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The 2022 war in Ukraine is a duck-rabbit

The duck-rabbit

The 2022 war in Ukraine is a duck-rabbit.

Almost everybody in The United States sees the war in Ukraine as a fight to protect the virginity of a helpless damsel in distress who is being raped and brutalized by an evil monster: Russia's Dictator Vladimir Putin, who is the worst thing since Adolf Hitler. No effort is too great to help save Good from Evil. It's falling dominos time: If Mr. Putin wins in Ukraine, the next thing this soulless former KGB agent will do is attack Disneyworld in Orlando Florida and kill the American dream.

Mr. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is a combintion of the damsel and her knight in shining armor. Give him the weapons he needs to slay the fire-breathing dragon: to defeat the Russian invaders. If it means destroying all life on earth higher than grasses and cockroaches, that's just the price which may have to be paid for Good to defeat Evil, because better dead than red (Aside: Russia is no longer even a nominally "Communist" country). America's President Joe Biden has brevely sounded the clarion and sounded the claxon: All hands on deck! Putin must go, no matter what the cost! And the ladies probably all think that in his green commando t-shirt with his buzz cut hairdo and two day old growth beard [cnt' take time to shave when you'v gotta save your country for the barbaric Russians!] he is the sexiest man alive. Mr. Zelensky is a hero for freedom bravely leading an existential war to save democracy!

I see the war in Ukraine as a denial of history: America issued a promissory note to Russia in the 1990's we would not take NATO east of Germany, and now the loan has come due and Mr. Putin wants to collect, and since we haven't been nice about it, he's doing being the repo man. I see this war as risking global thermonuclear catastrophe to double down on a lie.

I see TV actor Commando Z as a selfish opportunist whose television role has gone to his head and he's getting away with it: A man is obsessed with being the autocratic ruler of a Ukraine propped up by NATO/The United States of America, who is waging a very savvy public relations campaign to play on the emotions of liberal democracy people in The West, starting with America's puerile President, Mr. Joe Biden, to give him weapons to slaughter Ukrainians by placing them in harm's way[1] and baiting Mr. Putin to kill them so he can scream "Russian war crimes!" to keep pushing his sob story to please give him more weapons to stop the Russians from killing even more of the Ukrainians whom he has placed in harm's way. Not only that, but personally, I see him as a disgusting little man who trots along like a dog behind anybody who will give him weapons and whose cultural level he himself has bragged about by saying he finds some British comedian or other "more understandable than Monty Python". I'd like to see his remarkably spherical head on a tee-ball stand to whack with a baseball bat and see if Mickey Mantle could hit it out of the park. Mr. Zelensky is an opportunist sleazeball, cynically orchestrating a totally unnecessary war for personal gain!

I (BMcC) am astounded. Each and every word and image I encounter on the unrelievedly pro-Zelensky media I immediately read off as its damning depropagandized correlate. It's transparent. Or no translation is even needed: just take what they say seriously.[2] Why doesn't anybody see it? It's simultaneous translation. I have never experienced anything like it. Would that I never had occasion to.

Whichever side you are on, isn't it clear that Mr. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is being seen in two incommensurably different ways by the different people described above: Freedom fighter or cynical mass murderer. Hero or opportunist. Celebrated or despised. Duck or rabbit. The 2022 war in Ukraine is a duck-rabbit.

And on and on it goes: People who have nothing of value to live for (the arts and sciences) can get all emotional about their dead ancestors: They would join them under the ground to keep their graves from being plowed under by the enemy to build an airbase runway. I'd be upset if either side took my books away. Wave the flag? If it's hot and you have no other rag to wipe your sweat off then you'd have to wring it out. But it would be bad to have to do that if the flag was for either side and very finely crafted from quality fabric.

I just want the slaughter and the waste of resources to end. Potlatch people. I'd like for Russia to get what we promised them in the 1990s. Then, if Mr. Putin attacks Germany and France, it would be a different story. I would like to see all petty people, such as patriots[3], to stay in their place and respect their betters, such as myself, and not cause us any trouble.

"All social customs are shared hallucinoses aka social psychoses." (Wilfred Bion)

Addendum: A case study

Three years ago, he [French President Macron] invited Mr. Putin to the presidential summer residence at Brégancon and declared that "Russia is European, very profoundly so, and we believe in this Europe that stretches from Lisbon to Vladivostok."

