Man and God

Hear the prayer of thy humble servant, O Lord!
I pray that You do not exist.
Amen. (BMcC[18-11-46-503])

A medieval view of the world.

In the perp school I attended which was nominally associated with the Episcopal Church but where they worshipped graven images: varsity lacrosse team plated victory cups, we had religious freedom. The chemistry teacher one day (1963) said the obvious:

Nobody in the twentieth century can really believe in God.

The Judeo-Xian-Islamic Deity is a useless metaphysical interpolation. If we don't understand how the universe was created, saying "God did it!" is not helpful because that just kicks the can down the road: How was God created? If God is outside the world, God is inside the world (see picture above).

However! Watch the movie "The Last Wave". It is the [presumbaly fictional, but admonitory in any case....] story of a man who is very curious about Australian Aborigines tribal customs and and beliefs. The aboriginals tell him this is not a good idea and that he should stay away from it. He persists. The film ends with him being overwelmed by an enormous ocean wave. Curiosity kills the cat.

I think it is prudent to have an open mind about "things" we may not understand. Things that, in some cases, savages or real, not commercialized, witches and others may be -- let us say: -- involved about. I have two objects which I believe are genuine Innuit artefacts, not dreck for tourists. One is a fishhook, pictured above. One would doubt that a fishhook has occult "powers" but then the Innuit do not relate to fish like Joe Sixpack relates to a fast food franchise's fish that comes with his chips, do they? So I respet and take good care of my fishhook, which I am pleased to own.

I also have something perhaps more serious. A small bone figure with very simplistic facial feature features like ink dots and bone arms that move up and down. I bought it in a store in the big hotel in Montreal (or maybe it was Quebec City?) that sold Innuit art, mostly normally high quality but obviously made for resale small sculptures. I spotted the pair of these two coarsely carved let us call them "totem figures". The lady running the store was a bit odd but she was presumably just a small shop owner or even just an employee. I didn't ask questions. I just bought the two pieces. Of course they could be tourist stuff(how do you fake a would be expert who's not?), but I doubt any tourist would want them. There is nothing pretty or "finished" about them. I bought the pair (I do not think they should have been separately sold but the shopkeeper probably would have done that). I sent one to my at the time wood sculpture friend who has works in the Metropolitan Museum, figuring that such a master carftsperson would appreciate it. I kept the other. I don't want to be overwelmed by a last wave.

What do primitive persons -- real shamans, not assholes like the Trumpie shaman who was one of the leaders of the January 6th U.S. attack on the U.S. Capitol -- know? I don't know. But if I am rationally convinced that "positivists" have it wrong about the universe of the Galilean exact scheinces of nature, I certainly would not rule out extra-"scientific" "mysteries". Who knows? I hope my little figure is keeping watch for me.

How does a man [male gender] become a witch, in the occult not "smiling faces that tell lies" sense? I have had the displeaseure to know at least one of the latter kind, who was (thank God she is now dead so that she cannot cast any more of her spells!) a latter-day Circe from Homer's Odyssey.

People want to have "identities". I am a paradox, despite all the people I have had the misfortune to have been stuck with in my life doing their "best" (they were no good) to prevent that. Would that they had all been Memorex.

What do you THINK, my reader?  

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The world is a pretty bad place; God made it that way. God damn God. Let Him carry out appropriate punishment on Himself, and fix everything.

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