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The dead shall be raised! (Click image for larger version showing the reversed epigraph somewhat more cleaerly.)

The dead shall be raised.

The picture above is a mystery. It is not quite visible here, but the text at the top of the pseudo-Egyptian arch, here at the entrance to the old Grove Street New Haven Connecticut Cemetery[1] is reversed, like the title of this present webpage (Click here for larger version of picture).

I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) have no idea how this could have happened. The text is not really engraved backwards in the stone. I took this picture with my regular 35mm film camera, and the film was commercially developed by Kodak. The technician must somehow have got the negative reversed in the print machinery? It is what it is.

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My message here: Until the dead shall be raised in their living spirits, their books are what of / from them speak to / with us.


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  1. In my 4 years at Yale, I never went in and looked around in that cemetery. Why? Because I was so intimidated by my childrearing that I was always afraid of Or else! instead of being a free person who could be enticed to explore his surround ad libitum without fear that he should be doing his homework instead. "At the entrance to the law, there stands a guard..." (Franz Kafka) Shame on them all!

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