Summer is hot. One sweats; sweating is incompatible with ["mental"] lucidity.. The foliage enroaches: Weeds and vines everywhere, climbing trees, sending out tendrils, creeping across power lines over the streets.... Encroaching formless foliage everywhere: not keeping social distance. It is like in the oppressive Max Ernst painting, above. I hate summer. Christmas is the season to be stupid. Summer is the season to lose purpose, lose focus and not want to make the effort to do nytihng, not even decorate the White House Christmas tree.

Summer is the season of encroachment by mindless foliage, like crowds of people. Keep social distance! I have a separate page devoted to one particular kind of uncouth botanical intrusiveness like U.S. geopolitical imperialism: Tendrils. Click here to go there and then you can come back to this page. Thank you.

Summer is intrusive like my mother. If you can't play nicely with me then please don't make my day worse thatn it already is without you. People and the weather, too. Muggy wewather; petty people.

In general I find I do not like people who like summer . they like thing sI do not like: sunbathing, going to the beach (getting gritty sand between their toes, slathering on goopy sunscren or getting skin cancer, etc.), barbecuing, you name it. The kind of males who wear "Hawiaan shirts" or like to show off their manly boob a the beachAnd they tend to smile a lot. Weeds grow fast but their stalks are not sturdy until they ge tto be very thick and hard to get rid of.

The best thing about summer is when it's over. Second best is the short time after a storm when all the humidity nas been blown away and the sks limid clear fo a little while and there is a fresh breeze. The sunsets can be pretty: "goodbye, for another day, Sun! Yes, I know farmers need you but not me. I like the moon; It doesn't burn your skin of make you perspire. andit' peaceful looking, not somethigg yo an't look at or it will make you blind.

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    The New York Times
    5:38 PM (5 hours ago) [2023.10.05]
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    Bradford McCormick | New York
    I live in a part of th country tha has been extremely fortunate as regards weather, at least since Sper Storm Sandy. But it's obvious that middle class Aamerica is reaping what it sowed ever since the end of World War II. Everyody wanted to see the USA in their Chevrolet. Everybody lusted for as big a house as they could get on as big a lawn as they could afford and their houses were not just places to live in but to make a killing off of on resale. Everybody wanted to vacation in Disneyland. Well now everybody is reaping what they sowed. We made our bed and now we have to sleep in it. It could have been different. I wish my house could have been The Bauhaus.
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Unfortunate for themself, the person who lacks one; unfortunate for others, the person that is one. Don't be an a**hole!
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