What goes in needs to come out....

Our lady of Plan-B. Our lady of the bidet. Finally, a useful Deity. About time the Heavenly Beings did something useful, like sanitation engineering. isn't it?

Mr. Andy Warhol, metrosexual misogynist fasnionista artist wannabee's fantasy of a woman's body. Costume jewelry for the fashionista set? If people had not paid him money or invited him to their cocaine parties, what would he have done? "Oh! Andy!"

This contrasts profoundly with what we got in our POMO [post-modernist] social surround, which today appears to be sinking even further into woke darkness: Andy the War hole, fasnionista artist wannabee's fantasy of divine feminine beauty (right). Why not? Did he take an unopened can of Campbell's Tomato soup to bed with him each nite? He was costume jewelry, wasn't he? (And what had he done to this lady just before taking her picture?)

The philosopher Martin Heidegger said (in "The Principle of Reason", dig it?) that the whole world and each of us are all toys a Divine Child plays with, "without why". Don't young children like to play with their feces? Cat poop is a delicacy for dogs. At the "preparatory school" I was sentenced to, they had a toilet room for the boys (it was a single gender institution) that was filthy and stank; next to it was a room which was off limits to students: the rest room for faculty members. I only once in 5 years used the boys' toilet room but always was able to hold my urine all day until I got home after school, but once I did sneak a look inside the forbidden palace, and it looked clean in there -- maybe the faculty members' shit did not stink? Had I known about Cloaca, I could have prayed to be a able to go to the bathroom during my school days.

Bodily functions are fascinating to me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]), because my childrearenders kept me in the dark about such things (except for subjecting me to emenas when I failed to produce to spec, and perhaps my earliest memory is having to sit on my potty and "concentrate", so I could not play with my toys until I defected to my mother's satisfaction) → so I need to play catch-up.... It's really interesting that prigs and prudes have bodily functions other than being offended at the mention of their unmentionables, isn't it? / I'd really like to watch! Please, pretty please, Miss Manners Lillian Lorenz? Just this once, please! / Good Lord, deliver us from prigs and prudes! And lead us not into involuntary celibacy, but deliver us from venereal diseases! For Yourgasm is the power and the glory forever, Amen!  

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