them. But no, she protests that she has no ulterior motive for her big prig PR stunt than to protect the rights of women → rights to what? To feign not being sexual beings, like that other paragon of virtue, Mr. Socrates, feigned not knowing anything, some 2,500 years before her?

But fessing up to such things would deny these "creeps" some misandrous fun, wouldn't it? I think articulate, educated (not just "schooled"!) females are great, just like articulate, educated (not just "schooled") males. Neither coquettes and shrews nor jocks and sexual predators nor "protectors of public morals" nor any McCarthy-ite ilk rate any esteem.

Here's a classic, which reportedly sent at least one of the speaker's coworkers to hide under his desk. The speaker must have had some infelicitous verbal communicative interaction with a certain female coworker. The man told the woman:

If I want any more mouth out of you, lady, I'll squeeze your head.

What could be more eloquent or cuter than this[1] (especially since it is now by some 50 years removed from all of us today)? Have the "feminists" no sense of humor? If they can't take a joke, it's a good thing for Hester Prynn that she wasn't a man in a land ruled by such dour females, for whom/which every day may be a bad hair day, if they have not voluntarily shaved their heads, or had their heads involuntarily shaved by Partisans. Don't be indignant about off-color jokes: Be indignant about Political Correctness! Off with their heads!


Who breathe much but live less,
Gift newly dead flowers
To one another and too to the dead.
They wish not to dwell
Where the peaceful view
Is of a cemetery.
When those gifted dead flowers
Having withered they will discard,
Morticians await to take them too away.
Cemetery and mortuary are patient,
The cemetery from the morticians,
To receive the dead,
For which both receive dead flowers
For the dead,
Which living workers at both will discard.
When their work for this day is done,
The workers will quaff a pint,
And go rest to come back the next, for more.[2]

(BMcC · MtK · +2021.02.14)

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  1. This same man did once say something even more eloquent. The company we worked for had contracted with a competitor to implement a key computer application, which may have been stupid. An employee of our company had been tasked as liaison. Doug Schaff said concerning this person: "If I am ever in line with him and above him I will fire him because he is a traitor." He also said, concerning himself, but which also applies to me (BMcC): "They put me off at the wrong stop when I was born."
  2. The BBC, +2021.02.14/15. There is a 12 year old girl in Australia who has been cleaning graves (volunteer) since age 4 years when her parents moved into a house next to a cemetery and she was afraid of ghosts. Cleaning graves has enabled her to overcome her fear of ghosts.
The silent woman. The restaurant closed in the early 1980's. Maybe she stopped being a carping b*tch some time before that?  

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