The duck-rabbit

The 2022 war in Ukraine is a duck-rabbit.

Previously I had a lot of material here but now I see something much better and also more succinct to present, so I have moved all that stuff to "the attic": here.

Duck: United States President Biden has, to the best of my knowledge, only mentioned the Cuban missile Crisis once in connection with the present (2022) Ukraine conflict. He drew the following analogy, but let me emphasize the words here will be mine not his: Russia intruded its missiles into Aerica's sphere of influence in Cuba. Russsia has now intri=udedits army into meria' sphere of influence in Ukraine. They did the right thing in Cuba and withdrew their missiles. they need to do the right thing in Ukraine and with draw their army. I disagree with the assumptions behind this reasoning, but, granting his assumptions, his conclusion is cogent. Rusian missile in Cuba look at lot liek Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Rabbit:I see the Soviets in Cub as having threatened another country by moving their weapong toits border, namely, Soviet missiles to the US. border. nd I see us today as moving oureapons in Ukraine to Russia's border to threaten them. This is also true. The Soviets removed their misiles from Cuba, and we should remove our NATO from Ukraine too.

What is to be done? To decide if it's really a duck or a rabbit, you have to look beneath the surface. I have found a real life exmple of this (here), where the solution is to examine the duck-rebbit from an angle or at a time where the illusion does not work. But in political life, where the duck and the rabbit are a person's own beloved country and its evil enemy, then they work themselves up into indigant rage wanting to kill you for daring to suggest the possibility they may not be 100% right and the other side 100% wrong, for example: here.

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