The Ukraine war has jolted, if not undone, that idea. "Mr. Macron knows Ukraine cannot resist without the United States," Mr. Moïsi said. "You cannot build Europe as a power without America because you lose half of Europeans if you try. The unity of the West is the key to the unity of Europe."

Whatever Mr. Putin declares on May 9, that unity has proved effective in defending Ukraine and hurting Russia. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III wants to see Russia permanently weakened, "to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine."

This will not happen overnight and it carries evident risks.

"In 'First Person,' the autobiography he published more than 20 years ago, Mr. Putin described cornering a rat in his dilapidated St. Petersburg apartment building as a boy.

'So, he turned around and jumped on me,' Mr. Putin wrote. 'It surprised me and I was very afraid. It pursued me, jumping downstairs,' before the boy who would become president managed to slam a door on the rat.

'On that stairwell I understood once and for all what it is to be cornered,' Mr. Putin wrote.

If, as it seems to be, the rat story is any indication of the convictions of the man who now controls Russia's nuclear arsenal, then direct, even reckless, attack is Mr. Putin's response to feeling cornered." ("Two Europes Confront Each Other Over the Glory, or Shame, of War", Roger Cohen, NYT, +2022.05.07)

And so it goes. Duck or rabbit? Was boy Putin's response to being cornered by a rat: (a) reckless, or (b) sensibly self-protective, or (c) other [Please specify:]. Duck or rabbit? Or what?

bradford mccormick <>
4:11 AM (3 minutes ago) [+2022.05.09]
to letters [The New YorkTimes]

I reread the ending this article yet again in a new day and it is even more terrifying than I originally thought.

America is trying to harm Mr. Putin: "Austin III wants to see Russia permanently weakened".

As a child, Mr. Putin was terrified by being attacked and cornered by a rat -- a rat bite can kill a person. We are trying to corner and harm Mr. Putin, a man who has been traumatized by being existentially threatened.

What would one expect from a man who suffers from such a childhood trauma than for him to try to defend himself when another rat attacks and tries to corner him?

The understement of the century: "This will not happen overnight and it carries evident risks." Risks of our having provoked Mr. Putin causing him to fight back against his attacker: us, but this time not with a door to slam, but with thermonuclear bombs. This is an entirely predictable and reasonable response to our threat to him.

What should we do? Back off and stop feeding Mr. Zelensky's anti-Russia war which Mr. Z provoked and was planning since at least 2019 (we have documentation of this fact).

What should we have done? We should never have moved NATO East of Germany, which we promised the Russians we would not do before Mr. Putin came on the scene.[4]

As the title of Univ. of Chicago Prof. John Mearsheimer's lecture free on Youtube has it: "How The United States created Vladimir Putin."

The Times is indeed doing propaganda of which Dr. Goebbels would have approved: Tell the people a truth that is bad about their political regime in such a way that they hear it as supporting their regime's bad policies as good policies which in fact it argues against. Obviously this is not reporting the news without fear or favor. It's mind f*cking. It's what Hermann Goring said in his [in]famous statement about patriotism.

The NYT is an unindicted coconspirator in The United States government's plan to overthrow the Russian government by proxy fighters in Ukraine and economic strangulation without our President who cannot control his emotions going before Congress to ask for a formal declaration of war against Russia (one very scary thing is that he would likely get it if he did ask).

What's next? Your New York City Headquarters building in an h-bomb crater? Here in central Westchester, I should be able to watch the mushroom cloud before I die of radiation poisoning.

Bradford McCormick, Ed.D.
19 Stanwood Road
Mount Kisco, NY 10549



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  1. "Dear Mr. Zelensky, Since you feel it is good for people to die for Ukraine, why have you not yet died for Ukraine? What is your problem, Sir? Sincerely,"
  2. The ultimate in successful propaganda: They tell you, flat-out: "I am going to hurt you." And what you hear is that they are going to give you a great blessing and you are cheered up by your good fortune.
  3. I am no longer duped by the American ih school propaganda about 1776 "patriots" which never interested me anyway. I could not care less about the Amreican rebellion. Had I been there I would have wanted to help Benjamin Franklin in Paris and hopefully have sex with some pretty intellectual salon lady while the patriots were getting off on crossing the icy Delaware. Different strokes for different folks. Of course, I would have liked to drink Mr. Samuel Adams' Brewer and Patriot's good beer (especially since, in those days, beer was much less likely to make you sick than tap water).
  4. I (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) should also have added: "And we should have had a Marshall Plan for the former Soviet Union."

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