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Is this a real house or is it a Potemkin Village house or what?

Is this a real house or is it a Potemkin Village house or what? Is the facade stone, or molded plastic to look like stone and mortar and not even real Formstone? Please click to find out more!

Is this a real house or is it a Potemkin Village house or what? Background reference material immediately below. Also check out an authentic early 19th century Gothic revival house that is honorable architecture still today (2021): here.

Berlin, Irving

Call Me Madam (1950, Vocal Score) (I Wonder Why) You're Just In Love

I hear singing and there's no one there
I smell blossoms and the trees are bare
All day long I seem to walk on air
I wonder why
I wonder why
I keep tossing in my sleep at night
And what's more I've lost my appetite
Stars that used to twinkle in the skies
Are twinkling in my eyes
I wonder why

You don't need analyzing
It is not so surprising
That you feel very strange but nice
Your heart goes pitter patter
I know just what's the matter
Because I've been there once or twice
Put your head on my shoulder
You need someone who's older
A rubdown with a velvet glove
There is nothing you can take
To relieve that pleasant ache
You're not sick
You're just in love

¿You've got to be kidding? Nope! The above song is the kind of dreck, like the urine the crucifix in the still life props for Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" photograph was submerged in, that I (BMcC) was submerged childreared in.

But, no! That is very wrong: India's Prime Minister Morarji Desai urged (and himself practiced) drinking real, natural urine [yes, my reader, I tried that, s few mornings, ca. 04:00 in the office. It's not bad. You might like it...]. He did not rcommend this kind of Mad[ison Avenue] toxic concoction – ¿maybe it had some carbon tetrachloride in it?[1]. My little soul and physical body, unlike Serrano's Crucified One's crucifix, were not submerged in healthy human or cow urine, but rather, as said, in a man-made toxic concoction.[2] There's an episode[3] in "The Prisoner" where #6 is trying to catch some bad guys; he enters a pub and he drinks a glass of beer; as soon as he's finished it, he notices at the bottom of the glass the scholarly annotation: "You have been poisoned." Bottoms up! Prosit!

Back to the test! What is the above photograph a photograph of? Is it a house from The Truman Show? Is it a digital image of a house created by a fancy Cad-Cam computer program? Is it a photograph of a real house on a real street? Is it a real house facade in a real-life Potemkin Village? Is it in The Village? I, BMcC, honestly do not know. Click the picture to explore this issue further. Thank you.

Aside: I was studying the face of a Talking Head young lady on CNN. It was unusual. Why? Because most female Talking Heads on CNN, I think, do not wear bright red in-your-face lipstick. They are more modest in their makeup. But this particular young lady was [wearing bright red in-your-face lipstick]. And, in talking, she was opening her mouth in an almost rectangular shape (sorry, folks: almost like Donald J Trump opens his mouth...), so that there was a black hole in the center of the opened up blood red "lip(s)".

This looked to me like either an anomalous sexual ingestive orifice[4], or a freshly surgically constructed exit stoma. Definitely not anything as wholesome as: G-rated "lipstick on a pig". (Can you, my reader, imagine a classroom full of testosterone bloated Varsity contact sports hyped-up pubescent young bull-male hominids watching this red cape pulsating for 50 minutes lecturing at them and asking them to report their answers to last nite's homework questions when it closed? And, if a coed school: What a role model for the œstrogen saturated young "Just say no"s!) In loco parentis (translate: "situated in a parent's body"; alternatively: "parents are insane").

What's Bing Crosby up to, here? What's in it for him?

Again: Back to the test. Extra credit question: Is a "rubdown with a velvet glove by someone who's older" (please, my reader, refer to the background reference material song lyrics, above) something that would make the poor bloke go blind and cause the massage therapist herself to be arrested by the morals police for committing a pedaphilic act? Remember: There's neither tea nor sympathy in Prudeville USA! (Sorry, kids, once again, no answer in an answer book for this question.) Santa's going to find out if you've been naughty or nice!

If this isn't bad enough, try some 16th Century

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  1. This is not a joke: I have elsewhere here suggested that my father died of liver cancer due to having worked as a teenager in a lead paint factory. The factory work is true. What I am asking here is if his interest in carbon tetrachloride in adult life – he used it to clean his silk neckties, e.g. – may also have contributed to him getting liver cancer? In his upscale 25th floor condominium where he and his small-time Nancy Reagan 3rd wife lived in his last years, he had a quart jar of "carbon tet" in a hall closet.
  2. I was presumably not the only child in the whole United States of America who was exposed to this stuff. Did the other kids breathe through the psycho-social phylogenetic equivalent of gills? I had lungs.
  3. "The girl who was death"
  4. Technical term: "vagina dentata".

If you are willing to live in a MacMansion, you can get more than twice the squrae-footage and an extra bedroom, over what you'd have to pay more to get less in a neo-Bauhaus home. Isn't it amazing the progress world civilization made in 11 years?
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Is this a good example of Postmodernist vs. Mannerist? It's Potmodernist nonsense on its current big lot. But I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) think it would be Mannerist if sited on a very narrow intersection where two roads went off at maybe a 20° angle, (Note: House gets wider as it goes to the right.)

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